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Think Twice Weekly Report
April 7 - April 13, 2018

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Brookings Institution Which states might experience the next wave of teacher strikes? Commentary 4/13/2018
Center for American Progress A Few Unique Things About Chicago Public Schools Commentary 4/13/2018
Ed Next Straight Up Conversation: Grom Social Founder Zach Marks Commentary 4/13/2018
Ed Next Teachers Have the Nation’s Highest Retirement Costs. But They’ll Never See the Benefits Commentary 4/13/2018
Ed Trust Discipline Disparities for Black Students, Boys, and Students with Disabilities Commentary 4/13/2018
AEI Washington, DC graduation scandal: A canary in a coal mine? | In 60 seconds Video 4/12/2018
AEI Major Media Plays Favorites in Coverage of Education Policy Report 4/12/2018
Brookings Institution Not just a 'red-state revolt': The story behind the Oklahoma teacher walkout Commentary 4/12/2018
Brookings Institution The costs, opportunities, and limitations of the expansion of 529 education savings accounts Report 4/12/2018
Center of the American Experiment Gov. Dayton’s relentless pursuit of our small children, and union revenues: Will the GOP hold the line? Commentary 4/12/2018
Ed Next Let’s Not Miss the Opportunity In Weighted Student Funding Pilot Commentary 4/12/2018
Ed Next EdStat: The Average Scale Score in 8th-Grade Reading on the 2017 National Assessment of Educational Progress was 267 on a 500-Point Scale Commentary 4/12/2018
Reason Foundation Striking Teachers Are Right To Be Outraged, Wrong On the Solutions Commentary 4/12/2018
AEI 5 thoughts on the teacher strikes Commentary 4/11/2018
Bellwether NAEP Results Again Show That Biennial National Tests Aren’t Worth It Commentary 4/11/2018
Center of the American Experiment NAEP and the Imperative of Breaking Academic Sweats Commentary 4/11/2018
Ed Next 5 Thoughts on the Teacher Strikes Commentary 4/11/2018
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 4/11/2018
Mackinac Center New Law Removes Obstacles to Classroom Commentary 4/11/2018
Show-Me Institute I Don’t Think We’ll Be Making The Honor Roll Commentary 4/11/2018
Cato Institute Are Shootings More Likely to Occur in Public Schools? Commentary 4/11/2018
Ed Trust Why Exclusionary School Discipline Practices are a Civil Rights Issue Commentary 4/11/2018
Bellwether Superhuman and Running on Empty: What Equal Pay Day Means to Teachers Commentary 4/10/2018
Cato Institute No Major Lessons from New National Test Scores Commentary 4/10/2018
Cato Institute Why All the Hype About NAEP? Commentary 4/10/2018
Cato Institute Public Schooling Battles: March Dispatch Commentary 4/10/2018
ConnCAN On the Nation’s Report Card, steady habits aren’t enough Commentary 4/10/2018
Ed Choice Cool Schools: Blended Learning in Catholic and Charter Schools with Seton Education Partners Podcast 4/10/2018
Ed Next Latest NAEP Results: Obama Administration Fails U. S. Students Commentary 4/10/2018
Ed Next Low-Performing Students No Longer Making Gains on NAEP Commentary 4/10/2018
Ed Next The 2017 NAEP Results: Nothing To See Here? Commentary 4/10/2018
Ed Next Could the Disappointing 2017 NAEP Scores Be Due to the Great Recession? Commentary 4/10/2018
Ed Next A Better Way to Compare State Performance on NAEP Commentary 4/10/2018
Ed Next Interpreting the 2017 NAEP Reading and Math Results Commentary 4/10/2018
Fordham Institute NAEP scores are inexcusably stuck in the mud, but we can get them out Commentary 4/10/2018
Fordham Institute Three Hoover Fellows on NAEP, A Nation at Risk, and the Future of Education Reform Announcement 4/10/2018
Fordham Institute NAEP's good news for high achievers: A decade of universal but uneven growth Commentary 4/10/2018
Fordham Institute NAEP 2017: America's "Lost Decade" of educational progress Commentary 4/10/2018
Harvard/PEPG Learning from the Longterm Effects of School Choice in America Announcement 4/10/2018
NCTQ 2018 Teacher Prep Review Report 4/10/2018
Public Impact Personalizing Learning with Innovative Staffing + Blended Learning: 4 New School Profiles Commentary 4/10/2018
Heartland Institute Research & Commentary: Nevada Educational Choice Scholarship Program Saves Taxpayer Dollars, Increases Per-Pupil Funding Commentary 4/10/2018
Heartland Institute Press Release: Heartland Institute Experts React To NAEP Scores Release Press release 4/10/2018
AEI Oklahoma’s intoxicating teacher walkout Commentary 4/9/2018
Ed Next Who Is in Special Education and Who Has Access to Related Services? Commentary 4/9/2018
Ed Next Who Signs Your Paycheck? Commentary 4/9/2018
Ed Next EdStat: Between 2011 and 2015, Reading Scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress Improved in 4 Trial Urban Districts Commentary 4/9/2018
Fordham Institute Ohio Education Gadfly Biweekly Biweekly digest 4/9/2018
Mackinac Center Rural School Makes Fast Rise Commentary 4/9/2018
Brookings Institution Who is in special education and who has access to related services? New evidence from the National Survey of Children’s Health Report 4/5/2018
Brookings Institution How life outside of a school affects student performance in school Report 3/22/2018

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