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April 5 - April 11

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
AEI The future of conservative education policy: Remarks from Representative Todd Rokita Announcement 4/11/2014
Center for American Progress Looking at the Best Teachers and How They Teach Report 4/11/2014
Center for American Progress Attaining Equitable Distribution of Effective Teachers in Public Schools Report 4/11/2014
ConnCAN NCTQ Details Connecticut’s Progress Implementing Educator Evaluations Announcement 4/11/2014
Ed Next Next for Neerav, NSNO, and NOLA Commentary 4/11/2014
Ed Next MOOCs for High School Commentary 4/11/2014
Education Trust Fast Fact: Big Gaps Behind the Mask of Overall PISA Averages Commentary 4/11/2014
Fordham Institute Intolerance on the left and the Common Core Commentary 4/11/2014
George W. Bush Institute Remarks by President George W. Bush at The Civil Rights Summit Video 4/11/2014
Heartland Institute Another Girl Forced to 'Sit and Stare' at Non-Mandatory Common Core Test Today for Three Hours Commentary 4/11/2014
Heartland Institute TN Senate Passes Voucher, FL Votes Today on Choice Expansion, and More: Friday's Ed News Video 4/11/2014
Heritage Foundation Court Orders Louisiana to Put Feds Before Families in Voucher Notifications Commentary 4/11/2014
Illinois Policy Institute Linda Chapa LaVia’s 14,000 reasons for crippling charter schools Commentary 4/11/2014
StudentsFirst Promoting Social, Emotional and Academic Learning Commentary 4/11/2014
TNTP Inflated Ratings Don’t Make the Grade Commentary 4/11/2014
Ed Next A Flexner Report on Teacher Preparation Commentary 4/10/2014
Education Trust Gainful Rule Is Exactly What Students of Color Need Commentary 4/10/2014
Fordham Institute The false tradeoffs of test scores, creativity, and happiness: part II Commentary 4/10/2014
Fordham Institute Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 4/10/2014
Friedman Foundation Tennessee Senate Passes New School Choice Voucher Program, House Next Commentary 4/10/2014
George W. Bush Institute Dallas Superintendent Mike Miles on running a big urban school district Commentary 4/10/2014
George W. Bush Institute America’s schools are where immigrant students enter the larger culture Commentary 4/10/2014
George W. Bush Institute Education gap is an 'urgent' civil rights issue: George W. Bush Commentary 4/10/2014
George W. Bush Institute Bush Urges Effort to Close Black and White Students’ Achievement Gap Commentary 4/10/2014
Heritage Foundation WATCH: Colbert Mocks Sample Common Core Math Problems Video 4/10/2014
TNTP Can Better Questions Lead to Better Teachers? Commentary 4/10/2014
Brookings Institution A Flexner Report on Teacher Preparation Commentary 4/9/2014
Buckeye Institute Ohio’s “Student Data Accountability Act” Provides Cold Comfort to Student Data Privacy Concerns Report 4/9/2014
Cato Institute Obama Administration: Federal Spending Essential to Technological Progress Commentary 4/9/2014
Cato Institute School Choice Lawsuits and Legislation Roundup Commentary 4/9/2014
Ed Next What Koreans Wish Obama Understood About Their Schools Commentary 4/9/2014
Fordham Institute Teacher excellence in Dallas? Commentary 4/9/2014
Fordham Institute The opt-out outrage Commentary 4/9/2014
Friedman Foundation What Would Milton Friedman Say?: How to Keep “My Brother’s Keeper” from Failing Commentary 4/9/2014
Friedman Foundation A New Type of Private School Choice? Commentary 4/9/2014
Ed Next The Pension IOU Commentary 4/8/2014
Ed Next Making the Trade Commentary 4/8/2014
Ed Next Teacher of the Year to Union President Commentary 4/8/2014
Education Trust Less Testing Is Not the Answer Commentary 4/8/2014
Fordham Institute The challenges facing struggling rural schools Commentary 4/8/2014
Friedman Foundation Education Savings Accounts Fail in Mississippi, Alive in Florida Commentary 4/8/2014
Heritage Foundation Common Core: “Building the Machine” Debut Commentary 4/8/2014
Pioneer Institute What Reporters Think They Know about Common Core Commentary 4/8/2014
Reason Foundation The Magical Effects of Pre-K Commentary 4/8/2014
TNTP New Skills, the Second Time Around Commentary 4/8/2014
Brookings Institution What’s Next for the Learning Metrics Task Force? Commentary 4/7/2014
Cato Institute Education, Standards, and Private Certification Commentary 4/7/2014
Cato Institute Incorrect, Gov. Bush Commentary 4/7/2014
Ed Next What Education Reformers Can Learn from Kosher Certification Commentary 4/7/2014
Education Trust It’s Not All Rosy in PISA Problem-Solving Data Commentary 4/7/2014
Friedman Foundation Kansas Tax-Credit Scholarships Reach Governor’s Desk Commentary 4/7/2014
Heartland Institute Ending KS Union Rules, Harm of Online Reading, and More: Tuesday's Ed News Commentary 4/7/2014
Hoover Institution America, the Land of Workarounds Commentary 4/6/2014
Heartland Institute Georgia Lawmaker Can’t Answer Her Own Question about Common Core Commentary 4/5/2014
Fordham Institute Will Kansas ban counting to 100 and reading? Commentary 4/4/2014
Friedman Foundation Friday Freakout: Young Teachers’ Opinions Can’t Be Taken Seriously Commentary 4/4/2014

Currently Under Review

Fordham Institute
Does School Board Leadership Matter?

Manhattan Institute
The Effect of Co-Locations on Student Achievement in NYC Public Schools

New America Foundation
Time To Improve & Fast Start: Training Better Teachers Faster, with Focus, Practice and Feedback

Time To Improve & Fast Start: Training Better Teachers Faster, with Focus, Practice and Feedback


Recently Reviewed

National Bureau of Economic Research
Measuring the Impacts of Teachers

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Think Twice is one of the nation's first efforts to serve as a watchdog to review think tank research on public education issues and policies, ensuring that published work meets the quality and standards of university scholarship. The goal of the Think Twice project is to provide the public, policy makers and the press with timely academically sound reviews of selected think tank publications.

The Think Twice project is funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice. The reviews that are a part of this project are expert third party reviews produced by the National Education Policy Center (NEPC).

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