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Think Twice Weekly Report
June 25 - July 1, 2016

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Ed Next Ed Reform is Animal Farm Commentary 6/30/2016
AEI The changing mix of teacher compensation Commentary 6/30/2016
Brookings Institute No more free lunch for education policymakers and researchers Report 6/30/2016
Brookings Institute A tale of two disparity gaps Commentary 6/30/2016
Cato Institute The New York Times Misrepresents Charter School Research Commentary 6/30/2016
Cato Institute Good Schools Coming — in 10 or 20 Years (Maybe) Commentary 6/30/2016
CRPE What States Can Do to Promote District-Charter Collaboration Report 6/30/2016
CRPE The State of Florida Takes a Leadership Role in District-Charter Collaboration: An Interview with Adam Emerson Commentary 6/30/2016
Ed Next Four Lessons That Brexit Can Offer School Reform Commentary 6/30/2016
Ed Next Is Political Control Over Charter Schools Wise? Commentary 6/30/2016
Fordham Institute Rod Paige on the lessons of KIPP and early charters Commentary 6/30/2016
Heartland Institute Los Angeles Teachers Unions Continue Campaign to Take Down Charter Schools Commentary 6/30/2016
Mackinac Center Michigan Adequacy Study Shows the State Already Spends Plenty on Education Commentary 6/30/2016
New America Foundation EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES: A Blog Series on Issues In Early Childhood Special Education Report 6/30/2016
TNTP Mapping the School to Prison Pipeline Commentary 6/30/2016
AEI Four lessons that Brexit can offer school reform Commentary 6/29/2016
Ed Next Give Vouchers Time: Low-income Families Need as Many Quality School Options as Possible Commentary 6/29/2016
Ed Next Response: What NPR’s ‘Hit Piece’ Got Wrong in Attacking Rocketship’s ‘Impressive Results’ Commentary 6/29/2016
Ed Next NYT Hatchet Job on Charters Commentary 6/29/2016
Fordham Institute Balancing excellence and equity: The twenty-first-century struggle of gifted education Weekly digest 6/29/2016
Fordham Institute An interview with Rod Paige Commentary 6/29/2016
Fordham Institute What teachers really think of Common Core math: Lessons from a new Fordham study Commentary 6/29/2016
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 6/29/2016
Heartland Institute Kansas Schools Don’t Need More Money Commentary 6/29/2016
Heartland Institute College Board Excises Islam from European History Curricula Commentary 6/29/2016
NCTQ The NCTQ Teacher Trendline Commentary 6/29/2016
New America Foundation It Takes an Ecosystem: The Role of Informal Spaces in Early STEM Learning Commentary 6/29/2016
ConnCAN Charter Schools Conference Features Education Secretary Commentary 6/28/2016
New America Foundation California Acts to Cultivate Bilingual Teaching Force Commentary 6/28/2016
New America Foundation What Does "Transforming the Workforce" Say About Developing Young Children’s Language and Literacy Skills? Part 2 Commentary 6/28/2016
New America Foundation The edTPA: What We Do & Don't Know Commentary 6/28/2016
TNTP I Was an Undocumented Student. Now I Teach Them. Commentary 6/28/2016
AEI The infectious optimism of ed entrepreneurs Commentary 6/27/2016
ALEC A Congressional Proposal for “A Better Way” Commentary 6/27/2016
Brookings Institute ESSA, evidence, and the role of intermediary organizations Commentary 6/27/2016
Ed Next Startups Tackle Disparities in New Ways Commentary 6/27/2016
Fordham Institute Time for Detroit charter schools to lead—not just fight to protect turf Commentary 6/27/2016
Fordham Institute Ohio Education Gadfly Weekly Biweekly digest 6/27/2016
Friedman Foundation Why Parents Choose: A Survey of Private School and School Choice Parents in Indiana Report 6/27/2016
Heartland Institute Education Reform: One-Size-Does-Not-Fit-All Commentary 6/27/2016

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