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Think Twice Weekly Report
March 8 - March 14, 2014

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Ed Next Now is the Time for State Policymakers to Embrace New Models of Learning Commentary 3/14/2014
Friedman Foundation Miami Herald Misses Key Facts and Context in School Choice Takedown Commentary 3/14/2014
Friedman Foundation Friday Freakout: High-stakes Tests Leading to Chinese Education Model Commentary 3/14/2014
New America Foundation Asking the Wrong Questions About Charter Schools on the Hill Commentary 3/14/2014
StudentsFirst National Survey Shows Strong Support for Common Core Implementation Commentary 3/14/2014
Ed Next Do Public Pensions Provide Equal Pay for Equal Work? Commentary 3/13/2014
Ed Sector The Disconnect Between Minority Students and STEM Careers Commentary 3/13/2014
Ed Sector Billions of Dollars Later – Are Our School (Buildings) Any Better? Commentary 3/13/2014
Education Trust What’s Homework For? Commentary 3/13/2014
Fordham Institute Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly Digest 3/13/2014
Heartland Institute NYC Mothers Plead for School Choice Commentary 3/13/2014
Heritage Foundation Kansas Court Gets It Right: Education Spending Isn't Only Measure of 'Equity' Commentary 3/13/2014
Hoover Institution Kansas Ruling Rolls Back Mandated Spending On Schools Commentary 3/13/2014
New America Foundation California School Accountability System Frozen in Time Commentary 3/13/2014
New America Foundation More Real Clear Education: California Waives Testing… and Accountability Commentary 3/13/2014
Pioneer Institute Column: The mystery behind Common Core Commentary 3/13/2014
TNTP Fixing the Right Retention Crisis Commentary 3/13/2014
Cato Institute The SAT Commits Suicide Commentary 3/12/2014
Cato Institute Educational Choice IS Accountability Commentary 3/12/2014
Ed Next Kansas Courts Get It Right Commentary 3/12/2014
Education Trust Equity and Equality Are Not Equal Commentary 3/12/2014
Friedman Foundation Mississippi ESAs Closer to Governor's Desk Commentary 3/12/2014
Heartland Institute Ed Accountability Debates, Test Opt-Out Pressure, and More: Friday's Ed News Commentary 3/12/2014
Heritage Foundation Rep. Marlin Stutzman: 'Common Core Not the Answer' on Education (VIDEO) Video 3/12/2014
Hoover Institution Here is the conservative defense of Common Core Commentary 3/12/2014
ALEC NYC Mayor Rescinds Space-sharing Agreement for Three Charter Schools Commentary 3/11/2014
Cato Institute We’re from the Government and We’re Here to Help: School Lunch Edition Commentary 3/11/2014
Fordham Institute Who will take an early lead in literacy? Commentary 3/11/2014
Fordham Institute Chris Cerf: In appreciation Commentary 3/11/2014
Heritage Foundation Crisis for Common Core: Indiana's Uncommon Ruckus Over Education Standards Commentary 3/11/2014
Heritage Foundation Tell Us Your Common Core Stories Commentary 3/11/2014
New America Foundation De Blasio Misread His Mandate, Now Some of His Own Supporters are Fighting Back Over Charter School Cuts Commentary 3/11/2014
New America Foundation New Daily Beast Column: De Blasio’s Shrinking Window of Opportunity on Charter Schools Commentary 3/11/2014
Cato Institute Kansas Court Wrests School-Budget Decisions from Voters Commentary 3/10/2014
Cato Institute SAT Changes = Bad News for Common Core? Commentary 3/10/2014
ConnCAN ConnCAN Testifies in Support of Early Childhood Education Commentary 3/10/2014
Ed Next Rewarding and Employing Teachers Based on Their Value-Added Commentary 3/10/2014
Fordham Institute Homegrown Common Core implementation: A good bet for Reno Commentary 3/10/2014
Friedman Foundation Only ‘Snobs’ Go To Private Schools Commentary 3/10/2014
Heartland Institute TN Vouchers, Opt Out, NY Common Core Delay, and More: Monday's Ed News Commentary 3/10/2014
Cato Institute Live Free and Learn Commentary 3/7/2014
Ed Next Low-Income Parents Highly Satisfied with New Hampshire’s Scholarship Tax Credits Commentary 3/7/2014
Education Trust Bring Breakfast to the Classroom Commentary 3/6/2014
Pioneer Institute What Does Obama's Budget Say About Education? Commentary 3/6/2014
Cato Institute Now You Can Draw Meaningful Time Trends from the SAT. Here’s How… Commentary 3/4/2014
CRPE Stakeholder Engagement for Common Enrollment Systems Report 3/4/2014
Fordham Institute Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke! Commentary 3/3/2014

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