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Think Twice Weekly Report
October 29 - November 4, 2016

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Bellwether New Dept of Ed Rule Doesn’t Go Far Enough, Would Leave Large Funding Gaps Intact Commentary 11/4/2016
Ed Next Cristo Rey Schools Build Social Capital for Students — and Financial Stability for Schools Commentary 11/4/2016
Ed Next When Cultivating Expertise, Here’s How Technology Can Help Commentary 11/4/2016
AEI Mixed bag for NAEP science results Commentary 11/3/2016
AEI Charter schools aren’t all the same Commentary 11/3/2016
Brookings Institution Lessons for US charter schools from the growth of academies in England Commentary 11/3/2016
Cato Institute School Choice Is Just Peachy Commentary 11/3/2016
CRPE Measures of Last Resort: Assessing Strategies for State-Initiated Turnarounds Report 11/3/2016
Ed Next Religion and Student Motivation Commentary 11/3/2016
Ed Next Trains, Planes, and ESAs Commentary 11/3/2016
Fordham Institute We can't let any gifted kids slip through the cracks Commentary 11/3/2016
Fordham Institute The Massachusetts charter school cap harms disadvantaged students Commentary 11/3/2016
Heritage Foundation John Oliver Wonders How to Improve ‘Segregated’ Public Schools. Never Mentions Vouchers. Commentary 11/3/2016
Manhattan Institute Don't Pay for Education Spending with Tobacco Taxes Commentary 11/3/2016
New America Foundation Benefits, Costs of Tulsa’s Universal Pre-K Examined Commentary 11/3/2016
New America Foundation How New York State Is Lifting the Torch for its Dual Language Learners Commentary 11/3/2016
Show-Me Institute Millennials Love School Choice Commentary 11/3/2016
TNTP Election Day Conversations in the Classroom Commentary 11/3/2016
AEI The false dichotomy between memorization and conceptual understanding Commentary 11/2/2016
Bellwether Let’s Take a Closer Look at “Child Care Deserts” Commentary 11/2/2016
Ed Next A Broader View of OER: In Response to McShane’s Article on Open Education Commentary 11/2/2016
Ed Next The Effect of Charter Schools on Students in Traditional Public Schools: A Review of the Evidence Commentary 11/2/2016
Ed Next The False Dichotomy Between Memorization and Conceptual Understanding Commentary 11/2/2016
Education Trust Recognizing the Voices of Black Teachers Commentary 11/2/2016
Fordham Institute Disadvantaged gifted students in Rhode Island are finally getting the chance to show it Commentary 11/2/2016
Fordham Institute Effective reading instruction in spite of New York's lackluster standards Commentary 11/2/2016
Fordham Institute A knowledge-rich curriculum is the best prep for Common Core reading tests Commentary 11/2/2016
Fordham Institute The obfuscation endemic in school levy requests Commentary 11/2/2016
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 11/2/2016
Fordham Institute Rich insights on poverty Commentary 11/2/2016
Heartland Institute What Presidents Can (And Can’t) Do About Education Commentary 11/2/2016
Pioneer Institute Advanced Placement in Boston schools Report 11/2/2016
WILL WILL, School Choice Wisconsin Respond To Christian Science Monitor Article On Wisconsin Rural School Finance Commentary 11/2/2016
ALEC Video: ALEC Education Panel with Secretary Bill Bennett Video 11/1/2016
Cato Institute Fact-Checking the Dallas Morning News on School Choice Commentary 11/1/2016
Ed Next Going to School is Optional: Schools Need to Engage Students to Increase Their Lifetime Opportunities Commentary 11/1/2016
Ed Next Don’t Know or Don’t Care? Commentary 11/1/2016
Fordham Institute NAEP Science 2015: Deep problems lurk behind the mostly positive news Commentary 11/1/2016
AEI Richmond needs new, larger schools Commentary 10/31/2016
AEI Graduation rates: What does a diploma tell us? Commentary 10/31/2016
Bellwether What Good Are Higher Graduation Rates If Students Aren’t Learning More? Commentary 10/31/2016
Brookings Institution School turnaround under ESSA: Progress, but not a silver bullet Commentary 10/31/2016
Ed Choice The Tax-Credit Scholarship Audit Report 10/31/2016
Ed Next Inputs Do Not Guarantee Outcomes: Getting Online Credit Recovery Right Commentary 10/31/2016
Education Trust In Passing the Baton to the Next Champions for Equity Commentary 10/31/2016
Heartland Institute Virginia Homeschool Co-Op Flourishing Commentary 10/31/2016
Heartland Institute More Michigan Students Are Using School Choice Programs, Study Finds Commentary 10/31/2016
NCTQ The NCTQ Teacher Trendline Commentary 10/31/2016
New America Foundation Building a Corps of Media Mentors: Why and Where to Start Commentary 10/31/2016
Reason Foundation Mississippi the latest state to pursue Student-Based Budgeting Commentary 10/31/2016
Show-Me Institute ESAS Can Help Missouri Students With Dyslexia Commentary 10/31/2016
WILL WILL BLOG | Flanders: Referenda And Teacher Pay Commentary 10/31/2016
Harvard PEPG The Effect of Private School Vouchers on Political Participation: Experimental Evidence from New York City Report 10/29/2016

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