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Think Twice Weekly Report
May 21 - May 26, 2016

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
AEI The media’s take on charter schools Commentary 5/26/2016
Bellwether Really NYT? Harmful Stereotypes About Women and Math? Commentary 5/26/2016
Brookings Institution Now is the time to experiment with inspections for school accountability Commentary 5/26/2016
Ed Next School Choice and Section 1003(b): It’s In There! Commentary 5/26/2016
Education Trust Statement From The Education Trust on the U.S. Department of Education’s Proposed ESSA Regulations Commentary 5/26/2016
Education Trust How One School District Is Addressing Teacher Retention Commentary 5/26/2016
Fordham Institute The proposed ESSA regulations: Return of the bureaucrats Commentary 5/26/2016
Heartland Institute Advocacy Group Presses to Reverse Reforms, Get More Money for Government Schools Commentary 5/26/2016
Public Impact Speaking Up: A Year’s Worth of Opportunity Culture Voices Commentary 5/26/2016
AEI Why we need parents in education Commentary 5/25/2016
Bellwether The Child Development Argument for a U.S. Paid Parental Leave Policy Commentary 5/25/2016
CRPE Beyond Quotas: Time for Real Remedies on Harsh Discipline that Excludes Students Commentary 5/25/2016
Ed Next Does Gentrification Explain Rising Student Scores in Washington, DC? Commentary 5/25/2016
Fordham Institute The Left's drive to push conservatives out of education reform Commentary 5/25/2016
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 5/25/2016
Heartland Institute Massachusetts Homeschool Families Report Being Subjected to Investigations Commentary 5/25/2016
New America Foundation Five Ways Policymakers Can Support Children’s Mental Health Commentary 5/25/2016
Reason Foundation Eva Moskowitz Receives Reason Foundation's 2016 Savas Award for Public-Private Partnerships Commentary 5/25/2016
AEI A survey of parental rights and responsibilities in school choice laws Report 5/24/2016
AEI Public Education Funding Inequality in an Era of Increasing Concentration of Poverty and Resegregation: The Role and Effect of Money on Outcomes: What Research and Practice Tell Us Report 5/24/2016
AEI Putting parents first Commentary 5/24/2016
Bellwether Moneyball for Head Start — Join Us June 14 Announcement 5/24/2016
Bellwether How Universal Pre-k Broke Subsidized Child Care in D.C. Commentary 5/24/2016
Cato Institute Gates Foundation Cops – a Bit — To Dangerous Common Core Hubris Commentary 5/24/2016
Ed Next Reinventing Research Commentary 5/24/2016
Friedman Foundation JAMES G. BLAINE: Who was he, and how is he affecting children’s education today? Commentary 5/24/2016
Public Agenda Equity in Education Through Culturally Responsible Engagement: Lessons from Anchorage, Alaska Commentary 5/24/2016
Public Impact Higher Pay for Charlotte Teachers: What Opportunity Culture Provides Commentary 5/24/2016
AEI Is the press fair and balanced on charter schooling? Commentary 5/23/2016
Brookings Institution Student data privacy: Moving from fear to responsible use Commentary 5/23/2016
ConnCAN ConnCAN Releases Statement on 2015 CT High School Graduation Rates Commentary 5/23/2016
Ed Next The Summer 2016 Issue of EdNext Is Here Commentary 5/23/2016
Education Trust Embedding a Hyper-Focus on Student Success Into Everyday Work Commentary 5/23/2016
Fordham Institute When DC Public Schools prepares in-district talent for principalship Commentary 5/23/2016
Fordham Institute Why it's hard to grasp charter school effectiveness Commentary 5/23/2016
Fordham Institute The importance of robust state gifted policies Commentary 5/23/2016
Heartland Institute Graduates Face a Big Challenge Commentary 5/23/2016
Heartland Institute Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs to Open Charter School in Harlem Commentary 5/23/2016
Heartland Institute Detroit Public Schools Face Insolvency, Legislators Search for Solution Commentary 5/23/2016
NCTQ The NCTQ Teacher Trendline Commentary 5/23/2016
New America Foundation New Report Calls for Culture of Innovation in ECE Commentary 5/23/2016
Ed Next Is The Press Fair and Balanced on Charter Schooling? Commentary 5/22/2016

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