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Think Twice Weekly Report
May 27 - June 2, 2016

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Bellwether The Failed Logic in Removing Student Growth and Achievement from Teacher Evaluation Systems Commentary 6/2/2016
Center of the American Experiment How Did Education Fare Legislatively? Less than Fair. Commentary 6/2/2016
Ed Next In the News: Bursting the ‘Personalization’ Bubble: An Alternative Vision for Our Public Schools Commentary 6/2/2016
Heartland Institute South Carolina House Introduces Bill to Expand Course Options for Public School Students Commentary 6/2/2016
New America Foundation No Panacea: Diagnosing What Ails Teacher Professional Development Before Reaching for Remedies Report 6/2/2016
New America Foundation Multilingual Paraprofessionals: An Untapped Resource for Supporting American Pluralism Report 6/2/2016
Public Impact New Vignettes: How 4 Pioneering Teacher-Leaders Led Their Teams Commentary 6/2/2016
TNTP Some Dollars Are More Equal Than Others Commentary 6/2/2016
AEI One form of school choice remains undefeated in court Commentary 6/1/2016
AEI Making sense of the left-right school reform divide Commentary 6/1/2016
Bellwether The Detroit Education Commission: A Big Step For Motown Schools Commentary 6/1/2016
Brookings Institution A Memorial Day test: Are military children making the grade? Commentary 6/1/2016
ConnCAN ConnCAN Issues A Statement On Achievement First Amistad Charter School Student Walkout Commentary 6/1/2016
Education Trust New Initiative Helps Principal Supervisors Provide Much-Needed Support Commentary 6/1/2016
Fordham Institute The importance of parent intuition and observation in recognizing highly creative children Commentary 6/1/2016
Fordham Institute Gary Johnson quotes about education Commentary 6/1/2016
Fordham Institute Education reform is about addition, not subtraction Commentary 6/1/2016
Fordham Institute Race is a red herring in the battle for better schools Commentary 6/1/2016
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 6/1/2016
Heartland Institute Apparently, Failing Civics Class is a Media Job Requirement Commentary 6/1/2016
Public Agenda A Growing Awareness of the Need for Teacher and Community Engagement in K-12 Reform Commentary 6/1/2016
TNTP Speaking Out About Real Educational Inequality Transcends “Left” and “Right” Commentary 6/1/2016
AEI Charter schools and media bias Commentary 5/31/2016
Bellwether We Can’t Sue Our Way to Equitable Schools Commentary 5/31/2016
Fordham Institute The Left may have the louder voice in school reform, but conservatives shouldn't despair Commentary 5/31/2016
Fordham Institute Ohio Education Gadfly Weekly Biweekly digest 5/31/2016
Friedman Foundation BRIEF: School Choice in the States May 2016 Commentary 5/31/2016
Heartland Institute Schools Seek to Reduce Emphasis on Test Scores Commentary 5/31/2016
Heartland Institute The Free-Market Alternative To Education Socialism Commentary 5/31/2016
Heartland Institute Ad Feedback Breaking Free from Obama’s Fantasy of a Sexless Society with Parental Choice Commentary 5/31/2016
New America Foundation Challenges in Moving Towards A Highly Educated ECE Workforce Commentary 5/31/2016
Show-Me Institute Some School Finance Common Sense From Deep In The Heart Of Texas Commentary 5/31/2016
ConnCAN A Call for Leadership in Education Advocacy Commentary 5/29/2016
Heartland Institute VA Governor Vetoes Bill Expanding Education Choice for Parents of Disabled Children Commentary 5/29/2016
Center for American Progress Teachstrong Policy Proposal: Principle 1 Identify and Recruit More Teacher Candidates Report 5/27/2016
Fordham Institute Texas state board dodges a bullet Commentary 5/27/2016
Fordham Institute A time for discomfort Commentary 5/27/2016
Heartland Institute Florida Rejects Bill Making Computer Coding an Alternative to Foreign Language Commentary 5/27/2016

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