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Think Twice Weekly Report
March 15 - March 21, 2014

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Brookings Institution The Brown Center Debunks the Homework Myth (Online Exclusive) Announcement 3/21/2014
Cato Institute Conspiring to Be Civil Commentary 3/21/2014
Cato Institute The Silver Lining in the Florida School Choice Expansion Loss Commentary 3/21/2014
Center for American Progress New York City’s Children First: Lessons in School Reform Report 3/21/2014
Ed Next “Kid, I’m Sorry, but You’re Just Not College Material” Commentary 3/21/2014
Fordham Institute Encouraging integrated schools in the District of Columbia? Announcement 3/21/2014
Heartland Institute TN Common Core Fight, NYC Mayor, and More: Friday's Ed News Roundup Commentary 3/21/2014
New America Foundation The Department of Ed Needs Bang for its Buck in Preschool Development Grants Commentary 3/21/2014
Public Impact In the News: Multi-Classroom Leadership Commentary 3/21/2014
AEI Common Core and the midterms Commentary 3/20/2014
Cato Institute WaPo Blogger Wrong About School Choice… Again Commentary 3/20/2014
Fordham Institute Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 3/20/2014
Heartland Institute Factchecking Anti-Choice Accusations, No Online School Ban in ME, and More: Thursday's Ed News Roundup Commentary 3/20/2014
Heritage Foundation Charter Schools: Higher Graduation Rates and Higher Earnings in Early Adulthood Commentary 3/20/2014
Public Impact 2 New Case Studies: Opening Blended-Learning Charter Schools Commentary 3/20/2014
Reason Foundation Federal Education Funds Should Enable School Choice and Follow the Child Commentary 3/20/2014
TNTP Why Common Core Can’t Wait Commentary 3/20/2014
Brookings Institute VIDEO: Do American Kids Have Too Much Homework? Video 3/19/2014
Brookings Institution Two Economists on School Reform: We Know (A Few) Things That Work Commentary 3/19/2014
Cato Institute How Has Your State’s Academic Performance and K-12 Spending Changed over the Past 40 Years? Find out Here. Commentary 3/19/2014
ConnCAN Standing Up For Common Core And A Better Future For Our Children Commentary 3/19/2014
Ed Next Alternatives to the Traditional Commentary 3/19/2014
Ed Next Common Core Implementation Commentary 3/19/2014
Education Sector My Brother’s Keeper: The Urgency of Now Commentary 3/19/2014
Fordham Institute Five takeaways from Race to the Top Year-Three reports Commentary 3/19/2014
Fordham Institute There’s a new sheriff in town: Louisiana judges Common Core alignment Weekly digest 3/19/2014
Heartland Institute New Evidence Common Core Was a Waste Commentary 3/19/2014
Heartland Institute Video: 'We Have More Data about Our Students Than Any Company Has about Anything' Video 3/19/2014
New America Foundation Pre-K’s Wave of the Future? Commentary 3/19/2014
Pioneer Institute Massachusetts Deserves Better Education Leadership Commentary 3/19/2014
Show-Me Institute Education Needs More Money, STAT! Commentary 3/19/2014
AEI Navigating the Common Core Commentary 3/18/2014
Brookings Institute Homework in America Commentary 3/18/2014
Brookings Institute A Progress Report on the Common Core Commentary 3/18/2014
Fordham Institute Hope for Common Core implementation Commentary 3/18/2014
Fordham Institute New Indiana standards mark a shift away from content Commentary 3/18/2014
Fordham Institute IES on SIG: Troubling foreshadowing Commentary 3/18/2014
Friedman Foundation If you think expanding school choice is expensive… Commentary 3/18/2014
TNTP Discipline and Diversity Commentary 3/18/2014
Cato Institute What the Useful Polling Shows about Common Core Commentary 3/17/2014
Ed Next Common Core ‘Spring Training’: Maintain Realistic Expectations Commentary 3/17/2014
Fordham Institute The outer limits of school choice Commentary 3/17/2014
Fordham Institute Ohio Education Gadfly Biweekly Biweekly digest 3/17/2014
Heritage Foundation Common Core: Bill Gates Confuses Regulation with Accountability Commentary 3/17/2014
Hoover Institute Navigating The College Money Maze Commentary 3/17/2014
New America Foundation Washington’s Waiver Woes? Meet the Ex-Waiver Waiver Commentary 3/17/2014
Heritage Foundation Blame the New SAT on Common Core Commentary 3/16/2014
Fordham Institute Top recent edu-reads Commentary 3/14/2014
Fordham Institute Standards, the free market, and education reform Commentary 3/14/2014
Heritage Foundation Indiana Legislature Ends Common Core, Contemplates New Standards, Sets Precedent Commentary 3/14/2014
Hoover Institute SAT Changes Are a Good Start Commentary 3/13/2014
Ed Next The Fact Checker Valerie Strauss Might Have Used on School Choice Commentary 3/12/2014
AEI The future of conservative education policy: Remarks from Representative Todd Rokita Announcement 3/7/2014
Brookings Institute How Well Are American Students Learning? Report 3/4/2014

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