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Think Twice Weekly Report
March 22 - March 28, 2014

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Ed Next How Private Schools Adapt to Vouchers: St. Patrick of Heatherdowns Commentary 3/28/2014
Mackinac Center Michigan Education Association Misleading Voters Commentary 3/28/2014
Ed Next Uncommon Success Commentary 3/27/2014
Fordham Institute Truth, not tracking Commentary 3/27/2014
Fordham Institute Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 3/27/2014
Heartland Institute Bureaucrats Try to Quash Common Core Test Opt Outs Commentary 3/27/2014
StudentsFirst Vergara v. California: Ensuring Constitutional Rights Through the Courts Commentary 3/27/2014
Brookings Institute Homework Horror Stories Commentary 3/26/2014
Center on Education Policy Amid the chaos of Washington lies opportunity Commentary 3/26/2014
CREDO Charter School Performance in Los Angeles Report 3/26/2014
Education Trust Hard-Won Lessons From an Improving School District Commentary 3/26/2014
Fordham Institute School board leadership matters Commentary 3/26/2014
Heartland Institute IN Second Standards Draft, Government School from Birth, and More: Thursday's' Ed News Commentary 3/26/2014
New America Foundation Envisioning a Digital Age Architecture for Early Education Report 3/26/2014
New America Foundation Beyond Screen Time: A Digital Age Architecture for Early Education Announcement 3/26/2014
New America Foundation Doing Right by Dual Language Learners in New York City’s Pre-K Expansion Commentary 3/26/2014
StudentsFirst Teacher Salaries and Housing Affordability Commentary 3/26/2014
AEI Federal oversight in the Golden State: A conversation with Michael Kirst Announcement 3/25/2014
Cato Institute Cutting the Tie Between Education and Housing Commentary 3/25/2014
Cato Institute Dumping the Core? Washington Still Owns the Hoosiers Commentary 3/25/2014
Center for American Progress Teachers Unions and Management Partnerships: How Working Together Improves Student Achievement Report 3/25/2014
Ed Next Politico’s Voucher Story Is Bogus Commentary 3/25/2014
Education Trust Kudos — and Cautions — on the New CRDC Data Commentary 3/25/2014
Fordham Institute Does School Board Leadership Matter? Report 3/25/2014
Fordham Institute A concluded battle in the curriculum wars Commentary 3/25/2014
Heritage Foundation Some Schools Teach Creationism and Accept Voucher Students. Why That’s Fine. Announcement 3/25/2014
New America Foundation New Atlantic Column on Charter Schools Commentary 3/25/2014
Show-Me Institute Does An Underfunded Formula Really Hurt Schools? Commentary 3/25/2014
TNTP Fast Start: Training Better Teachers Faster, with Focus, Practice and Feedback Report 3/25/2014
TNTP Focusing on a Fast Start Commentary 3/25/2014
ALEC Increasing Education Spending Does Not Equal Higher Test Scores Commentary 3/24/2014
Brookings Institute How to Fix Head Start Commentary 3/24/2014
Cato Institute Politico: Private Schooling a Threat to Science Education and Freedom of Conscience Commentary 3/24/2014
Center for American Progress Four Years Later, Are Race to the Top States on Track? Commentary 3/24/2014
ConnCAN Support For Common Core Across Connecticut Commentary 3/24/2014
Ed Next Common Core and the Midterms Commentary 3/24/2014
Ed Next Evidence-based Debates on Teacher Quality Commentary 3/24/2014
Fordham Institute A bad headline on ‘bad apples’ Commentary 3/24/2014
Fordham Institute The New Opportunity to Lead: A vision for education in Massachusetts in the next 20 years Commentary 3/24/2014
Friedman Foundation Free to Choose What THEY Want Commentary 3/24/2014
George W. Bush Institute Home-rule idea near to her, but Spellings is on sidelines Commentary 3/24/2014
Heartland Institute AZ Choice Win, STEM Shortage Lies, and More: Mondays' Ed News Commentary 3/24/2014
Heartland Institute IN Drops Common Core,Vouchers and Creationism, and More: Tuesday's' Ed News Commentary 3/24/2014
New America Foundation Time To Improve Report 3/24/2014
TNTP Putting Common Core Tests to the Test Commentary 3/24/2014
Cato Institute Why Don’t Public Schools Give Parents What They Want? Commentary 3/22/2014
Ed Next The Common Core Takes Hold Commentary 3/22/2014
Ed Next Comparing Public Schools to Private Commentary 3/22/2014
Brookings Institution WATCH: Tom Loveless Discusses the Homework Myth and the State of U.S. Education Video 3/21/2014
Fordham Institute We all have a stake in ensuring the Common Core debate rests on facts Commentary 3/21/2014
Friedman Foundation Friday Freakout: School Choice Supporters Only Want Choice on Their Terms Commentary 3/21/2014
Heritage Foundation Education Savings Accounts Deemed Constitutional by Arizona Supreme Court Commentary 3/21/2014
Heritage Foundation Indiana Ends Common Core Education Standards Commentary 3/21/2014
AEI The future of conservative education policy: Remarks from Representative Todd Rokita Announcement 3/20/2014
Hoover Institution The Curriculum Wars Commentary 3/20/2014
New America Foundation What Applying to Charter Schools Showed Me About Inequality Commentary 3/20/2014

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