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Think Twice Weekly Report
March 31 - April 6, 2018

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Brookings Institution Hidden factors contributing to teacher strikes in Oklahoma, Kentucky, and beyond Commentary 4/6/2018
Ed Next A Response to Larry Berger’s ‘Confession’ on Personalized Learning Commentary 4/6/2018
Harvard PEPG Learning from the Longterm Effects of School Choice in America Announcement 4/6/2018
Bellwether Confused About Teacher Walkouts and Pensions? We’ve Got You. Commentary 4/5/2018
Brookings Institution Four reasons teachers are striking Podcast 4/5/2018
Brookings Institution Who is in Special Education and who has access to related services? New evidence from the National Survey of Children’s Health Report 4/5/2018
Ed Choice BRIEF: School Choice in the States, March 2018 Commentary 4/5/2018
Ed Next EdStat: According to the Understanding America Study, 47 Percent of U.S. Adults Support Charter Schools Commentary 4/5/2018
Heartland Institute America’s Kids Need Sleep And Time To Play To Avoid Mental Health Problem Commentary 4/5/2018
Mackinac Center Are Competition And Consumer Choice In Education Good Or Bad? Commentary 4/5/2018
Pioneer Institute Press Release: Birmingham Touts 1993 Ed Reform Act’s Success, Expresses Concerns about Recent Policies Commentary 4/5/2018
Show-Me Institute Innovation Brings Hope For Teacher Pensions Commentary 4/5/2018
AEI School-choice supporters should drop the overheated rhetoric Commentary 4/4/2018
AEI Social and emotional learning | In 60 seconds Video 4/4/2018
Center of the American Experiment The political ideology favored by teachers’ unions is not reflective of all members Commentary 4/4/2018
CRPE Robin Lake to LAUSD: Stop searching for the next superhero — hand your schools the cape Commentary 4/4/2018
Ed Next EdStat: Between 2011 and 2015, Reading Scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress Improved in 19 States Commentary 4/4/2018
Ed Trust Checking In: Are Math Assignments Measuring Up? Report 4/4/2018
Fordham Institute Massachusetts is failing its smartest students of color Commentary 4/4/2018
Fordham Institute Louisiana's remarkable reading test Commentary 4/4/2018
Fordham Institute Seven story lines to follow when the NAEP results are released next week Commentary 4/4/2018
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 4/4/2018
Mackinac Center How a Top-Performing Charter School in Detroit Overcame Government Obstacles Commentary 4/4/2018
New America Foundation New Study Brings Insight into Parental Choices in Early Education Commentary 4/4/2018
AEI The great education pendulum swing of 2018 Commentary 4/3/2018
AEI Is Michigan a bellwether for teachers’ unions nationwide? Commentary 4/3/2018
Center for American Progress Evidence Points to the Need for Discipline Reform in D.C. Schools Commentary 4/3/2018
Center of the American Experiment Remembering Dr. King: What would he say about K-12 “restorative justice” discipline policies? Commentary 4/3/2018
ConnCan The Nation’s Report Card: How we’re preparing to read the results Commentary 4/3/2018
Ed Choice Legal Update with Leslie: An Update on Montana’s Tax-Credit Scholarship Case Podcast 4/3/2018
Ed Next Screening for the Strongest Teachers Commentary 4/3/2018
Education Trust The Power of Classroom Assignments Commentary 4/3/2018
Fordham Institute An answer to ESSA plan shortcomings: State solutions Commentary 4/3/2018
New America Foundation Washington State Launches First of Its Kind Paraeducator Board Commentary 4/3/2018
New America Foundation Degrees and Credentials for Early Childhood Educators: Inching Towards A Consensus Commentary 4/3/2018
Show-Me Institute Do Kentucky Teachers Even Know Why They’re Protesting? Commentary 4/3/2018
Cato Institute Are Students Today “Relatively Poorer” Than in 1971? Commentary 4/2/2018
Center for American Progress Are High School Diplomas Really a Ticket to College and Work? An Audit of State High School Graduation Requirements Report 4/2/2018
Ed Next 35 Years Ago This Month, the National Commission on Excellence in Education Released “A Nation at Risk: The Imperative for Educational Reform” Commentary 4/2/2018
New America Foundation Tracking the Enrollment of Dual Language Learners in Early Ed Commentary 4/2/2018
New America Foundation How States Can Develop Their Early Education Workforce Commentary 4/2/2018

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