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Think Twice Weekly Report
March 29 - April 4

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Fordham Institute Good riddance, Indiana Commentary 4/4/2014
Fordham Institute Next for Neerav, NSNO, and NOLA Commentary 4/4/2014
Heartland Institute MS ESAs Go Down, OK Senate Votes against Common Core, and More: Friday's Ed News Commentary 4/4/2014
Center on Education Policy A Research Agenda for the Common Core State Standards: What Information Do Policymakers Need? Report 4/3/2014
ConnCAN Four New Charter Schools Approved Commentary 4/3/2014
Ed Next Can We Get Governance Right? Announcement 4/3/2014
Education Trust From Cowboys to Pit Crews Commentary 4/3/2014
Fordham Institute Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 4/3/2014
Friedman Foundation BRIEF: School Choice in the States March 2014 Commentary 4/3/2014
New America Foundation Time to Improve Federal and State Educator Preparation Policies Commentary 4/3/2014
TNTP How to Keep Great Teachers Commentary 4/3/2014
Brookings Institution More Dubious Pre-K Science Commentary 4/2/2014
ConnCAN State Board Of Education Approves Four New Public Charter Schools Commentary 4/2/2014
Education Trust High-Achieving Disadvantaged Students and Students of Color Fall Behind as They Progress Through High School, Ed Trust Finds Commentary 4/2/2014
Education Trust The Achievement Gap Affects High Achievers, Too Commentary 4/2/2014
Fordham Institute The two tracks of school reform Commentary 4/2/2014
Heartland Institute FL Parents School PTA, Choice Districts, and More: Wednesday's Ed News Commentary 4/2/2014
Heartland Institute TN Moves Parent Trigger, KS Test Hackers, and More: Thursday's Ed News Commentary 4/2/2014
Show-Me Institute New Documentary Highlights Criticism Of Common Core Commentary 4/2/2014
Show-Me Institute Giving Arizona Children Better Opportunities in Education Commentary 4/2/2014
Brookings Institution Both Quality Parenting and Schooling Matter for Social Mobility Commentary 4/1/2014
Cato Institute Chamber of Commerce and Business Roundtable: Borg Enablers Commentary 4/1/2014
Ed Next Charter Schools, the Time Is Now to Take on Special Ed in a Big Way Commentary 4/1/2014
Fordham Institute Schoolhouse of Cards Video 4/1/2014
Heartland Institute Breaking: Tens of Thousands of Kids Refuse Common Core Tests in New York Commentary 4/1/2014
Heritage Foundation Ryan Budget: Some Smart Reforms, but Education Spending Continues Apace Commentary 4/1/2014
Hoover Institution The Two Tracks of School Reform Commentary 4/1/2014
Hoover Institution We Need Better Teachers Commentary 4/1/2014
New America Foundation New Columns on Urban Education Reform: Politics and Segregation Commentary 4/1/2014
New America Foundation Ryan Budget Brings Little New to the Table Commentary 4/1/2014
New America Foundation Watch “Building the Machine,” New Common Core Movie Video 4/1/2014
StudentsFirst Getting to Fair: Equitable Access to Effective Teaching Commentary 4/1/2014
Cato Institute Can Incentives Improve Performance of Public School Teachers? Commentary 3/31/2014
Ed Next Focus on the Opportunities Ed Tech Brings, Not the Hype Commentary 3/31/2014
Ed Next Indiana and the Common Core Commentary 3/31/2014
Fordham Institute Do school boards even matter? Yes, but… Commentary 3/31/2014
Friedman Foundation Taking Back the “V” Word Commentary 3/31/2014
Friedman Foundation American History of the "V" Word Commentary 3/31/2014
Friedman Foundation Vouchers and the Masters of Invention Commentary 3/31/2014
Heartland Institute Parent Triggers in KY and TN, Choice Expansion Hangs on in FL, and More: Monday's Ed News Commentary 3/31/2014
Heritage Foundation Boy Wonders: How Do You Solve Math Problem with Essay? Commentary 3/31/2014
New America Foundation The Real Reasons New York has the Country’s Most Segregated Schools Commentary 3/31/2014
Fordham Institute The Empire State straight jacket: Why New York should put the 'voluntary' back in 'voluntary curriculum' Commentary 3/28/2014
StudentsFirst What makes a good school board? Commentary 3/28/2014
Pioneer Institute Debunking Common Core Myths Commentary 3/27/2014
TNTP Stand Tall, John King Commentary 3/27/2014
Fordham Institute Abandoning the Common Core is taking the easy way out Commentary 3/26/2014

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