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Think Twice Weekly Report
December 3 - December 9, 2016

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Brookings Institution Memo: Improving the teacher workforce Commentary 12/9/2016
Ed Next Three Thoughts on the Ugly New PISA Results Commentary 12/9/2016
Fordham Institute Do Trump voters want vouchers? Commentary 12/9/2016
AEI Three thoughts on the ugly new PISA results Commentary 12/8/2016
Bellwether Building Excellence: How Helping Charters Access Facilities Can Improve Opportunity for Idaho Kids Report 12/8/2016
Bellwether Toddlers and Touchscreens: What Does the Research Actually Say? Commentary 12/8/2016
Brookings Institution Teacher observations have been a waste of time and money Commentary 12/8/2016
Brookings Institution Memo: Federal school finance policy Commentary 12/8/2016
Brookings Institution Memos to the president on the future of U.S. education policy Commentary 12/8/2016
Brookings Institution Teacher observations have been a waste of time and money Commentary 12/8/2016
Brookings Institution Teacher prep ratings: 2016 edition Commentary 12/8/2016
Center for American Progress Innovation in Accountability: Designing Systems to Support School Quality and Student Success Report 12/8/2016
Ed Choice EdChoice on the 2015 PISA Results: "Meh." Commentary 12/8/2016
Ed Next "Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick": Why State Chiefs Should Do Both Commentary 12/8/2016
Ed Next Uncle Sam and America's Schools in the Trump Administration Commentary 12/8/2016
Fordham Institute Undue Process: Why Bad Teachers in Twenty-Five Diverse Districts Rarely Get Fired Report 12/8/2016
Mackinac Center Critic Still Misses Mark on Detroit Charter Research Commentary 12/8/2016
NCTQ NCTQ's 2016 Landscape in Teacher Preparation Report 12/8/2016
New America Foundation What do DeVos and Price Picks Mean for Early Ed? Commentary 12/8/2016
Brookings A principled federal role in PreK-12 education Report 12/7/2016
Fordham Institute The NAACP's excessive and unreasonable charter school opposition Commentary 12/7/2016
Fordham Institute America's TIMSS results and educational excellence: We've exhausted all other options Commentary 12/7/2016
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 12/7/2016
Heartland Institute A Perfect Time To Expand Education Savings Accounts Commentary 12/7/2016
Heartland Institute U.S. Kids Scores Below Average On International Tests Commentary 12/7/2016
New America Foundation Getting employers on board for work-based learning for at risk youth Commentary 12/7/2016
Reason Foundation A school district banned, then unbanned classic books. School choice could have stopped this before it started. Commentary 12/7/2016
AEI A Right Turn on Assessments: State-Directed Assessments Using an Interstate Test-Item Bank Cooperative Report 12/6/2016
AEI The good and bad in Virginia's 2016 School Readiness Report Ca'd Commentary 12/6/2016
AEI Loosen the constraints of Common Core Commentary 12/6/2016
Bellwether Election Reflections Commentary 12/6/2016
Cato Institute New International Exam Results: U.S. = Meh Commentary 12/6/2016
Ed Choice BRIEF: School Choice in the States November 2016 Commentary 12/6/2016
Ed Next When Evidence and Science are Really Just Assumptions and Ideology Commentary 12/6/2016
Ed Next Betsy DeVos and Charter School Regulation: A View from Michigan Commentary 12/6/2016
Education Trust Pushing, Prodding, and Cajoling Our Country Toward Educational Justice - Even Amidst Alarming Times Commentary 12/6/2016
Fordham Institute Reformers and school choice: Not a split but a spectrum Commentary 12/6/2016
Fordham Institute Betsy DeVos's real record in Michigan Commentary 12/6/2016
TNTP Why Social Justice Should've Been at the Heart of My Teaching, But Wasn't Commentary 12/6/2016
Bellwether For Good Measure? Teacher Evaluation Policy in the ESSA Era Report 12/5/2016
Ed Next DeVos and the Evidence from Michigan Commentary 12/5/2016
Ed Next School Accountability and the Infinite Information Problem Commentary 12/5/2016
Education Trust Update: So What Is PISA, and What's All of the Fuss About? Commentary 12/5/2016
Fordham Institute ExcelinEd gets a B on school accountability Commentary 12/5/2016
Pioneer Institute "What Goes Up Must Come Down": New, Lower K-12 Science Standards for Massachusetts Report 12/5/2016
ConnCAN ConnCAN Encourages NAACP To Reconsider A Moratorium Expanding Public Charter Schools Commentary 12/4/2016
Heritage Foundation Can Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos Really End Common Core? Commentary 12/4/2016

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