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Think Twice Weekly Report
June 3 - June 10, 2016

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
AEI Does pre-K work? Report 6/9/2016
Bellwether Detroit Schools Bill Passes, Misses Huge Opportunity Commentary 6/9/2016
CRPE How DC and New Orleans Are Addressing Excessive Discipline While Respecting School Autonomy Commentary 6/9/2016
Ed Next No Excuses for Stagnant Student Achievement in U.S. High Schools Commentary 6/9/2016
Fordham Institute Open educational resources are just building blocks—an education requires an architect Commentary 6/9/2016
New America Foundation Test Prep Doesn't Have to Be a Waste of Time Commentary 6/9/2016
Public Impact How to Lead a Schoolwide "Team of Leaders": Tools for Principals Commentary 6/9/2016
AEI The biggest threat to education today isn’t school segregation Commentary 6/8/2016
Bellwether How the Innovation Paradox Rocked My World Commentary 6/8/2016
Brookings Institute Fewer field trips mean some students miss more than a day at the museum Commentary 6/8/2016
Brookings Institute Personalized learning: Trendy and true Commentary 6/8/2016
Cato Institute Not a "Better Way" on Education Commentary 6/8/2016
Ed Next Open Educational Resources Will Evolve to Address the Problems We Hire Them to Solve Commentary 6/8/2016
Fordham Institute Standard deviations: Creative writers take standardized writing tests? Commentary 6/8/2016
Fordham Institute Market malfunctions in the charter sector Commentary 6/8/2016
Fordham Institute Taking reform straight to parents and teachers Commentary 6/8/2016
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Commentary 6/8/2016
Heartland Foundation Obama Administration Looks to Cement Ethnic Divides With Language Mandate Commentary 6/8/2016
Heartland Institute Alaska Legislature Passes Bill to Suspend Statewide Standardized Testing Until 2020 Commentary 6/8/2016
New America Foundation Licensure Changes in Arkansas Worry Early Childhood Advocates Commentary 6/8/2016
New America Foundation Local Communities Are Stepping Up to Fund Pre-K Commentary 6/8/2016
New America Foundation New Education Law Casts Washington as a Leader State for English Learners Commentary 6/8/2016
Pioneer Institute Survey of Summer Enrichment Programs at Independent and Parochial Schools in Massachusetts Report 6/8/2016
Education Trust When These Educators Realized What They Were Doing Wasn’t Working, They Changed It Commentary 6/7/2016
Fordham Institute We need to take a closer look at charter school graduation rates Commentary 6/7/2016
Fordham Institute William Weld quotes about education Commentary 6/7/2016
Fordham Institute Hillary Clinton quotes about education Commentary 6/7/2016
Heartland Institute New Jersey Adopts New Standards to Replace Common Core Commentary 6/7/2016
Heartland Institute What's the Difference Between K–12 and College Again? Commentary 6/7/2016
Public Agenda From 'Buy-in' to True Collaboration: Advancing Teacher and Family Engagement in K-12 Reform Commentary 6/7/2016
TNTP In Pinellas, Making the Shift from "Good Behavior" to Great Instruction Commentary 6/7/2016
Brookings Institute 7 findings that illustrate racial disparities in education Commentary 6/6/2016
CRPE What’s at Stake in the Ongoing Fight About School Spending Comparability? Commentary 6/6/2016
Fordham Institute Secretary King is wrong: ESEA was not a civil rights law Commentary 6/6/2016
New America Foundation Study Finds Large Quality Differences in Early Education Settings Commentary 6/6/2016
Bellwether What Should An "Empowering Girls of Color" Initiative Look Like? Commentary 6/3/2016
Brookings Institute In Vergara, low-income students way or another Commentary 6/3/2016
Brookings Institute Wrap-around cost estimates for wrap-around services Commentary 6/3/2016
ConnCAN Celebrating 20 Years Of Public Charter Schools In Connecticut Commentary 6/3/2016
Fordham Institute Charter school pluralism: "No-excuses" and beyond Commentary 6/3/2016
Friedman Foundation Friday Freakout: Cherry-Picking Better Than Nose-Picking, But Not By Much Commentary 6/3/2016
New America Foundation Edtech and English Language Learners: Scoping Out the Landscape Commentary 6/3/2016
New America Foundation NIEER Releases Data on State Policies to Support DLLs Commentary 6/3/2016

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