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Think Twice Weekly Report
July 9 - July 15, 2016

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Brookings Institution Wraparound services still worth it even after accounting for all costs Commentary 7/15/2016
Fordham Institute The end of education reform? Commentary 7/15/2016
Friedman Foundation Friday Freakout: Three Reasons Opponents of Nevada’s ESAs Are Really, Really Wrong Commentary 7/15/2016
Heartland Institute Colorado Officials Say ESSA Increases Burden on Schools Commentary 7/15/2016
Heartland Institute Colorado Board Votes to Keep Current School Rating System Commentary 7/15/2016
Heartland Institute Illinois Narrowly Avoids School Shutdown with Stopgap Budget Commentary 7/15/2016
New America Foundation New Report Finds Room for Improvement in Pre-K Teacher Prep Commentary 7/15/2016
AEI The Empire Strikes Back: The Sudden Rise and Ongoing Challenges of Democrats for Education Reform Report 7/14/2016
AEI Building a brain Commentary 7/14/2016
AEI The AP European History debate Commentary 7/14/2016
Brookings Institution Federal Preschool Development Grants: Evaluation needed Report 7/14/2016
Fordham Institute Mike Pence quotes about education Commentary 7/14/2016
Fordham Institute The sky won't fall if charter schools are discouraged from disciplining students Commentary 7/14/2016
Heartland Institute Gates Foundation Acknowledges Common Core Shortcomings Commentary 7/14/2016
New America Foundation A Turning Tide: Massachusetts’ New Bill and the Growing Demand for Bilingual Education Commentary 7/14/2016
New America Foundation Pre-K Attendance is a Strong Indicator of Future Success Commentary 7/14/2016
TNTP Opening Doors to Science and Technology, on Four Hours of Sleep Commentary 7/14/2016
Bellwether The Illinois Teacher Labor Market Is Incredibly Fragmented Commentary 7/13/2016
Brookings Institute Why 'busing' was a fake issue Commentary 7/13/2016
CRPE Can High Standards and Accountability Co-Exist? Lessons From the Common Core Assessment Consortia Commentary 7/13/2016
Education Trust Letter to America: Achieving Racial Justice Is a Job for All of Us Commentary 7/13/2016
Fordham Institute Charter authorizers have an interest in monitoring school discipline Commentary 7/13/2016
Fordham Institute An unconventional approach: The San Francisco 49ers use football to inspire STEM learning Commentary 7/13/2016
Fordham Institute Does Common Core Math expect memorization? A candid conversation with Jason Zimba Commentary 7/13/2016
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 7/13/2016
Heartland Institute DOE’s Proposed School Accountability Regulations Spark Criticism Commentary 7/13/2016
New America Foundation Multilingualism as a Tool for Closing the Achievement Gaps Commentary 7/13/2016
Show-Me Institute Estimating the Fiscal Impact of a Tax-Credit Scholarship Program Report 7/13/2016
AEI AEI Education: Experts, highlights, and headlines Commentary 7/12/2016
AEI For starters, get the basics on charter discipline right Commentary 7/12/2016
ConnCAN 'Let's Start With What's Best For Our Kids' Commentary 7/12/2016
Education Trust Congress, Don’t Walk Away From Low-Income Students Commentary 7/12/2016
Fordham Institute For starters, get the basics on charter discipline right Commentary 7/12/2016
Heartland Institute Lawsuit Challenging Florida Education System Is Dismissed Commentary 7/12/2016
New America Foundation Philadelphia's Mayor Took on Big Soda to Fund Pre-K, But Will it Pay Off? Commentary 7/12/2016
New America Foundation Innovating Through Partnerships and Practice: The Senate's New Bill for Teacher Preparation Commentary 7/12/2016
New America Foundation Head Start Brings Support to Migrant Farmworker Children and Their Parents Commentary 7/12/2016
TNTP Coming Soon…Students Speak Up on Challenging Schoolwork Commentary 7/12/2016
Bellwether 39 Magical Years of Exploration: Wisdom from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Kindergarten Teacher Commentary 7/11/2016
Ed Next Will Eliminating the “F” Eliminate Bad School Design? Commentary 7/11/2016
Ed Next Are Teacher Salaries Flat Because of Changing Workforce Demographics? Commentary 7/11/2016
Ed Next Teacher Home Visits Commentary 7/11/2016
Fordham Institute On charter discipline, deny the premise and pivot to school climate Commentary 7/11/2016
Fordham Institute How chartering makes possible an entirely new approach to accountability Commentary 7/11/2016
Fordham Institute Ohio Education Gadfly Weekly Biweekly digest 7/11/2016
Heartland Institute Wyoming Cuts Ties with Common Core-Aligned Testing Commentary 7/11/2016
New America Foundation Helping Every English Learner Student Succeed...By Leaving 40 Percent Out Commentary 7/11/2016
Brookings Institution Requiring school districts to spend comparable amounts on Title I schools is pushing on a string Report 7/8/2016

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