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Think Twice Weekly Report
June 21- June 27, 2014

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Center for American Progress Access to Effective Teaching is the New Measure of Equity Commentary 6/27/2014
Ed Next Americans Want Choice, Not Government Mandates Commentary 6/27/2014
Education Trust U.S. House Passes Charter Bill That Could Reduce School Choice Commentary 6/27/2014
Fordham Institute The ‘balanced literacy’ hoax Commentary 6/27/2014
Mackinac Center State TTB a Poor Measure of Charter Performance Commentary 6/27/2014
NCTQ Time to STEM the tide Commentary 6/27/2014
New America Foundation Federal Funding for Students with Disabilities Report 6/27/2014
Brookings Institution Implementing Common Core: Curriculum Part 2 Commentary 6/26/2014
Cato Institute Common Core Pufferfish II: This Time, Poison’s Mentioned! Commentary 6/26/2014
Center for American Progress The Promise of Education Information Systems: How Technology Can Improve School Management and Success Report 6/26/2014
Center for American Progress The New Education CFO: From Scorekeeper to Strategic Leader Report 6/26/2014
ConnCAN Report of the Educators’ Common Core Implementation Task Force Report 6/26/2014
Ed Next Racial Disparities in School Discipline and the Federal Government Commentary 6/26/2014
Fordham Institute Conscious incompetence: New ed-school grads are unprepared to teach—and we seem fine with that Commentary 6/26/2014
George W. Bush Institute Takeaways from the Middle School Matters Institute’s Summer Conference Commentary 6/26/2014
Heartland Institute Video: Can Edtech Companies Get As Big As Google? Video 6/26/2014
Heritage Foundation Pennsylvania Plan Measures Teachers on Performance, Not Seniority Commentary 6/26/2014
Public Impact California Teachers’ Tenure and Seniority Protections Struck Down Commentary 6/26/2014
Public Impact Sasha Volokh on California's Recent Trial Court Ruling on Teacher Tenure, Seniority Commentary 6/26/2014
Show-Me Institute Allowing Normandy Students To Return Makes Sense To The Head And The Heart Commentary 6/26/2014
StudentsFirst Vergara's Impact on Outspoken Teachers Commentary 6/26/2014
TNTP The TNTP Core Rubric in Action Commentary 6/26/2014
AEI Taking the nation’s pulse: Results from the Schooling in America Survey Annnouncement 6/25/2014
Center for American Progress Roadmap for a Successful Transition to the Common Core in States and Districts Report 6/25/2014
Fordham Institute Ohio Education Gadfly Biweekly Weekly digest 6/25/2014
Fordham Institute Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 6/25/2014
George W. Bush Institute Note to Texas and Other States: Countries on the Make Are Dead Serious About Testing Commentary 6/25/2014
Heartland Institute Common Core Tests Become a Hot Potato Commentary 6/25/2014
Heartland Institute How We Talk About Education Shows What It Means To Us Commentary 6/25/2014
Heritage Foundation More Pushback: Tennessee Quits Common Core Aligned Test Commentary 6/25/2014
NCTQ No cherry picking in teacher prep Commentary 6/25/2014
Public Impact Hiring Top Principals: Lessons from 5 Urban Districts Commentary 6/25/2014
Bellwether A Policy Playbook for Personalized Learning: Ideas for State and Local Policymakers Report 6/24/2014
Ed Next Digital Learning via Puzzles, Games, and Simulations Commentary 6/24/2014
Fordham Insitute Lacking Leaders: The Challenges of Principal Recruitment, Selection, and Placement Report 6/24/2014
Friedman Foundation Milton Friedman, the Father of School Choice…ESAs? Commentary 6/24/2014
Heartland Institute Quality Education Is Not Rocket Science Commentary 6/24/2014
Hoover Institution Should Principals Be Treated Like CEOs? Commentary 6/24/2014
Manhattan Institute Better Pay, Fairer Pensions II: Modeling Preferences Between Defined-Benefit Teacher Compensation Plans Report 6/24/2014
NCTQ June 2014: Student enrollment Commentary 6/24/2014
NCTQ Seeing is believing Commentary 6/24/2014
New America Foundation Debunking The Myth That Common Core Opposition Is Widespread Commentary 6/24/2014
New America Foundation Child Care as an Intergenerational Solution to Poverty Announcement 6/24/2014
Public Impact Doing the Math on Opportunity Culture’s Early Impact Commentary 6/24/2014
Show-Me Institute The Francis Howell Transfer Decision: One Family’s Disappointment Commentary 6/24/2014
TNTP I Choose to Teach Commentary 6/24/2014
Cato Institute Several States Expand Educational Choice Commentary 6/23/2014
Ed Next Five Thoughts on Randi Weingarten’s AEI Remarks Commentary 6/23/2014
Education Trust The State of Education for Latino Students Report 6/23/2014
Heritage Foundation This Innovative Education Policy Can Change the Lives of Children With Special Needs Commentary 6/23/2014
Public Impact Opportunity Culture Schools: Showing N.C. How to Keep Teachers Commentary 6/23/2014
Reason Foundation Weighted Student Funding is the Solution to Pennsylvania's School Finance Flop Commentary 6/23/2014
Show-Me Institute Are Education And Economic Growth Related? Commentary 6/23/2014
Friedman Foundation Friday Freakout: Is Overregulation Inevitable? Commentary 6/20/2014
Lexington Institute What It Will Take to Advance the Growth of High-Quality Charter Schools in New Jersey, Washington, DC and Virginia Report 6/20/2014
New America Foundation Embattled AZ Schools Chief Was Major Opponent of Full-Day Kindergarten Commentary 6/20/2014

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