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Think Twice Weekly Report
April 22 - April 28, 2017

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
ConnCAN Lessons From The Field: Profiles Of Quality Early Childhood Education Programs And Implications For Connecticut Report 4/28/2017
Ed Next When It Comes to Schooling, Does the Public Trust Red or Blue? Commentary 4/28/2017
Ed Next If You Mostly Care About Test Scores, Private School Choice Is Not For You Commentary 4/28/2017
Show-Me Institute Session Notes: ESAs Clear The Senate! Commentary 4/28/2017
WILL WILL Press Release | Wisconsin Institute For Law & Liberty Informing The Debate On Public Policy Commentary 4/28/2017
AEI Republicans, Democrats, and Schooling: What the Public Thinks Report 4/27/2017
Bellwether If Trump’s Serious About Championing Women and Families, He Should Start by Supporting Home Visiting Commentary 4/27/2017
Brookings Institution Does more rigorous middle school math coursework change students’ college readiness? Commentary 4/27/2017
Heartland Institute Tennessee Legislator Introduces Voucher Bill For 12th Consecutive Year Commentary 4/27/2017
NCTQ The NCTQ Teacher Trendline Commentary 4/27/2017
AEI Education Savings Accounts: The New Frontier in School Choice Commentary 4/26/2017
AEI On the road again: The university tour Commentary 4/26/2017
Brookings Institution Understanding and addressing teacher shortages in the United States Report 4/26/2017
Brookings Institution Improving college and career outcomes of low-performing high school students Report 4/26/2017
CRPE The “City of Firsts” Charts a New Path on Turnaround Report 4/26/2017
CRPE Time to Help Teachers Generate and Use Their Own Evidence on Digital Tools Commentary 4/26/2017
Ed Next What International Test Scores Reveal About American Education Commentary 4/26/2017
Fordham Institute Early ESSA plans don't do enough to signal that all students are important Commentary 4/26/2017
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Commentary 4/26/2017
Gates Foundation 3 Key Elements for High-Quality Professional Learning Commentary 4/26/2017
Gates Foundation Building a Connected Professional Learning System Commentary 4/26/2017
Heartland Institute Seceding From Public Education Commentary 4/26/2017
Heartland Institute Is The National ‘Teacher Shortage’ Fake News? Commentary 4/26/2017
Heartland Institute Ohio Budget Proposal Would Require Teachers To Complete ‘Externships’ Commentary 4/26/2017
AEI New study on charter school applications is useful, in measured doses Commentary 4/25/2017
AEI Discussing Education and Public Policy: Robinson on Southern Sense Talk Radio Radio 4/25/2017
AEI Release: Letters To A Young Education Reformer Commentary 4/25/2017
AEI Building an education marketplace Commentary 4/25/2017
Ed Choice Would School Choice Segregate Well-Off Students? Biweekly digest 4/25/2017
Fordham Institute What's the point of testing if we can't see the results? Commentary 4/25/2017
Harvard-PEPG Parental Perceptions of Charter Schools: Evidence from Two Nationally Representative Surveys of U. S. Report 4/25/2017
Heartland Institute Feds Should Look Inward To Expand School Choice Commentary 4/25/2017
Heartland Institute Pour The Public Education Kool-Aid Down The Drain Commentary 4/25/2017
Heartland Institute Public Schools Must Raise Standards For Disabled Students, SCOTUS Rules Commentary 4/25/2017
Manhattan Institute De Blasio's Pre-School Plan Is Funded by a Fantasy Budget Commentary 4/25/2017
New America Foundation How to Bring Early Learning and Family Engagement into the Digital Age Report 4/25/2017
New America Foundation Criado en Chicago: Patterns of Hispanic Participation in Chicago’s Early Education Programs Commentary 4/25/2017
New America Foundation What's the Right Thing to Do for Every Child to Succeed? Commentary 4/25/2017
New America Foundation Interview: Painting the ESSA Canvas with Educator Evaluation and Support Commentary 4/25/2017
AEI Reform is a state of mind Commentary 4/24/2017
AEI Opposing kangaroo courts does not equal endorsing campus assault Commentary 4/24/2017
Ed Next The Importance of High Quality General Education for Students in Special Education Commentary 4/24/2017
Ed Next Lessons for Improving School Choice from Other Policy Areas Commentary 4/24/2017
Education Trust Hold the Applause: Trends Out of Initial State ESSA Plans Commentary 4/24/2017
Fordham Institute On growth-to-standard measures Commentary 4/24/2017
Fordham Institute Let's leave the worst parts of NCLB behind Commentary 4/24/2017
Heartland Institute Research & Commentary: Ohio Education Savings Account/School Voucher Consolidation Commentary 4/24/2017
Mackinac Center Save Closures for Truly Failing Schools Commentary 4/24/2017
Show-Me Institute Private School Choice Provides More Options Close To Home Commentary 4/24/2017
WILL THE HILL | Esenberg, Szafir: Trump And DeVos Should Fight For School Choice Commentary 4/24/2017
AEI Education reform: The real promise of school choice | In 60 seconds Video 4/20/2017


Currently Under Review

Center for American Progress
Hidden Money: The Outsized Role of Parent Contributions in School Finance

Fordham Institute
Leveraging ESSA to Support Quality-School Growth

University of Arkansas Education Reform
Understanding a Vicious Cycle: Do Out-of-School Suspensions Impact Student Test Scores?

Manhattan Institute
New York Charter Schools Outperform Traditional Selective Public Schools

Heritage Foundation
Gender Identity Policies in Schools: What Congress, the Courts, and the Trump Administration Should Do

American Enterprise Institute
CPR Scholorships: Using Private School Choice to Attack Concentrated Poverty, Crime, and Unemployment
RENEWING OUR CITIES: A Case Study on School Choice’s Role in Urban Renewal

Recently Reviewed

Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty
Apples to Apples: The Definitive Look at School Test Scores in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

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About The Think Twice Think Tank Review Project:

Think Twice is one of the nation's first efforts to serve as a watchdog to review think tank research on public education issues and policies, ensuring that published work meets the quality and standards of university scholarship. The goal of the Think Twice project is to provide the public, policy makers and the press with timely academically sound reviews of selected think tank publications.

The Think Twice project is funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice. The reviews that are a part of this project are expert third party reviews produced by the National Education Policy Center (NEPC).

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The Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice is an independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supported by education stakeholders across the country. The mission of the Great Lakes Center is to improve public education for all students in the Great Lakes region through the support and dissemination of high quality, academically sound research on education policy and practices. Visit the Great Lakes Center website at:

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