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Think Twice Weekly Report
September 3 - September 9, 2016

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Bellwether The New Head Start Performance Standards are 621 Pages Long — Here’s What You Need to Know Commentary 9/9/2016
Fordham Institute Harnessing the benefits, and reining in the downsides, of virtual schools Commentary 9/9/2016
Fordham Institute America's untapped STEM potential Commentary 9/9/2016
AEI Does America need universal preschool? A Q&A with Katharine Stevens Commentary 9/8/2016
ALEC Documentary Showcases Decades of Failure in Bureau of Indian Education Schools – And Points to Education Savings Accounts as the Solution Commentary 9/8/2016
Brookings Institution Why delaying school start dates is a bad deal for students Commentary 9/8/2016
Fordham Institute How to diversify gifted and talented programs without dismantling them Commentary 9/8/2016
Fordham Institute What charter school authorizers can teach states on ESSA: It's hard to find indicators of school quality that aren’t test scores Commentary 9/8/2016
Heartland Institute Refugees Sue Pennsylvania School District, Seeking Better Education Commentary 9/8/2016
TNTP Where Did Abraham Lincoln Go to Law School? Commentary 9/8/2016
AEI Forcing a funding fight Commentary 9/7/2016
AEI Trump’s big ‘Education Week’ Commentary 9/7/2016
Bellweather #16for16: A Policy Agenda for the Next President (Whoever That Is) Report 9/7/2016
Bellwether #16for16: A Policy Agenda for the Next President (Whoever That Is) Commentary 9/7/2016
ConnCAN Conncan Issues Statement In CCJEF Court Case Commentary 9/7/2016
CRPE Technology’s Unmet Progressive Promise Commentary 9/7/2016
Ed Choice BRIEF: School Choice in the States August 2016 Commentary 9/7/2016
Ed Next Harnessing Benefits, Reining in Downsides of Virtual Schools Commentary 9/7/2016
Fordham Institute Reflections on gifted education from the Olympics, part 2: What we can contribute Commentary 9/7/2016
Fordham Institute Can evidence improve America's schools? Commentary 9/7/2016
Fordham Institute We must diversify charter school options Commentary 9/7/2016
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Commentary 9/7/2016
Fordham Institute Can evidence improve America's schools? Commentary 9/7/2016
Mackinac Center An Inspiration for Expanding Detroit’s Educational Choices Commentary 9/7/2016
Show-Me Institute Education Funding, Burger Flipping, And The Law Of Diminishing Returns Commentary 9/7/2016
Cato Institute Ending Fed Ed Would Hardly Be Pure Loss Commentary 9/6/2016
Ed Next Good News About Education Reform? Just Look Around Commentary 9/6/2016
Fordham Institute On the 'Fly: Ten stories you might've missed this summer Commentary 9/6/2016
Mackinac Center An 'Exclusive' Private School, But Not Like You Think Commentary 9/6/2016
New America Foundation Teaching Young Learners Takes Unique Levels of Training Commentary 9/6/2016
Show-Me Institute School Choice: The Personal And The Political Commentary 9/6/2016
WILL Improving MPS (Part 3) Commentary 9/6/2016
ConnCAN The Promise Of A Brighter Future Commentary 9/5/2016
Heritage Foundation How to Talk School Choice and Win Commentary 9/4/2016
Brookings Institution Why don’t schools use the cloud? It’s worth the challenge Commentary 9/2/2016

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