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Think Twice Weekly Report
October 25, 2014 - October 31, 2014

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Heritage Foundation Is an Ohio School District Using Public Money to Campaign? Commentary 10/31/2014
Brookings Institution Do Value-Added Estimates Identify Causal Effects of Teachers and Schools? Commentary 10/30/2014
Center on Education Policy Common Core State Standards in 2014: District Implementation of Consortia-Developed Assessments Report 10/30/2014
Ed Next Where’s the Person in Personalized Learning? Commentary 10/30/2014
Ed Next A Smarter Charter: A Response to Kahlenberg and Potter Commentary 10/30/2014
Ed Next A Smarter Charter: A Response to Nelson Smith Commentary 10/30/2014
Ed Next Teachers Unions and the War Within Commentary 10/30/2014
Ed Next Teachers Unions and the Common Core Commentary 10/30/2014
Friedman Foundation What's In "The School Starter Checklist"? Commentary 10/30/2014
Reason Foundation Privatization & Government Reform Newsletter #12 (October 2014 edition) Newsletter 10/30/2014
Show-Me Institute Our Take on Amendment 3 Commentary 10/30/2014
Students First LIFO, a teacher's perspective Commentary 10/30/2014
TNTP Inside a Fishman Winner’s Classroom Commentary 10/30/2014
AEI Teacher quality, not quantity Commentary 10/29/2014
ALEC Report Card on American Education Report 10/29/2014
Center on Education Policy Common Core State Standards in 2014: Curriculum and Professional Development at the District Level Report 10/29/2014
Fordham Institute Redefining the School District in Michigan Report 10/29/2014
Fordham Institute Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 10/29/2014
Fordham Institute Exit exams don't work Commentary 10/29/2014
Fordham Institute (What) Do Americans really think about education? Commentary 10/29/2014
Fordham Institute Redefining the school district in Michigan Commentary 10/29/2014
Heartland Institute A Novel Way to Turn Schools over to Teachers Commentary 10/29/2014
New America Foundation Strong Bipartisan Support for Preschool Development and Expansion Grants Commentary 10/29/2014
Public Impact Teacher Pay and Career Paths in an Opportunity Culture Report 10/29/2014
AEI Interested in education but don’t have a lot of time? 2 races to watch Commentary 10/28/2014
Cato Institute Return of the Vampire Lawsuit Against School Choice Commentary 10/28/2014
Cato Institute Armor’s Reply to Barnett: Research on Early Childhood Ed Still Unpersuasive Commentary 10/28/2014
Center for American Progress For Women and Girls, the Common Core Is a Step Toward Greater Equity Report 10/28/2014
Center on Education Policy Moving ahead after November elections Commentary 10/28/2014
CRPE Making School Choice Work: It Still Takes a City Commentary 10/28/2014
CRPE Time to Take Stock on Charter Authorizing Commentary 10/28/2014
Ed Next Do States Really Need an Education Technology Plan? Commentary 10/28/2014
Ed Next Ten Facts About What the Candidates Are Saying on Education Commentary 10/28/2014
Education Trust Finding the Gaps Hidden Beneath the Averages: The Case for Better Public Reporting Commentary 10/28/2014
Mackinac Center Michigan Education Digest Weekly digest 10/28/2014
New America Foundation Newsletter: Early Ed Update Weekly newsletter 10/28/2014
New America Foundation Shining a Light on Lack of Access to Afterschool Care Commentary 10/28/2014
TNTP Weingarten Should Play By Her Own Rules Commentary 10/28/2014
Ed Next Arne Duncan’s Office of Civil Rights: Six Years of Meddling Commentary 10/27/2014
Education Sector Forging the Fragile Teaching Link Commentary 10/27/2014
Education Trust ‘It’s Not About Programs’ Commentary 10/27/2014
Heritage Foundation These Studies Found Exposure to the Arts Boosted Educational Success Commentary 10/27/2014
NCTQ TQ News Extra Commentary 10/27/2014
New America Foundation Summarizing the Research on Dual Language Learners Commentary 10/27/2014
New America Foundation How Unpredictable Schedules Take a Toll on Families Commentary 10/27/2014
Show-Me Institute What Uber and School Choice Have in Common: In Missouri Commentary 10/27/2014
AEI Choosing Schools at Any Income Commentary 10/24/2014
Friedman Foundation Friday Freakout: Denying Teachers’ Unions Actions Against Parent Options Commentary 10/24/2014
New America Foundation Small School Advocates Should Be Cautiously Optimistic Commentary 10/24/2014

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