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Think Twice Weekly Report
May 3 - May 9, 2014

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
AEI Loving charter schools to death Commentary 5/9/2014
Ed Next The Mystery that is Twelfth-Grade NAEP Commentary 5/9/2014
Fordham Institute Almost, Peggy, But This Time Not Quite Commentary 5/9/2014
Fordham Institute The mystery that is twelfth-grade NAEP Commentary 5/9/2014
Friedman Foundation Friday Freakout: Some Public Schools Choose Not to Serve Every Child, Block Other Options Commentary 5/9/2014
Heartland Institute No Common Core Repeal in LA, Congress Votes on Charters, and More: Friday's ed news Commentary 5/9/2014
New America Foundation House Approves 2015 Spending Limit for Education and Other Agencies Commentary 5/9/2014
Ed Next Aftermath: My Note to the Gates Foundation Commentary 5/8/2014
Fordham Institute The resilience of Common Core Commentary 5/8/2014
Heartland Institute FL Choice Matures, Getting Private Schools to Join Choice Programs, and More: Thursday's ed news Commentary 5/8/2014
StudentsFirst Celebrating National Charter Schools Week Commentary 5/8/2014
TNTP Building a More Diverse Reform Movement Commentary 5/8/2014
Cato Institute New National Test Results Released Today Commentary 5/7/2014
Cato Institute Crafting Educational Markets: Some Evidence from Washington, D.C. Commentary 5/7/2014
Center for American Progress ESEA Waivers and Teacher-Evaluation Plans: State Oversight of District-Designed Teacher-Evaluation Systems Report 5/7/2014
Center on Education Policy A Guide to Federal Education Programs That Can Fund K-12 Universal Prevention and Social and Emotional Learning Activitie Report 5/7/2014
CRPE Getting from Here to There in Governance Reform Commentary 5/7/2014
Education Sector Supporting Teachers as They Grow From Good to Great Commentary 5/7/2014
Education Trust Statement From The Education Trust on 12th Grade Reading and Mathematics Results From the 2013 National Assessment of Educational Progress Commentary 5/7/2014
Fordham Institute EDUCATION GADFLY WEEKLY Weekly digest 5/7/2014
Friedman Foundation BRIEF: School Choice in the States April 2014 Commentary 5/7/2014
Heartland Institute Outreach Campaign Doubles Arizona School Choice Enrollment Commentary 5/7/2014
Heartland Institute George Will: Common Core 'The Thin End of an Enormous Wedge of Federal Power' Video 5/7/2014
New America Foundation What Sort of School Choice Market Do We Want? Commentary 5/7/2014
PIoneer Institute The Pseudo-Science of Common Core and High-Stakes Testing Commentary 5/7/2014
Ed Next Common Core: Too Little Change, Not Too Much Commentary 5/6/2014
Fordham Institute SEA reform and violent agreement Commentary 5/6/2014
Friedman Foundation School Choice and Missouri’s Small-Town, Rural Voters Commentary 5/6/2014
Heartland Institute Teaching Children to Be Human Commentary 5/6/2014
Heartland Institute Kentucky School Uses Tech to Rethink Schooling Announcement 5/6/2014
Heritage Foundation Indiana Faces Consequences From Federal Government For Exiting Common Core Commentary 5/6/2014
Heritage Foundation WATCH: George Will Demolishes Arguments for Common Core in Under Two Minutes Video 5/6/2014
New America Foundation Dear Indiana, Love Arne: Is Waiver Oversight at a Turning Point? Commentary 5/6/2014
Public Impact Public Impact’s Op-Ed: Be Bold on Teacher Pay Commentary 5/6/2014
TNTP A Career Path for Every Great Teacher Commentary 5/6/2014
Ed Next Good Reads for National Charter Schools Week Commentary 5/5/2014
Fordham Institute USED, Indiana’s ESEA, and an unexpected federalism paradox Commentary 5/5/2014
Fordham Institute Fordham celebrates National Charter Schools Week Commentary 5/5/2014
Fordham Institute Keep calm and carry on with the testing Commentary 5/5/2014
StudentsFirst A Teacher's Words to Louis C.K. Commentary 5/5/2014
Center for American Progress Teacher Diversity Revisited: A New State-by-State Analysis Report 5/4/2014
Center for American Progress America’s Leaky Pipeline for Teachers of Color: Getting More Teachers of Color into the Classroom Report 5/4/2014
Center of the American Experiment Minnesota's Immense Achievement Gaps: The Untapped Promise of Vouchers Report 5/4/2014
Heritage Foundation Educational Opportunity Continues to Expand: Kansas Now a School Choice State Commentary 5/3/2014
Fordham Institute Seeing Common Core from a parent’s perspective Commentary 5/2/2014

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