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Think Twice Weekly Report
November 19 - December 2, 2016

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Bellwether Donald Trump, Public Education, and the Rise of the (New) New Federalists Commentary 12/2/2016
Brookings Institute Want to increase childhood literacy rates? Getting kids to school may be a good place to start. Commentary 12/2/2016
Fordham Institute The value of opposing viewpoints in Trump's education department Commentary 12/2/2016
Fordham Institute Betsy DeVos deserves the support of education reformers Commentary 12/2/2016
Heartland institute Teacher Pension Crisis Is Punishing Children And Taxpayers Commentary 12/2/2016
Heartland institute Texas LT. Gov. Pushes For School Choice Commentary 12/2/2016
AEI The good and bad in Virginia's 2016 School Readiness Report Card Commentary 12/1/2016
Bellwether Education Funding is a Potential Rural-Urban Partnership Despite Post-Election Divisions Commentary 12/1/2016
Ed Next Can a Redesigned AP Government Course Get Schools Back Into the Civic Education Game? Commentary 12/1/2016
Fordham Institute Sizing up Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's civics writing tool Commentary 12/1/2016
Fordham Institute iCivics Drafting Board: Unique, useful, but needs more Commentary 12/1/2016
Heartland institute California Governor Vetoes Bill To Restrict Charter Schools Commentary 12/1/2016
PPI Concerns with Trump's Secretary of Education Pick Commentary 12/1/2016
AEI For the love of people: School choice and philanthropy Commentary 11/30/2016
Bellwether As Homeschooling Continues to Grow, Here Are 4 Things You Should Know Commentary 11/30/2016
CRPE The SEA of the Future: Maximizing Opportunities Under ESSA Report 11/30/2016
Ed Choice The Next Accountability Part 5: How We Get What We Want Commentary 11/30/2016
Ed Next You Can't Regulate Quality If You Can't Predict Quality Commentary 11/30/2016
Ed Next The Winter 2017 Issue of Education Next is here! Commentary 11/30/2016
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 11/30/2016
Fordham Institute A victory for high achievers in the ESSA regulations Commentary 11/30/2016
Heartland institute What Might Betsy DeVos Bring To The DOE? Commentary 11/30/2016
Heartland institute New York City Eases Student Transfer Rules Commentary 11/30/2016
Heritage Foundation Setting the Record Straight on Detroit Charter Schools Commentary 11/30/2016
Mackinac Center How the New York Times Distorts the Performance of Detroit Charters Commentary 11/30/2016
Manhattan Institute Ed Reform Rollback in New York City Commentary 11/30/2016
Manhattan Institute Why Trump's Education Pick Scares Unions Commentary 11/30/2016
NCTQ Within Our Grasp: Achieving Higher Admissions Standards in Teacher Prep Report 11/30/2016
Show-Me Institute Michael McShane Appears On Fox And Friends To Discuss Nominee For Secretary Of Education Commentary 11/30/2016
TNTP After the Election, Taking Our Eyes Off the Prize Commentary 11/30/2016
AEI Supportive But Not Supported: School District Leaders' Opinions on Implementing the Common Core State Standards Report 11/29/2016
Brookings Institution The prospects of DeVos's school choice agenda as Ed Secretary Commentary 11/29/2016
Cato Institute Markets in Education Work, But Keep the Feds Out of It Commentary 11/29/2016
Ed Next Why I Hope Betsy DeVos Boosts School Vouchers Commentary 11/29/2016
Ed Next Should Instructional Choice Trump School Choice? Commentary 11/29/2016
Fordham Institute Civics education: Now or never Commentary 11/29/2016
Heartland institute DOE Projects Further Increases In Federal K–12 Spending Commentary 11/29/2016
Mackinac Center School Choice on the National Stage Commentary 11/29/2016
New America Foundation North Carolina Study: Early Education Gains Persist, Are Linked To Funding Commentary 11/29/2016
Public Agenda Understanding The Debate On Charter Schools: A Nonpartisan Perspective Commentary 11/29/2016
AEI Yes, the US has apprenticeships - but they probably aren't what you think Commentary 11/28/2016
Ed Next Private Schools Equally Good at Fostering Civic Participation Commentary 11/28/2016
Education Trust Statement on the U.S. Department of Education’s ESSA Regulations Commentary 11/28/2016
Fordham Institute I was at the "Hamilton" performance with Mike Pence, and I saw something you didn't see on Twitter Commentary 11/28/2016
New America Foundation Diane Ravitch is Not Telling the Truth Commentary 11/28/2016
Public Impact Opportunity Culture Voices: For Truly Personalized Learning, I Had to Try, Try Again Commentary 11/27/2016
Heartland Institute The True Cost Of Boston’s Charter Schools Report 11/26/2016
Heartland Institute After Nearly A Decade, School Investments Still Way Down In Some States Report 11/26/2016
Heartland institute Oklahomas's Largest Online Charter School Sees Record Growth Commentary 11/26/2016
Heartland institute Common Core Is 'Substandard,' Incompatible With Catholic Education, Study Reports Commentary 11/26/2016
Heartland institute How Do High-Stakes College Entrance Exams Affect The Entire Education System? Commentary 11/25/2016
Cato Institute It’s DeVos for Boss! Hopefully, Just of the Education Department Commentary 11/23/2016
Ed Next Will the New Administration Love School Choice to Death? Commentary 11/23/2016
Fordham Institute Betsy DeVos quotes about education Commentary 11/23/2016
Fordham Institute 20 questions for Betsy DeVos Commentary 11/23/2016
Heartland institute Press Release: Heartland Institute Experts React To Trump Picking Betsy Devos As Education Secretary Commentary 11/23/2016
Heritage Foundation Meet Betsy DeVos, Trump's Pick for Education Secretary Commentary 11/23/2016
Mackinac Center How to Revamp Michigan's School Rating System Commentary 11/23/2016
WILL WILL Ed Blog | Milwaukee Can Do Better Commentary 11/23/2016
AEI From prisoner to entrepreneur Commentary 11/22/2016
Brookings Institution An education thanksgiving Commentary 11/22/2016
CRPE "Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick": Why State Chiefs Should Do Both Commentary 11/22/2016
Ed Next Why Should Education Advocates Care About Pension Reform? Commentary 11/22/2016
Fordham Institute Intelligence theory bolsters our understanding of high-ability students Commentary 11/22/2016
Fordham Institute Hamilton throws away its shot Commentary 11/22/2016
Fordham Institute Red states and blue cities: The precarious politics of charter schooling today Commentary 11/22/2016
Fordham Institute Should Trump bother with an education agenda? Commentary 11/22/2016
Heartland institute Who Will Be The Next U.S. Education Secretary? Commentary 11/22/2016
Heartland institute Will Trump Go For Show Or Substance With Education Secretary Pick? Commentary 11/22/2016
AEI Choosing the right Trump secretary of education Commentary 11/21/2016
AEI North Carolina charters serve wealthier kids overall Commentary 11/21/2016
Ed Next Protecting and Promoting the Use of Evidence in the Regulatory Process Commentary 11/21/2016
Ed Next Graduation Rates: What Does a Diploma Tell Us? Commentary 11/21/2016
Education Trust Celebrate Grad Rates, Yes, But Don’t Sit Back Just Yet Commentary 11/21/2016
Fordham Institute Online credit recovery that boosts graduation rates by failing students Commentary 11/21/2016
Fordham Institute Ohio Education Gadfly Biweekly Biweekly digest 11/21/2016
Heartland institute Action Plan For President TRUMP Commentary 11/21/2016
Heartland institute Trump Victory Is Crushing Defeat For Environmental Movement Commentary 11/21/2016
Lexington Institute Robinson or Schaffer Would Have Strong Impact as Education Secretary Commentary 11/21/2016
Heartland institute College Board Chief Promises Changes To Common Core-Aligned SAT Commentary 11/20/2016
Heartland institute Will Trump Close Department Of Education? Commentary 11/20/2016
Heartland institute New York Students Do Worse In Math As They Get Older, Tests Show Commentary 11/19/2016
Heartland institute Parents Deserve More School Choice Commentary 11/19/2016


Currently Under Review

The Center on Reinventing Public Education
Measures of Last Resort: Assessing Strategies for State-Initiated Turnarounds

Brookings Institution
Segregation, race, and charter schools: What do we know?

Center for American Progress
Better Evidence, Better Choices, Better Schools: State Supports for Evidence-Based School Improvement and the Every Student Succeeds Act

Recently Reviewed

University of Arkansas - Education Reform
Squeezing the Public School Districts: The Fiscal Effects of Eliminating the Louisiana Scholarship Program
- and -
The Fiscal Effect of Eliminating the Louisiana Scholarship Program on State Education Expenditures

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