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Think Twice Weekly Report
October 15 - October 21, 2016

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Center of the American Experiment Reading on the One Hand, Writing on the Disjointed Other Commentary 10/21/2016
New America Foundation In Indiana Governor's Race, Two Different Approaches for Expanding Pre-K Commentary 10/21/2016
Bellwether Go Forth and Improve, Teacher Preparation Programs. But Don’t Ask How. Commentary 10/20/2016
Bellwether Third Presidential Debate Recap: The American Electorate is Left Guessing on K-12 Education Policy Commentary 10/20/2016
CRPE Sticking Points: How School Districts Experience Implementing the Portfolio Strategy Report 10/20/2016
Ed Choice National Dyslexia Awareness Month and Educational Choice Commentary 10/20/2016
Heartland Institute The School Choice Generation Wants A Full Educational Menu Commentary 10/20/2016
Heartland Institute Oklahoma Rep. Continues Push For Education Savings Accounts Commentary 10/20/2016
Heritage Foundation Rising Graduation Rates Not Good Enough When Academic Achievement Isn’t Improving Commentary 10/20/2016
New America Foundation Teacher Prep Regulations Rise from Dead, Turn Spotlight to States Commentary 10/20/2016
TNTP The Making of a Classroom Community Commentary 10/20/2016
AEI The cost of winner-take-all presidential politics Commentary 10/19/2016
AEI Education reform in Newark: A conversation with Superintendent Chris Cerf Video 10/19/2016
Bellwether A New Agenda: Research to Build a Better Teacher Preparation Program Report 10/19/2016
CRPE Can Civil Rights Institutions Keep Up as Public Education Evolves? Commentary 10/19/2016
Ed Next The Cost of Winner-Take-All Presidential Politics Commentary 10/19/2016
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 10/19/2016
Heartland Institute Bill To Bring Education Savings Accounts To DC Students Sits In Committee Commentary 10/19/2016
Heartland Institute Most Major Textbooks Not Fully Aligned With Common Core Commentary 10/19/2016
Pioneer Institute Massachusetts Charter Public Schools: English Language Learners: Demographic and Achievement Trends Report 10/19/2016
PPI PPI President Will Marshall Takes on Trump Senior Policy Advisors in Trade Debate Commentary 10/19/2016
Progressive Policy Institute Creating Measurement and Accountability Systems for 21st Century Schools: A Guide for State Policymakers Report 10/19/2016
Reason Foundation The NAACP is wrong to want to ban new charter schools Commentary 10/19/2016
School Choice Wisconsin Parental Choice Program Students Outperform Peers Commentary 10/19/2016
Bellwether Bringing Evidence to the Early Childhood Conversation: A Timely Issue Commentary 10/18/2016
Fordham Institute Proficiency vs. growth: Same sport, different game Commentary 10/18/2016
Heartland Institute Nevada Supreme Court Rules ESAS Constitutional, Orders Funding Change Commentary 10/18/2016
Heritage Foundation Former Black Lives Matter Leader Says Movement Is ‘on the Wrong Side of History’ Commentary 10/18/2016
Heritage Foundation Millennial Cluelessness About Communism’s Massacres Demonstrates the Need for School Choice Commentary 10/18/2016
Heritage Foundation How Education Savings Accounts Changed the Life of This Child With Down Syndrome Commentary 10/18/2016
Manhattan Institute Feeling the Squeeze: Pension Costs Are Crowding Out Education Spending Report 10/18/2016
New America Foundation Harrisonburg Leads the Way for Dual Language Learners in Virginia Commentary 10/18/2016
Pubic Impact Opportunity Culture Voices: Getting the Recipe Right for Teacher Leadership Commentary 10/18/2016
Show-Me Institute Come Togther, Right Now, On Charter Schools Commentary 10/18/2016
TNTP Confronting the Professional Development Mirage Commentary 10/18/2016
WILL Flanders And Roth: Analysis Trumps Anecdotes Commentary 10/18/2016
AEI Discussing high school graduation rates: Robinson on "Washington’s Drive at Five" Podcast 10/17/2016
AEI A quiet revolution Commentary 10/17/2016
AEI A vision of reform for Newark Commentary 10/17/2016
ALEC Video: California Teacher Rebecca Friedrichs Addresses ALEC Video 10/17/2016
Brookings Institution The strange case of the disappearing NAEP Commentary 10/17/2016
Cato Institute Record Grad Rates, Subprime Diplomas? Commentary 10/17/2016
Ed Next At the Ballot Box, a Test for Bay State Charters Commentary 10/17/2016
Fordham Institute Understanding the roles of public charter school boards and authorizers Commentary 10/17/2016
Fordham Institute Disputing Mike and Aaron on ESSA school ratings Commentary 10/17/2016
Heartland Institute Boosting Graduation Rates in Texas through Education Savings Accounts Report 10/17/2016
Heritage Foundation Backlash Ensues After NAACP Ratifies Charter School Ban Commentary 10/17/2016

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