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Think Twice Weekly Report
December 6 - December 12, 2014

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Bellwether Forbes on Why Investing $6.2 Trillion in Public Education is a Good Idea Commentary 12/12/2014
Ed Next inBloom’s Collapse Offers Lessons For Innovation In Education Commentary 12/12/2014
Lexington Institute Disrupting an Aging Industry to Improve Teaching and Educational Outcomes Commentary 12/12/2014
Third Way What Americans Want from Democrats on Education Report 12/12/2014
AEI Shakira and preschool: Hips don’t lie, but numbers do Commentary 12/11/2014
Bellwether The Spinach of Education Reform Commentary 12/11/2014
Ed Next What Computer Science Education Can Tell Us About The Future Of Schools Commentary 12/11/2014
Fordham Institute Homeostasis and the end of today's era of reform? Commentary 12/11/2014
Fordham Institute The NEA's racial profiling curriculum Commentary 12/11/2014
Heartland Institute Anti-testing Advocates Question Government Task Force Commentary 12/11/2014
Heartland Institute Colorado Legislation Requires Transparency in Teachers Union Negotiations Commentary 12/11/2014
New America Foundation Immigration Reform 2014: How Obama’s Executive Action Benefits Undocumented Students Commentary 12/11/2014
Show-Me Institute What Is the Right Level of Regulation in Public Education? Commentary 12/11/2014
TNTP Resources for Difficult Conversations in the Classroom Commentary 12/11/2014
AEI Reimagining standardized testing: How a hybrid assessment system can benefit students, teachers, and administrators Report 12/10/2014
AEI Will Regulation ruin school choice in New Orleans? Hess on ReasonTV Video 12/10/2014
Bellwether NCLB Reauthorization Lies Through the Center, But Can It Hold? Commentary 12/10/2014
Cato Institute Early Childhood Summit Don’t Lie? Commentary 12/10/2014
ConnCAN ConnCAN Releases Comprehensive Update To Teacher And Administrator Contract Project Announcement 12/10/2014
Fordham Institute Who needs the law when you have OCR? Commentary 12/10/2014
Fordham Institute It pays to increase your word power Commentary 12/10/2014
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 12/10/2014
Friedman Foundation Challenging Suburban School Choice in Douglas County, Colorado Commentary 12/10/2014
Heartland Institute Use of Blended Learning and Individualized Education Increases Commentary 12/10/2014
Hoover Institution The NEA’s Racial Profiling Curriculum Commentary 12/10/2014
New America Foundation Congress Serves Up a Freshly Baked CRomnibus Commentary 12/10/2014
New America Foundation Over 30,000 Children to Benefit from Preschool Development Grants Commentary 12/10/2014
Pioneer Institute Innovation Interrupted: How the Achievement Gap Act of 2010 Has Redefined Charter Schooling in Massachusetts Report 12/10/2014
Show-Me Institute When Public Schools Compete Commentary 12/10/2014
AEI Exploring the success of Success Academy: A conversation with founder Eva Moskowitz Video/Commentary 12/9/2014
Bellwether The Problem With Building Programs on Sin Taxes Commentary 12/9/2014
CREDO Charter School Performance in Ohio Report 12/9/2014
CRPE The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: An Insider's Perspective on Urban District Innovation Commentary 12/9/2014
Fordham Institute Why aren’t Republicans trying harder to reach school-choice voters? Commentary 12/9/2014
Fordham Institute Ohio Education Gadfly Biweekly Biweekly digest 12/9/2014
Heartland Institute North Carolina School Voucher Fight Continues Commentary 12/9/2014
Heartland Institute Judges Given Political Contributions by Plaintiffs in Washington Charter Case Commentary 12/9/2014
New America Foundation Newsletter: Early Ed Update Weekly newsletter 12/9/2014
AEI Off-the-charts charter schools Commentary 12/8/2014
Bellwether Enter the Young: Six City-Level Strategies to Harness Critical Talent for Education Reform (Part 3 of 3) Commentary 12/8/2014
ConnCAN Jennifer Alexander: "No Parent Should Have To Fear For The Basic Safety Of Their Child." Commentary 12/8/2014
Ed Next Dispelling Five Falsehoods About Newark’s School System Commentary 12/8/2014
Heartland Institute History Curriculum Scrutiny Draws Protests in Colorado Commentary 12/8/2014
Heartland Institute Indiana Voucher Program Continues Rapid Growth Commentary 12/8/2014
Heritage Foundation Watch This 100-Year-Old Teacher Explain Why She Really Hates Common Core Video 12/8/2014
Heritage Foundation Why Did He ‘Flip’ on Common Core? Gov. Bobby Jindal Explains Video 12/8/2014
Heritage Foundation Legislation Lets States Cut Ties Between Common Core and Federal Grants Commentary 12/8/2014
University of Arkansas No Excuses Charter Schools: A Meta-Analysis of the Experimental Evidence on Student Achievement Report 12/8/2014
Heartland Institute West Virginia School District Muscles Homeschoolers Commentary 12/7/2014
Heartland Institute Oklahoma Legislators Take Steps to Cut Administrative Spending Commentary 12/7/2014
Heartland Institute Dear Bill Bennett: Get A Little More Reaganesque On Common Core Commentary 12/7/2014
Heritage Foundation Minn. Schools Held GMO Awareness Day Commentary 12/6/2014
ConnCAN 6,000 People Rally For Excellent Schools In Largest Education Mobilization In Connecticut History Commentary 12/5/2014
ConnCAN ConnCAN Comments On Recent Report On Connecticut’s Charter School Accountability Law Commentary 12/5/2014
New America Foundation Best Research Yet on the Effects of Full-Day Kindergarten Commentary 12/5/2014
CRPE How Cities Can Help Parents Navigate Public School Choice Commentary 12/4/2014

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