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Think Twice Weekly Report
May 10 - May 16, 2014

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
AEI School reform: Tough lessons from Newark Commentary 5/16/2014
Education Trust Fast Fact: 60 Years Later, Fight for Equity in Education Continues Commentary 5/16/2014
Education Trust The Fight for Kindergarten Commentary 5/16/2014
Friedman Foundation Friday Freakout: Public Schools Good, Private Schools Bad Commentary 5/16/2014
Heartland Institute Feds Target WI Choice Program, Anti-Common Core Wins Florida Primary, and More: Friday's Ed News Commentary 5/16/2014
Show-Me Institute Common Core Repeal – Think Of The Children Commentary 5/16/2014
TNTP Evaluation’s Week in the News Commentary 5/16/2014
AEI Why massive open online courses are more like health clubs than hospitals Commentary 5/15/2014
Brookings Institution Implementing the Common Core: A Look at Curriculum Commentary 5/15/2014
Center of the American Experiment Governor Dayton and DFL legislators either oblivious or uncaring to boys falling behind girls in school and career preparation Commentary 5/15/2014
Ed Next Blended Learning Impacts More Than Just Academics Commentary 5/15/2014
Education Sector Research and the Public Pre-K Commentary 5/15/2014
Education Trust If These Students Don’t Count, Will They Be Taught? Commentary 5/15/2014
Fordham Institute School Choice in 2014: The year in review (so far) Commentary 5/15/2014
Friedman Foundation You Can Disparage School Choice – As Long as You Ignore Facts, Thousands of Kids Commentary 5/15/2014
Maine Heritage Policy Center Blended Learning: Leveraging teachers and technology to improve student outcomes Commentary 5/15/2014
StudentsFirst Fulfilling the Promise of Brown v. Board of Education Commentary 5/15/2014
TNTP Denver Aims High for Shared Leadership Commentary 5/15/2014
Ed Next Different Standards for Different Students?! We’ve Had Them for Years Commentary 5/14/2014
Ed Next What Constitutes Success For Course Choice? Commentary 5/14/2014
Education Trust Real Teacher Appreciation: Putting It to the Test Commentary 5/14/2014
Fordham Institute Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 5/14/2014
Friedman Foundation Moving toward School Choice 2.0 Commentary 5/14/2014
Heartland Institute Oh, Now Unions Hate Common Core Commentary 5/14/2014
Heartland Institute Florida Legislature Sends School Choice Expansion to Governor Commentary 5/14/2014
Heartland Institute NC Choice Victory, PA Cheating, and More: Thursday's Ed News Commentary 5/14/2014
New America Foundation Taking Education Reform From Launch to Stable Orbit Commentary 5/14/2014
New America Foundation Evaluating the Design of Quality Rating and Improvement Systems Commentary 5/14/2014
New America Foundation States Have Improved Pre-K Quality Over the Past Decade Weekly digest 5/14/2014
Show-Me Institute Private School Option – We Can’t Sit This One Out Commentary 5/14/2014
Brookings Institute Evaluating Teachers with Classroom Observations: Lessons Learned in Four Districts Report 5/13/2014
Brookings Institution Improving Teacher Evaluation Systems (Online Discussion) Video 5/13/2014
Ed Next U.S. Students from Educated Families Lag in International Tests Commentary 5/13/2014
Fordham Institute Expanding the Education Universe: A Fifty-State Strategy for Course Choice Report 5/13/2014
Fordham Institute In defense of the anti–Common Core Right Commentary 5/13/2014
Fordham Institute Expanding the Education Universe: An explanation of course choice by Michael Brickman Video 5/13/2014
Harvard PEPG and Education Next Not Just the Problems of Other People’s Children: U.S. Student Performance in Global Perspective Report 5/13/2014
Heartland Institute NY Test Opt Outs, CA Test Glitches, and More: Tuesday's Ed News Commentary 5/13/2014
Heartland Institute Report: Time to Cut Education Bureaucracy Commentary 5/13/2014
Hoover Institution Study Finds U.S. Students Lag Behind Those in Other Industrialized Countries Commentary 5/13/2014
New America Foundation Preschool Yearbook Finds Fewer Children Enrolled Commentary 5/13/2014
New America Foundation Is A Start-Up Ethos The Best Hope For American Public Education? Commentary 5/13/2014
Pioneer Institute Another Misleading Attack on Charter Schools from the BTU Commentary 5/13/2014
Public Impact Projected Statewide Impact of “Opportunity Culture” School Models Report 5/13/2014
Reason Foundation Orange County Must Compete on Education Front Commentary 5/13/2014
Show-Me Institute Lawmaker Holds Double Standard For Private Schools Video 5/13/2014
Cato Institute Stop Insulting Our Intelligence, and the Tea Party, Core Supporters Commentary 5/12/2014
CRPE Charter Regulation: How Much Is Too Much? Commentary 5/12/2014
Ed Next Letting Go of Time-Based Practices: A closer look at what’s happening in New Hampshire Commentary 5/12/2014
Education Sector NAEP Puzzle: Why Does Academic Progress “Hit The Wall” in High Commentary 5/12/2014
Education Trust Removing Barriers, Headaches Around Free School Meals Commentary 5/12/2014
Fordham Institute Ohio Education Gadfly Weekly Biweekly digest 5/12/2014
Heritage Foundation How Far School Choice Policies Have Come in Two Decades Commentary 5/12/2014
New America Foundation Can More Federal Flexibility Improve States’ Teacher Evaluation Systems? Commentary 5/12/2014
Reason Foundation Illinois Funding Reform Act Doesn’t Go Far Enough to Address Inequality: Money Should Follow the Child Commentary 5/12/2014
StudentsFirst Does Teachers' Union Leadership Really Support the Common Core? Commentary 5/12/2014
Heritage Foundation Three Education Innovations That Could Increase Economic Mobility Commentary 5/11/2014
Education Trust Ed Trust 2014 National Conference Announcement 5/10/2014
Heartland Institute Parental Advisory Councils and Common Core: Who’s Advising Whom? Commentary 5/10/2014
Brookings Institution Can Education Reform Address Inequality and Middle Class Frustration? An Experiment in Chile Commentary 5/9/2014

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