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Think Twice Weekly Report
May 31 - June 6, 2014

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
ConnCAN State BOE Approves 1,000 New Seats In Public Charter Schools Commentary 6/6/2014
Ed Next Who Profits from the Master’s Degree Pay Bump for Teachers? Commentary 6/6/2014
Education Sector Opening the Doors to Opportunity for All Commentary 6/6/2014
Education Sector Five Big Ideas from the Equity Project Research Roundtable Commentary 6/6/2014
Education Trust A Frank Discussion About School Accountability Commentary 6/6/2014
Friedman Foundation Friday Freakout: School Choice is UnAmerican Commentary 6/6/2014
Heartland Institute Oklahoma Drops Common Core, and More: Friday's ed news Commentary 6/6/2014
Buckeye Institute New Study: Cleveland and Columbus Teacher Absences Top Most Urban Areas Commentary 6/5/2014
Center for American Progress How State Takeover School Districts Shake Up Teacher Professional Development Report 6/5/2014
Fordham Institute To achieve a strong charter sector, start with supportive laws Commentary 6/5/2014
Heritage Foundation What’s in Common Core National Standards? Commentary 6/5/2014
Heritage Foundation Now There Are Three: Oklahoma, South Carolina Join Indiana in Exiting Common Core Commentary 6/5/2014
New America Foundation Building on Immigrants’ Strengths to Improve Their Children’s Early Education Commentary 6/5/2014
New America Foundation The Untold Story of School Finance Reforms in the United States Commentary 6/5/2014
Show-Me Institute When It Comes To Privatization In Education, We Say Opaa! Commentary 6/5/2014
Show-Me Institute A Student Is More Than Five Numbers Commentary 6/5/2014
StudentsFirst Pension Systems State by State Commentary 6/5/2014
TNTP Once a Welder, Now a Teacher Commentary 6/5/2014
AEI Unions in public education: Problem or solution? A conversation with AFT President Randi Weingarten Announcement 6/4/2014
CRPE Conserving Principal and Teacher Talent Commentary 6/4/2014
Ed Next Breaking Down “Public Rules on Private Schools” Commentary 6/4/2014
Ed Next Teacher Benefits Still Eating Away at District Spending Commentary 6/4/2014
Fordham Institute Turmoil in Oklahoma classrooms: Six potential ‘unintended consequences’ of signing HB 3399 Commentary 6/4/2014
Fordham Institute The California charter school paradox Commentary 6/4/2014
Fordham Institute #MikesonCCSS: Mike Petrilli and Mike McShane on the future of Common Core Video 6/4/2014
Fordham Institute Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 6/4/2014
Friedman Foundation BRIEF: School Choice in the States May 2014 Commentary 6/4/2014
Heartland Institute School Choice Lifts Young Florida Man, Cheating Charters in Chicago, and More: Wednesday's ed news Commentary 6/4/2014
New America Foundation Education Policy Is Health Policy: Full-Day Kindergarten Edition Commentary 6/4/2014
New America Foundation The Condition of Education – in Charts Commentary 6/4/2014
New America Foundation It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood? Picturing Poverty and its Effects Commentary 6/4/2014
New America Foundation The Shifting Democratic Party Education Platform Commentary 6/4/2014
StudentsFirst The Need for Charter School Accountability Commentary 6/4/2014
Education Trust Fixing Poverty, Improving Schools: The Choice Is Not One or the Other Commentary 6/3/2014
Fordham Institute Thoughts on why some charter sectors outpace their local district schools while others are falling behind Commentary 6/3/2014
Heartland Institute Oklahoma May Jettison Common Core Commentary 6/3/2014
Heartland Institute Wisconsin Imposes New Regulations on Voucher schools Commentary 6/3/2014
Heritage Foundation Common Core Standards Could Help Dumb Down College Courses Commentary 6/3/2014
Heritage Foundation 3 States Push Back Against Common Core Commentary 6/3/2014
Illinois Policy Institute Which Illinois Public Schools Are Underperforming? – IL Policy Institute And Pacific Research Institute Event Announcement 6/3/2014
New America Foundation Inadequate Access to High Quality Early Education Programs Widens Readiness Gap Commentary 6/3/2014
New America Foundation Department of Education Charter School Program Grants Focus on DLLs Commentary 6/3/2014
TNTP For Top Teachers, Hire Early Commentary 6/3/2014
Ed Next To AP or Not To AP? Commentary 6/2/2014
Education Trust In Their Words: High Achievers Need Support, Too Commentary 6/2/2014
Fordham Institute Strong standards, political air cover, and talent: Exporting the success of Boston’s charter school sector Commentary 6/2/2014
Heritage Foundation Universal School Choice: A Reform for the 21st Century Commentary 6/2/2014
Heritage Foundation Legislation Would Expand School Choice by Giving States More Flexibility Commentary 6/2/2014
Reason Foundation Groundbreaking Louisiana School Choice Bill Would Rescue Kids From 'F' Schools Commentary 6/2/2014
StudentsFirst Parents and Researchers Agree - Illinois Has Awesome School Report Cards Commentary 6/2/2014
NCTQ Roll Call: The importance of teacher attendance Report 6/1/2014
CRPE Innovation in Progress: Proceed with Caution Commentary 5/30/2014
Fordham Institute Building a great city charter sector Commentary 5/30/2014
Friedman Foundation Friday Freakout: Should Conservatives Support School Choice? Commentary 5/30/2014
Heartland Institute Philadelphia Cheating Scandal Just One of Many Commentary 5/30/2014
Heritage Foundation Michelle Obama Is Ignoring the Problems Her New School Lunch Standards Have Caused Commentary 5/30/2014

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