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Think Twice Weekly Report
February 24 - March 2, 2018

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Center for American Progress Education Opportunities in Prison Are Key to Reducing Crime Commentary 3/2/2018
Ed Next What Have We Learned From Three Studies of Private School Choice? Commentary 3/2/2018
New America Foundation Q&A About Expanding Pre-K Access for Children of Immigrants Commentary 3/2/2018
Brookings Institution Meet executive function: How to learn in the age of information overload Commentary 3/1/2018
Brookings Institution Meeting children's needs: an international perspective on personalized learning Commentary 3/1/2018
Brookings Institution Influx of Haitian refugees in Florida didn't hurt student outcomes Commentary 3/1/2018
Center of the American Experiment Word of Edina’s School Decline Is Spreading Video 3/1/2018
CRPE New NACSA Study, A First Step to Address the Critical Need for Evidence in Authorizing Commentary 3/1/2018
Fordham Institute When students take tests, are they actually trying? Commentary 3/1/2018
Fordham Institute Make high school about content mastery, not time served Commentary 3/1/2018
Reason Foundation Hawaii Legislature To Consider Bills for a Tax Credit Scholarship Program and Charter School Expansion Commentary 3/1/2018
Show-Me Institute Accountability In Missouri's Public School System Report 3/1/2018
Urban Institute What have we learned from three studies of private school choice? Commentary 3/1/2018
Cato Institute As DC Families Go to Charter Schools, Maybe Government Funding Should, Too Commentary 2/28/2018
Center of the American Experiment Conceal and Carry: The World Would Be A Safer Place If Responsible Adults Could Carry Concealed Firearms Commentary 2/28/2018
Ed Choice New South Carolina Private School Survey Data Reveal Open Seats and Regulatory Concerns Podcast 2/28/2018
Ed Next Democrats Are In Denial About Teacher Pensions Commentary 2/28/2018
Ed Next The Spring 2018 Issue of Education Next is here! Journal 2/28/2018
Fordham Institute Look beyond four-year graduation rates Commentary 2/28/2018
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 2/28/2018
Heartland Foundation Research & Commentary: Proposals Would Improve Illinois’ Invest In Kids Program Commentary 2/28/2018
Manhattan Institute New York City's Charter Schools: What the Research Shows Report 2/28/2018
New America Foundation Diversifying the Teacher Workforce with ‘Grow Your Own’ Programs Commentary 2/28/2018
Pioneer Institute Op-ed: Charters, Unions, And Public School Funding Commentary 2/28/2018
Pioneer Institute Op-ed: Time to lift up Boston’s voc-tech high school Commentary 2/28/2018
AEI The fierce mistakes of urgency Commentary 2/27/2018
Bellwether Creating More Effective, Efficient, and Equitable Education Policies with Human-Centered Design Report 2/27/2018
Brookings Institution EdTech in the classroom: Friend or foe? Commentary 2/27/2018
Brookings Institution There are ways to make schools safer and teachers stronger-but they don't involve guns Commentary 2/27/2018
Ed Choice Cool Schools: This “100-Year-Old Startup” Brings Innovation to New York’s Catholic Schools Podcast 2/27/2018
Education Trust Funding Gaps 2018: An Analysis of School Funding Equity Across the U.S. and Within Each State Report 2/27/2018
Fordham Institute The art and science of charter school authorizing Commentary 2/27/2018
Fordham Institute Let's make sure graduates actually know what's in the state standards Commentary 2/27/2018
New America Foundation Transforming Financing in Early Care and Education Commentary 2/27/2018
New America Foundation Fudged Graduation Rates Hurt a Familiar Group of Students Commentary 2/27/2018
Show-Me Institute Charter Schools 101: Are Charter Schools Public Or Private? Commentary 2/27/2018
Heartland Foundation Research & Commentary: Public Schools Are Failing U.S. Students Commentary 2/27/2018
AEI What the Janus vs. AFSCME case means for teachers unions Commentary 2/26/2018
Bellwether Equitable Access to Quality Credentials For Pre-K Teachers: What Would it Take? Commentary 2/26/2018
Ed Next Evidence Should Inform But Not Drive Decision Making Commentary 2/26/2018
Ed Next Surveying the Charter School Landscape Commentary 2/26/2018
Ed Trust How Black Panther Has the Power to Ignite an Education Movement Commentary 2/26/2018
Fordham Institute Tie high school graduation to student attendance and passing grades Commentary 2/26/2018
Fordham Institute Ohio Education Gadfly Biweekly Biweekly digest 2/26/2018
New America Foundation and Bellwether Pre-K Teachers and Bachelor’s Degrees: Envisioning Equitable Access to High-Quality Preparation Programs Report 2/26/2018

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