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Think Twice Weekly Report
May 7 - May 13, 2016

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Center of the American Experiment Introducing Competition in Education is Slow, Arduous, Disruptive, Upsetting, Politically Divisive . . . and Essential Commentary 5/13/2016
Friedman Foundation Friday Freakout: The Label You Give School Choice Programs Doesn’t Change the Facts Commentary 5/13/2016
Mackinac Center School Choice Opponents Pick Institutions Over Special Needs Families Commentary 5/13/2016
Public Impact Georgia Schools Join Opportunity Culture Movement Commentary 5/13/2016
TNTP In Western Massachusetts, Schools Unite To Tackle Teacher Shortages Commentary 5/13/2016
Bellwether 5 Big Takeaways from the Pre-K Yearbook Commentary 5/12/2016
Cato Institute The Evidence Is In: School Choice Works Commentary 5/12/2016
Education Next What Was Accomplished in the Era of Reform via Federal Regulation? Commentary 5/12/2016
Education Trust The Window of Assignments Commentary 5/12/2016
Fordham Institute Racial bias in gifted and talented placement, and what to do about it Commentary 5/12/2016
Fordham Institute Waive the waivers Commentary 5/12/2016
Fordham Institute More money, more outcomes Commentary 5/12/2016
Heartland Institute Oh, the Places ESAs Can Go Commentary 5/12/2016
Heartland Institute Oklahoma Common Core Replacement Set to Go into Effect Despite Major Criticisms Commentary 5/12/2016
Heartland Institute Teachers Unions, Allies Rally Against Charter School Expansion in Los Angeles Commentary 5/12/2016
New America Foundation Clinton’s Plan to Make Child Care Better and More Affordable Commentary 5/12/2016
New America Foundation 2015 Preschool Yearbook: Still A Long Way To Go Commentary 5/12/2016
Pioneer Institute Assessing Charter School Funding in 2016 Report 5/12/2016
AEI A much-needed pre-K primer Commentary 5/11/2016
Bellwether States Should Redefine “Need” When Subgranting Federal Funds for Homeless Students Commentary 5/11/2016
Bellwether When Soundbites are Technically True but Terribly Misleading Commentary 5/11/2016
Brookings Institute What genetic information can tell us about economic inequality Commentary 5/11/2016
Education Next School Choice Boosts Test Scores Commentary 5/11/2016
Fordham Institute School choice and Section 1003(b): It's in there! Commentary 5/11/2016
Fordham Institute The full Mike Petrilli/Jay Greene debate on testing and school closures Commentary 5/11/2016
Fordham Institute Why weighted funding matters for school choice Commentary 5/11/2016
Fordham Institute Without a path forward, parents won't vote with their feet Commentary 5/11/2016
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 5/11/2016
Gates Foundation Better Feedback for Better Teaching Commentary 5/11/2016
Heartland Institute In Search of the Surest Common Core Exit Route Commentary 5/11/2016
Heartland Institute Mississippi Allows Underserved Students to Cross Districts for Charter Schools Commentary 5/11/2016
Heritage Foundation Texas Can’t Afford to Miss Out on School Choice Commentary 5/11/2016
New America Foundation Children Crossing at the Border: An Unexpected Challenge for Schools Commentary 5/11/2016
AEI Bill Gates calls the ed tech bluff Commentary 5/10/2016
AEI Single-sex education makes you smarter Commentary 5/10/2016
AEI Handing Over Charter School Governance in New Orleans: Louisiana Senate Bill 432 in Brief Report 5/10/2016
Bellwether “High-Stakes” Tests are Hard to Find Commentary 5/10/2016
CRPE Suburban Schools: The Unrecognized Frontier in Public Education Report 5/10/2016
Education Next What Was Behind the Rise (and Subsequent Fall) in Teacher Turnover? Commentary 5/10/2016
Fordham Institute Honoring giftedness in the black community Commentary 5/10/2016
Fordham Institute Follow the money: ESSA's weighted student funding pilots Commentary 5/10/2016
Fordham Institute Two great tastes that taste great together: Course access and direct student services Commentary 5/10/2016
Fordham Institute Failing by design: How we make teaching too hard for mere mortals Commentary 5/10/2016
Fordham Institute Knowledge needs champions Commentary 5/10/2016
Heartland Institute Celebrate Education Choice During National Charter Schools Week Commentary 5/10/2016
Heartland Institute Bills to Expand ESAs in Oklahoma Prevented from Receiving Vote in Legislature Commentary 5/10/2016
Heartland Institute South Dakota Approves Tax-Credit Scholarship Program Commentary 5/10/2016
New America Foundation Arizona Assessment Law is Troubling News for Students Commentary 5/10/2016
Show-Me Institute School Choice Is on a Roll! Commentary 5/10/2016
TNTP In ESSA Implementation, No More Three-Card Monte Commentary 5/10/2016
Brookings Institute What do teachers do when they leave teaching? Commentary 5/9/2016
Cato Institute Bathroom Battles: Why We Need School Choice Commentary 5/9/2016
Education Next The Inconvenient Truth About Personalized Learning Commentary 5/9/2016
Fordham Institute Help Goldman Sachs profit off of at-risk teens Commentary 5/9/2016
Fordham Institute ESSA's hidden treasure Commentary 5/9/2016
Fordham Institute Will states and parents seize ESSA's opportunities? Commentary 5/9/2016
Fordham Institute Choosy states choose...choice! Commentary 5/9/2016
Fordham Institute ESSA: The potential of direct student services Commentary 5/9/2016
Heartland Institute California Education Scholars Call for End to Common Core Commentary 5/9/2016
Center on Education Policy Listen to Us: Teacher Views and Voices Report 5/5/2016
PPI A 21st Century School System in the Mile High City Report 5/4/2016

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