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Think Twice Weekly Report
June 14- June 20, 2014

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Fordham Institute An olive branch on voucher accountability Commentary 6/20/2014
Friedman Foundation Florida Governor Signs Nation’s Second ESAs, Expands Tax-Credit Scholarships Commentary 6/20/2014
Heartland Institute Why Politicians Don’t Understand Education Commentary 6/20/2014
Heartland Institute Computers Make Tutoring Cheap, Accessible Commentary 6/20/2014
New America Foundation Embattled AZ Schools Chief Was Major Opponent of Full-Day Kindergarten Weekly digest 6/20/2014
Show-Me Institute Transfer Decisions Begging For A Lawsuit? Commentary 6/20/2014
Ed Next The Future of the Common Core in Louisiana Commentary 6/19/2014
George W. Bush Institute The Bush Institute Talks with Robert Balfanz about Why Middle Schools Matter Commentary 6/19/2014
Heartland Institute U.S. House Passes Charter Bill That Could Reduce School Choice Commentary 6/19/2014
Heritage Foundation ‘We Want Out’: Bobby Jindal Pulls Louisiana From Common Core Commentary 6/19/2014
New America Foundation In Jindal’s Common Core Fight, Policy Should Matter Just as Much as Politics Commentary 6/19/2014
Show-Me Institute Why Not Charter Schools In Normandy? Commentary 6/19/2014
TNTP Room to Grow for Teacher Prep Commentary 6/19/2014
AEI Taking the nation’s pulse: Results from the Schooling in America Survey Announcement 6/18/2014
Cato Institute Common Core Survey: You’ll Love the Pufferfish! Commentary 6/18/2014
Ed Next YES Prep Steps Up Commentary 6/18/2014
Ed Next GPAs, SATs, and TMI? Commentary 6/18/2014
Ed Next There Is No War on Teachers Commentary 6/18/2014
Education Sector Measuring Up in Mathematics: What’s the Right Measure? Commentary 6/18/2014
Education Trust The Appeal of an Appeal in Vergara Commentary 6/18/2014
Fordham Institute The wise wonks’ hierarchy of charter school quality Commentary 6/18/2014
Fordham Institute Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 6/18/2014
Friedman Foundation Would Shutting Down School Choice Programs Help Public Schools Financially? Commentary 6/18/2014
George W. Bush Institute School Districts Must Create The Right Conditions for Great Principals to Excel Commentary 6/18/2014
New America Foundation Why Do Other Parents Care Where I Send My Kid to School? Commentary 6/18/2014
New America Foundation Teacher Prep Review Paints Grim Picture, but with Possible Silver Lining Commentary 6/18/2014
Show-Me Institute Missouri State Board Of Education Robs Students Of Educational Opportunities Commentary 6/18/2014
StudentsFirst About Those Vergara Naysayers... Commentary 6/18/2014
CRPE Do Federal Regulators Need to Get Out of the Way? Commentary 6/17/2014
Fordham Institute The NYT’s gifted education ‘debate’ needs to expand Commentary 6/17/2014
Heritage Foundation California Diminishes Union Power in Schools Commentary 6/17/2014
NCTQ Teacher Prep Review 2014 Report Report 6/17/2014
TNTP The Principal and the Parents Commentary 6/17/2014
AEI Second thoughts on Vergara Commentary 6/16/2014
AEI Straight up conversation: United Negro College Fund CEO Michael Lomax on $25m Koch gift Commentary 6/16/2014
Ed Next Teacher Autonomy and Blended Learning at USC Hybrid High School Commentary 6/16/2014
Education Sector What About ‘The Fifth’ Who Won’t Graduate from High School? Commentary 6/16/2014
Fordham Institute How the U.S. Stacks Up: FIFA versus PISA Commentary 6/16/2014
George W. Bush Institute Going backward in the debate about accountability and American education Commentary 6/16/2014
Heartland Institute Vermont Town Pleased With Privatized Public School Commentary 6/16/2014
Heritage Foundation Even Among Democratic Lawmakers, Support Grows for School Choice in Louisiana Commentary 6/16/2014
Heritage Foundation There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch, Unless You’re Living in Nashville Commentary 6/16/2014
StudentsFirst What I Want for Father's Day Commentary 6/15/2014
AEI What ails Common Core Commentary 6/13/2014
Fordham Institute Between a rock and a hard place Commentary 6/13/2014
Friedman Foundation Friday Freakout: Is the School Choice Movement Cultish? Commentary 6/13/2014
School Choice Wisconsin HOPE Christian High School Celebrates 100% College Placement: Video Video 6/11/2014
Bellwether Genuine Progress, Greater Challenges: A Decade of Teacher Effectiveness Reforms Report 5/12/2014

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