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Think Twice Weekly Report
January 30 - February 5, 2016

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Bellwether 25 Years Later, 5 Teach For America Myths Linger Commentary 2/5/2016
Cato Institute How Congress Should - and Shouldn't - Bolster School Choice Commentary 2/5/2016
Ed Next Teach for America Recognizes Teachers Need Portable Benefits Commentary 2/5/2016
Heartland Institute 'Big Data' Tries to Zero Out Parents in Common Core Review Commentary 2/5/2016
Heartland Institute Texas Lieutenant Governor Calls School Choice 'Top Priority' Commentary 2/5/2016
Heartland Institute Illinois Lawmaker Calls for School Funding Formula Change Commentary 2/5/2016
Reason Foundation Elementary and Secondary Education Act Takes Some Good Steps, But Falls Short of What Is Needed Commentary 2/5/2016
AEI School choice & educational opportunity Commentary 2/4/2016
AEI Does pre-K work? A look at the research Announcement 2/4/2016
AEI The Southern Manifesto at 60: Tales from the past, lessons for the future Announcement 2/4/2016
AEI AEI Education: Experts, highlights, and headlines Commentary 2/4/2016
Bellwether 3 Reactions to Our Teacher Prep Reports Commentary 2/4/2016
Brookings Institution Education Choice and Competition Index 2015 Report 2/4/2016
Center on Education Policy Keeping Millenials in Classrooms Requires Time and Support Commentary 2/4/2016
CRPE I Ain't Talking to You If You Ain’t Talking About Structural Reform Announcement 2/4/2016
Ed Next How Should We Spend $4 Billion on Computer Science Education? Commentary 2/4/2016
Education Trust Equity in Motion: Growing All Students Through High-Quality Assignments Announcement 2/4/2016
Education Trust Fast Fact: College Graduation Rates Commentary 2/4/2016
Mackinac Center Poor Decisions, Not Funding System, Fuel Detroit Schools' Woes Commentary 2/4/2016
AEI America's second online Catholic school to launch this fall Commentary 2/3/2016
AEI School choice in America: What does research tell us? Commentary 2/3/2016
ALEC Report Ranks States for Hostility to Parent Choice and Charter Schools Commentary 2/3/2016
Bellwether What We Get Backwards on Teacher Prep Policies Commentary 2/3/2016
ConnCAN ConnCAN Gears Up For The Start Of The 2016 Legislative Session Commentary 2/3/2016
Fordham Institute Breaking the artificial ceilings we place over gifted and talented children Commentary 2/3/2016
Fordham Institute Harvard wants to save high school students' souls Commentary 2/3/2016
Fordham Institute Tuesday night lights: Clear regs, full hearts, can’t lose! Commentary 2/3/2016
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 2/3/2016
Friedman Foundation BRIEF: School Choice in the States January 2016 Commentary 2/3/2016
Heartland Institute Textbook Vendor: Common Core Standards ‘All About the Money’ Commentary 2/3/2016
Heartland Institute Pennsylvania Governor Plays Hooky with Charter School Funding Commentary 2/3/2016
Illinois Policy Institute Steps And Lanes: Understanding How Chicago Public School Teachers Get Multiple Pay Raises Each Year Commentary 2/3/2016
Bellwether Peering Around the Corner: Analyzing State Efforts to Link Teachers to the Programs That Prepared Them Report 2/2/2016
Bellwether Don’t Hold Preparation Programs Accountable for Inputs – But Outcomes Aren't Much Better Commentary 2/2/2016
Brookings Institution Are Almost All NYC Public Schools Actually Voucher Schools? Commentary 2/2/2016
Heartland Institute One of 12 in the World to Achieve a Perfect AP Calculus Score Commentary 2/2/2016
Heartland Institute Parents, Children Celebrate National School Choice Week Commentary 2/2/2016
Heartland Institute California Education Board Approves New Charter School Commentary 2/2/2016
Heartland Institute Federal Reforms Hit Sweet Note for Music Educators Commentary 2/2/2016
TNTP In Class, Bored to Underachievement Commentary 2/2/2016
Ed Next In Search of On-ramps to Competency-based Learning Commentary 2/1/2016
Heartland Institute School Choice Means Not Asking Politicians For Permission To Educate Your Child Commentary 2/1/2016
Heartland Institute Heartland Institute Panel Discusses the Urgency of School Choice Commentary 2/1/2016
Heritage Foundation Virginia Mom Takes Fight Against Sexually Explicit Books to State Lawmakers Commentary 2/1/2016
New America Foundation The Federal and State Dynamics Shaping Dual Language Learner Debates Commentary 2/1/2016
New America Foundation A Christmas Story: Sharing Educational Resources at the Department of Labor Commentary 2/1/2016
New America Foundation Growing Up with Undocumented Parents: The Challenges Children Face Commentary 2/1/2016
Illinois Policy Institute New Proposal Would Hold Schools Accountable For Ensuring Students Can Read Commentary 1/31/2016
Heritage Foundation The Dirty Little Secret of How Teachers Unions Stay in Business Commentary 1/30/2016
Center for American Progress Implementing the Every Student Succeeds Act: Toward a Coherent, Aligned Assessment System Report 1/29/2016
Fordham Institute Some great ideas from our ESSA Accountability Design Competition Commentary 1/29/2016
Friedman Foundation U.S. States Ranked by Educational Choice Share Commentary 1/29/2016
Friedman Foundation The 2016 School Choice Yearbook Superlatives Commentary 1/29/2016
New America Foundation Kindergarten Access and Quality: A Look at the Leading States Commentary 1/29/2016

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