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Think Twice Weekly Report
November 22 - December 5, 2014

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
EdNext Are Formative Assessments Disrupting Summative Tests? Commentary 12/5/2014
Friedman Foundation Friday Freakout: Want an Educated Citizenry? Support School Choice Commentary 12/5/2014
Heartland Institute Missouri Students Forced to Accept Substandard Education Commentary 12/5/2014
NCTQ TQ News Extra - Week of December 1, 2014 Weekly digest 12/5/2014
Brookings Institute Moving Teacher Preparation into the Future Commentary 12/4/2014
Cato Institute Exposing an Error-Filled Editorial against Educational Choice Commentary 12/4/2014
Ed Next Modern Maturity for Charter Schools Commentary 12/4/2014
Education Trust Bringing Order Out of Chaos Commentary 12/4/2014
Heartland Institute Testing May Discourage Parent Involvement, Study Finds Commentary 12/4/2014
Heartland Institute KIPP Plans to Double Enrollment in Los Angeles Commentary 12/4/2014
Heartland Institute Three States Rush to Tie Common Core Testing to Graduation Commentary 12/4/2014
New America Foundation Putting Learning on the Map: Visualizing Opportunity in 21st Century Communities Report 12/4/2014
New America Foundation A Snapshot of Kids’ Language and Literacy Apps (Part 3) Commentary 12/4/2014
New America Foundation Are New Proposed Teacher Preparation Regulations Likely to Boost Program Quality? Commentary 12/4/2014
TNTP Enough is Enough Commentary 12/4/2014
AEI Turning lightning into electricity: Organizing parents for education reform Report 12/3/2014
AEI Head Start effectiveness varies — the important question is why Commentary 12/3/2014
Bellwether Rural Values and Beltway Rhetoric: Arne Duncan at the Rural Education Forum Commentary 12/3/2014
CRPE How Parents Experience Public School Choice Report 12/3/2014
Ed Next The Perils of Edutourism Commentary 12/3/2014
Ed Next Should Teaching “Soft” Skills Be A Priority? Commentary 12/3/2014
Fordham Institute Implementing teacher evaluation in New Jersey Commentary 12/3/2014
Fordham Institute Education and upward mobility Commentary 12/3/2014
Fordham Institute Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 12/3/2014
Friedman Foundation BRIEF: School Choice in the States November 2014 Commentary 12/3/2014
Heartland Institute Teachers Unions Fume in Philly Commentary 12/3/2014
Heartland Institute Low-Income D.C. Students Denied Scholarships Despite Law Giving Them Preference Commentary 12/3/2014
Heartland Institute Jindal Joins Another Lawsuit Against Common Core Commentary 12/3/2014
Heritage Foundation Lieutenant Governor: Let’s Scrap and Replace Common Core in Mississippi Commentary 12/3/2014
New America Foundation Newsletter: Early Ed Update Commentary 12/3/2014
Ed Next Punishing Achievement In Our Schools Commentary 12/2/2014
Ed Next Winter 2015 Issue of Education Next Now Available Online Commentary 12/2/2014
Fordham Institute Introductory comments to "Education for Upward Mobility" conference Commentary 12/2/2014
Heartland Institute What America Should and Should Not Learn from Chinese Education Commentary 12/2/2014
Heartland Institute Teachers Unions Spent Big Money on This Year’s Elections Commentary 12/2/2014
Heartland Institute California Parent Empowerment Efforts Showing Signs of Success Commentary 12/2/2014
Heartland Institute Study: Grades and Attendance More Telling than Tests Commentary 12/2/2014
Heartland Institute Establishment, Pols Go on Attack Against Michigan Charters Commentary 12/2/2014
NCTQ Smart money: What teachers make, how long it takes and what it buys them Report 12/2/2014
Public Impact Team Teachers Tell All! Why Opportunity Culture Teams Work Commentary 12/2/2014
StudentsFirst Professional Development as a Tool for Success in Title I Schools Commentary 12/2/2014
Third Way Creating a Consistent & Rigorous Teacher Licensure Process Report 12/2/2014
TNTP The 3-Minute Great Teaching Challenge Commentary 12/2/2014
Bellwether Homeless Students Lost in the Shuffle of ESEA Waivers Commentary 12/1/2014
Bellwether Conflicting Policy Trends Shape Personalized Learning’s Future Commentary 12/1/2014
Ed Next What Else Should KIPP Be Doing With Blended Learning? Commentary 12/1/2014
Education Trust Why I Teach Where I Teach: A School Community Centered on High Expectations — For Everyone Commentary 12/1/2014
Fordham Institute The reading paradox: How standards mislead teachers Commentary 12/1/2014
Heartland Institute Colorado Springs District Removes Most Students from Common Core Testing Commentary 12/1/2014
Heritage Foundation Proposed Minnesota Policy Would Allow Student Athletes to Choose Teams Based on 'Gender Identity' Commentary 12/1/2014
PEPG "Competitive Impacts of Means-Tested Vouchers on Public School Performance: Evidence from Louisiana and Indiana" Report 12/1/2014
Pioneer Institute Nationally Recognized Charter Leader Eva Moskowitz to Deliver Peters Lecture Announcement 12/1/2014
Heartland Institute Tennessee School District Takeover Debated Commentary 11/30/2014
PEPG The Uneven Performance of Arizona’s Charter Schools Report 11/30/2014
Heartland Institute Establishing a Parent Trigger by Lawsuit Commentary 11/29/2014
AEI Education scholars Announcement 11/26/2014
Cato Institute Harvard’s Asian-American Problem Has a Solution, Chapel Hill’s Does Not Commentary 11/26/2014
Friedman Foundation A School Choice Thanksgiving 2014 Commentary 11/26/2014
Bellwether Rural Schools and Education Reform Commentary 11/25/2014
CRPE The Portfolio Strategy Is a Problem-Solving Framework, Not a School District Commentary 11/25/2014
CRPE and Fordham Institute Building a Lattice for School Leadership: The Top-to-Bottom Rethinking of Leadership Development in England and What It Might Mean for American Education Report 11/25/2014
Ed Next Illinois Turns Its Back to the Future Commentary 11/25/2014
Ed Next A Better Path Than 'Blowing Up' Schools of Education Commentary 11/25/2014
Education Trust Statement From The Education Trust on the U.S. Department of Education’s Teacher Preparation Regulations Commentary 11/25/2014
Fordham Institute Ten rules for teaching reading with prior knowledge Commentary 11/25/2014
Fordham Institute Strong charter accountability in D.C. Commentary 11/25/2014
Fordham Institute Punishing achievement in our schools Commentary 11/25/2014
Fordham Institute Turning the tables on the vocational ed debate Commentary 11/25/2014
Fordham Institute Teacher leadership: Yet another charter school innovation? Commentary 11/25/2014
Fordham Institute Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 11/25/2014
New America Foundation Financing Dual Language Learning: The Road Ahead Commentary 11/25/2014
New America Foundation Newsletter: Early Ed Update Commentary 11/25/2014
AEI A pivotal shift in the new Child Care and Development Block Grant Commentary 11/24/2014
Bellwether Looks Like Congress Put Rural Legislation Out To Pasture Commentary 11/24/2014
Cato Institute Common Core Will Fix the Nonexistent Gender Gap! Commentary 11/24/2014
Education Trust When the Data Come Alive Commentary 11/24/2014
Lexington Institute A Dynamic Model for Catholic Education Commentary 11/24/2014
Public Impact Giving thanks for Opportunity Culture Multi-Classroom Leaders Commentary 11/24/2014
PEPG The Value of Smarter Teachers: International Evidence on Teacher Cognitive Skills and Student Performance Report 11/21/2014
Mackinac Center The 2014 Michigan Public High School Context and Performance Report Card Report 11/20/2014

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