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Think Twice Weekly Report
July 16 - July 22, 2016

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Brookings Institution Three questions with Jesse Lovejoy, director of STEM education for the San Francisco 49ers Commentary 7/22/2016
Heartland Institute California Charter School Advocates Spend Millions on Primary Candidates Commentary 7/22/2016
New America Foundation California's Clashing Ideologies Regarding Diversity and Its Effect on Education Policies Commentary 7/22/2016
Bellwether Candidates Think We Can't Handle the Complex Truth About Education Commentary 7/21/2016
Bellwether Serving Disconnected Youth in a Dispersed School System Commentary 7/21/2016
Center for American Progress Raise The Bar For Licensure Report 7/21/2016
CRPE The State Role in K–12 Education: From Issuing Mandates to Experimentation Report 7/21/2016
Ed Next Going Bold in Missouri with Education Savings Accounts Commentary 7/21/2016
Ed Next Can High Standards and Accountability Co-Exist? Lessons From the Common Core Assessment Consortia Commentary 7/21/2016
Ed Next How Do Teacher Pension Plans Encourage Teachers to Retire? An Explainer Commentary 7/21/2016
Lexington Institute New Jersey's Educational Opportunity: A Chance for All to Succeed Commentary 7/21/2016
New America Foundation New Report: Extended School Day May Not Be Improving Early Reading in Florida Commentary 7/21/2016
Reason Foundation GOP Education Platform: Strong on fundamentals, dizzying on details Commentary 7/21/2016
AEI Profit and education aren't mutually exclusive Commentary 7/20/2016
Bellwether 5 Things the Pence Pick Could Mean for the Future of Federal Education Policy Commentary 7/20/2016
Bellwether Are Bad Online Charter Schools the Canary in the Coal Mine? Commentary 7/20/2016
Brookings Institution How important are high school courses to college performance? Less than you might think Commentary 7/20/2016
Center of the American Experiment Arrests Provide Teachable Moment on Teacher Union Politics Commentary 7/20/2016
ConnCAN CT Needs To Invest In Quality Early Childhood Education Commentary 7/20/2016
Ed Next Don't Teach Grit. Embed It. Commentary 7/20/2016
Fordham Institute Gifted education standards to guide teaching and deepen student learning Commentary 7/20/2016
Fordham Institute How civic education can save America Commentary 7/20/2016
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 7/20/2016
Heartland Institute More Mixed Voucher Results in Ohio Commentary 7/20/2016
Heartland Institute Pennsylvania Bill Would End Union Leave for Teachers Commentary 7/20/2016
Heritage Foundation Behind the Rise of Public School Costs: The Growing Number of Non-Teachers Commentary 7/20/2016
New America Foundation "Don't Take Their Word For It": Waiting for Evidence on the New SAT & ACT Commentary 7/20/2016
Show-Me Institute A Common Definition Of Public Education Commentary 7/20/2016
AEI AEI Education: Experts, highlights, and headlines Commentary 7/19/2016
Bellwether The Learning Landscape: A Broad View of the U.S. Public School System Report 7/19/2016
Brookings Institution Pokémon Go: A window into how we might reimagine learning #BecomingBrilliant Commentary 7/19/2016
Cato Institute Setting the Record Straight on the Coulson Education Productivity Study Commentary 7/19/2016
Ed Next Why New Technologies Often Don't Help Students Commentary 7/19/2016
Ed Next Teacher Pension Systems Are Incompatible with Efforts to Improve the Teaching Profession Commentary 7/19/2016
Friedman Foundation School Voucher Systems Across the Globe Make the Case for School Choice in the U.S. Commentary 7/19/2016
Heartland Institute Let's Get Smart About Classroom Technology Commentary 7/19/2016
Heartland Institute The ACLU is Anti-Patient and Anti-Student Commentary 7/19/2016
Heartland Institute Michigan Moves Two Bills to Replace Common Core Commentary 7/19/2016
New America Foundation Investing in Early Childhood in the Golden State Commentary 7/19/2016
Public Impact High-need, San Antonio-area District Joins Opportunity Culture Commentary 7/19/2016
Reason Foundation Viva Las Vegas!: Student-Based Budgeting for Clark County Commentary 7/19/2016
Reason Foundation An Update: Chattanooga and Student-Based Budgeting Commentary 7/19/2016
Heartland Institute Meet the CLT, a Test Wholly Unlike SAT or Common Core Commentary 7/18/2016
Heartland Institute Missouri Court Reaffirms Students' Rights to Transfer to Better Schools Commentary 7/18/2016
Heartland Institute Michigan Governor Signs $617 Million Detroit Public Schools Bailout Commentary 7/17/2016

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