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Think Twice Weekly Report
January 11, 2014 - January 17, 2014

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Ed Next Information Fuels Support for School Reform Commentary 1/17/2014
Fordham Institute The good stuff of 2013 Commentary 1/17/2014
Fordham Institute Catholic Schools deserve an authentically Catholic debate about Common Core Commentary 1/17/2014
Friedman Foundation Friday Freakout: Private, Charter Schools Don’t Do Any Better at Improving Student Outcomes Commentary 1/17/2014
Heritage Foundation Arkansas Mom Poses Problem for Common Core Commentary 1/17/2014
Mackinac Center Facts, Not Fiction, on State School Spending Commentary 1/17/2014
WPRI A Promising Path: Online/Blended Learning in Wisconsin’s K-12 Schools Announcement 1/17/2014
AEI Launching the Workshop School: How technology can support radical redesign Commentary 1/16/2014
Cato Institute Fordham’s Confusion Over Means and Ends Commentary 1/16/2014
Education Trust Walkthroughs: More Than Just Passing Through Commentary 1/16/2014
Fordham Institute The problem with 'Bad voucher schools aren’t a problem' Commentary 1/16/2014
Fordham Institute The principled opposition to Common Core Commentary 1/16/2014
Fordham Institute EDUCATION GADFLY WEEKLY Weekly digest 1/16/2014
Heartland Institute Private Charleston School May Manage Failing Public School Commentary 1/16/2014
New America Foundation Beyond the Ed-Tech Hype: EDUpreneurs Focusing on Content and Design Commentary 1/16/2014
TNTP A New Recipe for Teacher Recruitment Commentary 1/16/2014
Brookings Institution Southern Perspectives on Learning and Equity in the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda Commentary 1/15/2014
Ed Next Systemic Reform in Kansas City Commentary 1/15/2014
Ed Next Common Core and the War on Self-Deception Commentary 1/15/2014
Education Trust Hope Disappears With Miller’s Retirement Commentary 1/15/2014
Friedman Foundation Are Private Schools Accountable? Commentary 1/15/2014
Heartland Institute Republicans Hope to Slim Chunky Federal School Lunch Regulations Announcement 1/15/2014
StudentsFirst State Policy Report Card 2014 Report 1/15/2014
Cato Institute The Common Coring of Private Schools Commentary 1/14/2014
Center on Education Policy Ten Big Takeaways from CEP’s Research on State Implementation of the Common Core Commentary 1/14/2014
Education Trust SIG and the Omnibus Commentary 1/14/2014
George W. Bush Institute We all want our kids to get ahead, right? Commentary 1/14/2014
Heartland Institute Arizona to Consider Four Bills Expanding School Choice Commentary 1/14/2014
Heritage Foundation Harming Children: Continued Funding for the 21st Century Learning Centers Commentary 1/14/2014
TNTP Standing Strong in New York Commentary 1/14/2014
Brookings Institution 5 Strong Starts to Boost Social Mobility Commentary 1/13/2014
Brookings Institution Five Strong Starts for Social Mobility Commentary 1/13/2014
Cato Institute A Governor’s Warped Priorities Commentary 1/13/2014
Education Trust Four Issues to Watch in the 2014 State Legislative Session Commentary 1/13/2014
Fordham Institute How population size affects PISA results Commentary 1/13/2014
Friedman Foundation Less money for public schools makes them better Commentary 1/13/2014
Heartland Institute School Choice Educates Kids—and Parents Commentary 1/13/2014
New America Foundation Bill’s challenge: Get pre-K right Commentary 1/13/2014
New America Foundation Helping Pre-K’s Practice Match Its Promise in New York Commentary 1/13/2014
Show-Me Institute Available Seats? Report 1/12/2014
Hoover Institution Common Core catastrophe? Commentary 1/11/2014
Cato Institute The Administration’s School-Discipline Push, Cont’d. Commentary 1/10/2014
Brookings Institution The 2013 Education Choice and Competition Index Report 1/8/2014
Fordham Institute Public accountability & private-school choice Report 1/8/2014

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