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Think Twice Weekly Report
February 22 - February 28, 2014

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Heartland Institute Survey: Not All Teachers Toe the Party Line Commentary 2/28/2014
AEI Common Core causes collateral damage Commentary 2/27/2014
Ed Next Does Pre-K Work? It Depends How Picky You Are Commentary 2/27/2014
Ed Next The Myth of School Vouchers and Racism Commentary 2/27/2014
Fordham Institute Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 2/27/2014
Friedman Foundation Why the ACLU is Afraid of School Choice Vouchers Commentary 2/27/2014
Heritage Foundation De Blasio Kicks 700 Kids Out of High-Performing Charter Schools Commentary 2/27/2014
New America Foundation What Does 21st Century Connectivity Look Like… and Are We There Yet? Commentary 2/27/2014
New America Foundation Principals Central to Student Learning Objectives Commentary 2/27/2014
New America Foundation New Data Provide a Picture of D.C.’s Promise Neighborhood Commentary 2/27/2014
Students First Focusing on What Matters Commentary 2/27/2014
Ed Next Current Teacher Pension Systems Impose A “Tariff” On Labor Commentary 2/26/2014
Ed Next The Coming Common Core Assessments: How They Could Stop Patronizing our Students Commentary 2/26/2014
Ed Next Disrupting Vietnam’s Education System Commentary 2/26/2014
Education Sector CTE Teacher Evaluation: One Size Does Not Fit All Commentary 2/26/2014
Education Trust Pushing for a Stronger, More Diverse Teaching Workforce Commentary 2/26/2014
Fordham Institute Common Core in the Districts: An Early Look at Early Implementers Report 2/26/2014
Fordham Institute A chance for Mississippi to get out of the educational basement Commentary 2/26/2014
Heartland Institute Indiana’s Common Core Rewrite Commentary 2/26/2014
Manhattan Institute The Effect of Co-Locations on Student Achievement in NYC Public Schools Report 2/26/2014
New America Foundation Connected Communities in an Age of Digital Learning Report 2/26/2014
Cato Institute Pounding the Table, Not the Facts, on School Choice Commentary 2/25/2014
Education Trust Leading the (Federal) Way in AP Commentary 2/25/2014
Education Trust Adjusting to the Common Core Commentary 2/25/2014
Friedman Foundation More School Districts Move toward “Recovery-style” Model for Greater School Autonomy Commentary 2/25/2014
Hoover Institution No (Gifted) Child Left Behind Commentary 2/25/2014
StudentsFirst L'Anse Creuse teacher evaluations don't add up Commentary 2/25/2014
Ed Next The Imperfect “ObamaCore” Analogy Commentary 2/24/2014
Ed Next Common Core: Teachers’ Unions Think Again Commentary 2/24/2014
Education Trust What About the Teachers Behind CTE, Early Ed? Commentary 2/24/2014
Fordham Institute Must see TV: Fordham trustee defends Common Core on Fox News Video 2/24/2014
Heartland Institute NC Vouchers Blocked, KS and FL Propose More Choice, and More: Monday's Ed News Commentary 2/24/2014
New America Foundation Raising Arizona: Lessons for the Nation from a State’s Experience with Full-Day Kindergarten Report 2/24/2014
New America Foundation HHS Hopes Early Head Start Partnerships Will Lift Child Care Quality Commentary 2/24/2014
New America Foundation The Vulnerability of Kindergarten in Arizona and Across the Nation Commentary 2/24/2014
New America Foundation Show us the Data: Better Information Collection for a Better E-Rate Commentary 2/24/2014
TNTP It Takes Two Commentary 2/24/2014
Heritage Foundation Common Core: The "Tin Foil" Is Spreading Commentary 2/23/2014
Show-Me Institute Are Centralized Standards Needed For A World-Class Education? Commentary 2/23/2014
Heartland Institute Should School Choice Programs Mandate State Tests? Commentary 2/22/2014
AEI New motto for a leaner Washington: Pay for what works Commentary 2/21/2014
Ed Next Washington State’s Waiver May Be in Jeopardy Commentary 2/21/2014
Friedman Foundation Friday Freakout: Is School Choice Racist? Commentary 2/21/2014
Hoover Institution Koret Task Force on K-12 Education Reaches Milestone Commentary 2/21/2014
New America Foundation Education: A Family Affair Commentary 2/21/2014
TNTP Union Leaders Put Common Core in the Cold Commentary 2/21/2014
George W. Bush Foundation Students, schools and taxpayers alike could benefit from an annual review of a campus’ productivity Commentary 2/20/2014
New America Foundation Career and Technical Education Month: Developing and Supporting Great Teachers Commentary 2/19/2014

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