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Think Twice Weekly Report
April 14 - April 20, 2018

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Brookings Institution Teachers have been moonlighting in Texas—and elsewhere—to make ends meet Commentary 4/20/2018
Center for American Progress High-Performing Charter Schools Help Working Families Find Balance Commentary 4/20/2018
Ed Choice The Next 200 Years: A Post Mortem of the Once Promising Jubilee Catholic Schools Commentary 4/20/2018
Ed Next Straight Up Conversation: Math Guru Richard Rusczyk Commentary 4/20/2018
WILL WILL Press Release | WILL To DPI: Proposed ESSA Rules Violate State Law Commentary 4/20/2018
AEI No, Oklahoma’s school spending didn’t fall ‘nearly 30 percent’ Commentary 4/19/2018
AEI School and home Commentary 4/19/2018
AEI Banter #311: Nat Malkus on the DC Public Schools graduation scandal Podcast 4/19/2018
Fordham Institute Findings about school choice programs shouldn't be applied to individual schools Commentary 4/19/2018
Manhattan Institute It's No Surprise That U.S. Education Performance Isn't Improving Commentary 4/19/2018
NCTQ Reading into flat NAEP scores Commentary 4/19/2018
NCTQ Does Opportunity Culture bring students more opportunities to learn? Commentary 4/19/2018
NCTQ In Data We Trust Commentary 4/19/2018
New America Foundation Pre-K isn’t an inoculation: What comes next matters Commentary 4/19/2018
Public Impact Guilford County Becomes N.C.’s 5th Opportunity Culture District Commentary 4/19/2018
TNTP Why Some Teachers Helped Me Succeed, And Some Didn’t Commentary 4/19/2018
AEI Three reflections on the NAEP 2017 talkfest Commentary 4/18/2018
AEI What’s behind the teacher strikes? Commentary 4/18/2018
AEI Teachers strike nationwide Commentary 4/18/2018
Brookings Institution LGBTQ students face discrimination while Education Department walks back oversight Commentary 4/18/2018
Center for American Progress The Prince-DeVos Plan to Privatize American Institutions Commentary 4/18/2018
Ed Next EdStat: A Study of 639 Charter School Applications in Four States Found That Applications That Included Plans to Hire a Management Organization Were 10 Percentage Points More Likely to Be Approved Commentary 4/18/2018
Fordham Institute Keep what's valuable in the discipline guidance—but drop the racial quotas Commentary 4/18/2018
Fordham Institute Can social studies get even worse? Commentary 4/18/2018
Fordham Institute Three education reform ideas for wannabe governors Commentary 4/18/2018
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 4/18/2018
Heartland Institute Where Oh Where Has The Presidential Fitness Council Gone? Commentary 4/18/2018
New America Foundation 2017 Preschool Yearbook: Modest Growth in Enrollment, but Quality Varies Commentary 4/18/2018
Urban Institute Striking teachers want better supplies. The data say those requests are justified Commentary 4/18/2018
WILL Washington Examiner | Flanders, O’Connor: School Choice Works, But It Could Work Better Commentary 4/18/2018
AEI Kentucky’s teachers embrace a broken pension system Commentary 4/17/2018
AEI Hard Work and Soft Skills: The Attitudes, Abilities, and Character of Students in Career and Technical Education Report 4/17/2018
Brookings Institution Have we made progress on achievement gaps? Looking at evidence from the new NAEP results Commentary 4/17/2018
Center of the American Experiment Rush City’s Dennis Frandsen offers free college for his hometown’s high school seniors Commentary 4/17/2018
Ed Choice PODCAST: The Monthly Debrief with the EdChoice Programs Team – April Podcast 4/17/2018
Ed Next Mental Health in High School: The Teacher’s Perspective Commentary 4/17/2018
Ed Next EdStat: One District, Chicago, Narrowed Its Test-Score Gap between White Students and Black Students in 4th-grade Math on the National Assessment of Educational Progress in 2017 Commentary 4/17/2018
Fordham Institute When looking only at school choice programs, both short-term test scores and long-term outcomes are overwhelmingly positive Commentary 4/17/2018
Fordham Institute For the vast majority of school choice studies, short- and long-term impacts point in the same direction Commentary 4/17/2018
New America Foundation Checking the Temperature: Measuring Organizational Climate in Early Education Commentary 4/17/2018
WILL Apples to Apples: The Defnitive Look at School Test Scores in Milwaukee and Wisconsin for 2018 Report 4/17/2018
WILL WILL Press Release | WILL Releases Most Comprehensive Analysis Of School Performance Commentary 4/17/2018
Ed Next The Costs, Opportunities, and Limitations of the Expansion of 529 Education Savings Accounts Commentary 4/16/2018
Ed Next EdStat: 23 States Said Their Education Agency “Had a Heavier Workload under ESSA than under NCLB” Commentary 4/16/2018
Fordham Institute Three mistakes that undermine education reform Commentary 4/16/2018
Fordham Institute How to think about short-term test score changes and long-term student outcomes Commentary 4/16/2018
Heartland Institute The Miseducation Of Our Children Should Be Of Great Concern Commentary 4/16/2018
New America Foundation Rating Program Quality for Dual Language Learners in Early Ed Commentary 4/16/2018
Show-Me Institute School Administrators, What Did You Spend Your Money On? Commentary 4/16/2018
CRPE Lessons Learned About District-Charter Partnerships: How Sharing Instructional Practices Can Pave the Way for More Collaboration Report 4/12/2018
Heartland Institute What School Could Be: Insights And Inspiration From Teachers Across America Commentary 4/12/2018

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