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Think Twice Weekly Report
July 26 - August 1, 2014

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Education Trust How We Think About Teaching Commentary 8/1/2014
Fordham Institute CTE bill for career readiness could get lost between state flexibility and proven results Commentary 8/1/2014
Heritage Foundation The Legacy of Milton Friedman: Educational Opportunity Continues to Expand Commentary 8/1/2014
NCTQ July 2014: Teacher Tenure Commentary 8/1/2014
New America Foundation Teachers, Ed Tech and A Reality Check: Notes From This Week’s Capitol Hill Forum Commentary 8/1/2014
Reason Foundation California School Spending Goes Up but Test Scores Don't Commentary 8/1/2014
Brookings Institute Teachers Deserve More Information on Evaluation Systems Commentary 7/31/2014
Buckeye Institute Number of New School Operating Levies Lower than Past Highs Commentary 7/31/2014
Cato Institute Florida Parents Fight for Educational Choice Commentary 7/31/2014
Ed Next Five Reasons Districts Should Love Course Access Commentary 7/31/2014
Ed Next Abracadabra Commentary 7/31/2014
Ed Next Teacher-Tenure Decision Is NOT an Abuse of Judicial Power Commentary 7/31/2014
Fordham Institute A few reflections on the Common Core Wars Commentary 7/31/2014
Heartland Institute Vouchers Improved Sweden’s Schools Commentary 7/31/2014
Heartland Institute The Numbers Say Philadelphia Is In No Danger of 40-Student Classes Commentary 7/31/2014
New America Foundation Same Story, Different Kids: At-Risk Kindergartners Fall Behind Easily Commentary 7/31/2014
Pioneer Institute Seeds of Achievement: Appletree’s Early Childhood D.C. Charter Schools Report 7/31/2014
StudentsFirst Vergara's Effects Ripple Out to New York State Commentary 7/31/2014
TNTP A Path to the Common Core Commentary 7/31/2014
University of Arkansas The Branding of Milwaukee Private Schools Report 7/31/2014
Cato Institute Are Public Schools Safer Than Private Schools? Commentary 7/30/2014
Center of the American Experiment "EDUCATION: Student Achievement and Prosperity The Indispensability of Competition and Choice in Minnesota K-12 Education" Report 7/30/2014
Ed Next Race to the Top Wasn’t Commentary 7/30/2014
Ed Next Inside Successful District-Charter Compacts Commentary 7/30/2014
Fordham Institute Education Reform in 2014 Commentary 7/30/2014
Fordham Institute Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 7/30/2014
George W. Bush Institute The Two Realities Facing Education Commentary 7/30/2014
Heartland Institute Video: Schools Have Become Data Vacuums Video 7/30/2014
Heartland Institute Video: Michelle Rhee Discusses Lawsuits Aimed at Tenure Commentary 7/30/2014
Heritage Foundation Michigan Union Tricks Teachers Into Prolonging Membership Commentary 7/30/2014
Mackinac Center Dr. Friedman's Vision for Education Commentary 7/30/2014
Pioneer Institute Massachusetts Receives 8 New Charter School Proposals Commentary 7/30/2014
Cato Institute Core Supporters: We’ve Just Been Too Darned Principled! Commentary 7/29/2014
CRPE District-Charter Texas Two-Step Commentary 7/29/2014
Ed Next The Politics of Teacher Evaluation Formulas Commentary 7/29/2014
Ed Next Charter School Productivity Report: Red Flags or Red Herrings? Commentary 7/29/2014
Education Sector The “Sink or Swim” Reality: Learning From Turnaround Principal Commentary 7/29/2014
Fordham Institute Is education reform anti-conservative? Commentary 7/29/2014
Friedman Foundation Incubators Deliver Talent and Time to Grow Great Schools Commentary 7/29/2014
Heartland Institute Missouri Governor Signs Bill to Repeal, Replace Common Core Commentary 7/29/2014
Heritage Foundation Rise of School Choice Could Place Education on the ‘Right Track’ Commentary 7/29/2014
Mackinac Center Michigan Teacher says MEA did not provide information on August Opt Out Commentary 7/29/2014
New America Foundation New Research on the Efficacy of Providing School Breakfast Commentary 7/29/2014
TNTP Better Paychecks for Better Teachers Commentary 7/29/2014
University of Arkansas The Softer Side of Learning: Measuring Students’ Non-Cognitive Skills Report 7/29/2014
Ed Next Can We Strike 1-to-1 from the Edu-Dictionary? Commentary 7/28/2014
Education Trust The Often Forgotten Voice in Ed Reform Commentary 7/28/2014
Fordham Institute Pre-Kraziness Announcement 7/28/2014
Heartland Institute Oklahoma Supreme Court Affirms Common Core Repeal Commentary 7/28/2014
Hoover Institution Beyond the Common Core Commentary/Video 7/28/2014
Show-Me Institute Decline In Catholic School Enrollment: Is Sector Switching The Answer? Commentary 7/28/2014
Pioneer Institute Common Core Expert: Techno-Progressives Seek To Violate Your Child’s Privacy Commentary 7/27/2014
New America Foundation Children’s Well-Being Reflects a Sluggish Economic Recovery Commentary 7/24/2014

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