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Think Twice Weekly Report
September 27 - October 3, 2014

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Ed Next Teach for America’s Retirement Gap Commentary 10/3/2014
Friedman Foundation Friday Freakout: School Choice? But What About Transportation? Commentary 10/3/2014
Heartland Institute Anti-Tenure Lawsuit Filed in New York Commentary 10/3/2014
New America Foundation Reclassification Rules for Dual Language Learners Matter Commentary 10/3/2014
AEI Tenured teacher dismissal in New York: Education Law § 3020-a 'Disciplinary procedures and penalties' Commentary 10/2/2014
AEI What now for the Common Core? Announcement 10/2/2014
Brookings Institution The Challenges of Promoting Equal Access to Quality Teachers Commentary 10/2/2014
Ed Next The Latest XPrize and How It May Succeed or Fail Commentary 10/2/2014
Fordham Institute Character strengths can be taught Commentary 10/2/2014
Heartland Institute North Carolina Lawmakers Allow Waiting Kids to Enter Choice Program Commentary 10/2/2014
Heritage Foundation 6 Steps to Subtract 2 Numbers: Common Core Homework in 1 Photo Commentary 10/2/2014
New America Foundation Rethinking the Focus on District Leadership Commentary 10/2/2014
New America Foundation A Snapshot of Kids’ Language and Literacy Apps (Part 2) Commentary 10/2/2014
StudentsFirst How Do We Measure the "Health" of the Charter School Movement? Commentary 10/2/2014
TNTP Letters to the Editor: Rebalancing Teacher Tenure Commentary 10/2/2014
AEI The trouble with teacher tenure Commentary 10/1/2014
CRPE Measuring the Health of the Charter Movement Is Important to Get Right Commentary 10/1/2014
Education Trust Ed Trust on the Department of Education's “Dear Colleague” Letter on Resource Equity Commentary 10/1/2014
Fordham Institute New OCR guidance on equitable resources: A godsend for charter schools? Commentary 10/1/2014
Fordham Institute How to kill reading achievement Commentary 10/1/2014
Fordham Institute In the Common Core era, different kids need different credentials Commentary 10/1/2014
Fordham Institute Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 10/1/2014
Friedman Foundation BRIEF: School Choice in the States September 2014 Commentary 10/1/2014
Heartland Institute Union Agitprop in Colorado Commentary 10/1/2014
Heartland Institute Schools Finding Problems with Longer School Years, Extended Class Time Commentary 10/1/2014
Mackinac Center Teacher 'Effectiveness' Ratings Gutted Commentary 10/1/2014
Show-Me Institute Missouri Charter School Law: A Soup Sandwich for Military Families? Commentary 10/1/2014
StudentsFirst A Teacher That Changed The Equation Commentary 10/1/2014
Third Way Making Pre-K Matter: Instilling a Mobility Mentality Report 10/1/2014
Cato Institute How School Choice Saves Money Commentary 9/30/2014
ConnCAN ConnCAN Calls On Lawmakers And Candidates To Propose Specific Fixes To Connecticut’s School Funding Formula Commentary 9/30/2014
CRPE It’s All About Improvement Commentary 9/30/2014
Friedman Foundation The School Voucher Audit: Do Publicly Funded Private School Choice Programs Save Money? Report 9/30/2014
Heritage Foundation School Board Tells Homeschool Family Their Curriculum Must Be ‘Guided’ by Common Core Standards Commentary 9/30/2014
Hoover Institution School Spending by Affluent Is Widening Wealth Gap Commentary 9/30/2014
New America Foundation Chaos for Dual Language Learners Report 9/30/2014
New America Foundation Putting Dual Language Learners First in Minnesota Commentary 9/30/2014
Reason Foundation Federal School Finance Reform: Moving Toward Title I Funding Following the Child Report 9/30/2014
TNTP How Much For That Master’s Degree? Commentary 9/30/2014
Cato Institute Addressing the Critics of This Purportedly No Good, Very Bad Chart Commentary 9/29/2014
CRPE Fix the Problems, but Don’t Retreat on Accountability Commentary 9/29/2014
Ed Next Leveled Reading: The Making of a Literacy Myth Commentary 9/29/2014
Fordham Institute Health of the Charter School Movement: A State-By-State Movement Announcement/Video 9/29/2014
Heartland Institute New Program Makes Online Education Work for Special-Needs Children Commentary 9/29/2014
Heartland Institute Common Core Testing Groups Won’t Let Some States Go Commentary 9/29/2014
Heartland Institute A Common-Sense Approach to Common Core Math, Part III: Drawing Diagrams for Dividing Fractions Commentary 9/29/2014
New America Foundation Report Finds Limited Support for Early Ed in School Turnarounds Commentary 9/29/2014
Friedman Foundation Friday Freakout: Which Three-Step Plan is Best for American Education? Commentary 9/26/2014
New America Foundation A Few of Our Favorite Banned Books Commentary 9/26/2014
New America Foundation Rethinking How We Support Teachers Commentary 9/25/2014

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