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Think Twice Weekly Report
September 8 - September 14, 2018

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Ed Choice How Tennessee’s ESA Spending Compares to Other States Commentary 9/14/2018
Ed Next Four Hard Questions That Will Dictate the Future of Career and Technical Education Commentary 9/14/2018
ExcelinEd For Policymakers, the Future of Work is Now Commentary 9/14/2018
Heartland Institute Research & Commentary: Strike Vouchers Would Keep Los Angeles Students In Classrooms Commentary 9/14/2018
Heartland Institute Research & Commentary: Bullying Statistics Show Arkansas Needs Child Safety Accounts Commentary 9/14/2018
CRPE Unified Enrollment in Chicago: A New Tool Highlights Old Truths Commentary 9/13/2018
Ed Next Past Is Prologue on Common Core Tests Commentary 9/13/2018
ExcelinEd #AskExcelinEd: A Sneak Peek at #EIE18 Strategy Sessions Commentary 9/13/2018
Fordham Institute Do charter schools take districts’ money? Only if you think children, and the funding that comes with them, are district property Commentary 9/13/2018
Heartland Institute Have Alabama Schools Found Free Lunches? Commentary 9/13/2018
NCTQ Statement from NCTQ on Today’s New Poll from USA Today and CBS News Addressing Teacher Strikes Commentary 9/13/2018
New America Bright Horizons Plans to Pay for Teachers to Get Degrees: My Questions, Concerns, and Thoughts Commentary 9/13/2018
AEI No Longer Forgotten: The Triumphs and Struggles of Rural Education in America Book 9/12/2018
Bellwether Why Can’t We Find Even the Most Basic Info About Schools in Secure Facilities? Commentary 9/12/2018
Ed Choice School Choice in Pop Culture: Parenthood Podcast 9/12/2018
ExcelinEd Alabama School Choice Participants Outperforming Peers Commentary 9/12/2018
ExcelinEd Auditing a State Career and Technical Education Program for Quality Report 9/12/2018
Fordham Institute Stuyvesant High School et. al: The inevitability of selectivity Commentary 9/12/2018
Fordham Institute A tangled web: The high school diploma, college and career readiness, and CTE Commentary 9/12/2018
Fordham Institute Advice for states hell-bent on revising the Common Core Commentary 9/12/2018
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 9/12/2018
Heartland Institute Illinois School Principal’s Retirement Windfall Highlights Pension Problems Commentary 9/12/2018
Heartland Institute Homeschooling Gains Popularity With Oregon Parents Commentary 9/12/2018
Lexington Institute Getting School Districts Ready for the Military Student Identifier Report 9/12/2018
Heartland Institute Progressive Income-Tax Amendment Question Reaches Colorado Ballot Commentary 9/12/2018
AEI A timeless, timely challenge to schools at 9/11’s anniversary Commentary 9/11/2018
Brookings The 21st century digital workplace makes mathematics inescapable Commentary 9/11/2018
Brookings Freezing 'summer melt' in its tracks: Increasing college enrollment with AI Commentary 9/11/2018
Ed Choice The Monthly Debrief Podcast with the EdChoice State Team – August to September 2018 Podcast 9/11/2018
PPI The Progressive Choice: Creating 21st Century School Systems Report 9/11/2018
AEI ‘Lunch shaming’ and the cost of Denver schools’ free-lunch-for-all policy | In 60 Seconds Video 9/10/2018
Bellwether Announcing our Strategic Growth Institute — and Forthcoming Blog Series Commentary 9/10/2018
Ed Choice After IRS impacts tax-credit scholarships, a chance for altruism (and better program design) Commentary 9/10/2018
Ed Next The Fall 2018 Issue of Education Next is here! Journal 9/10/2018
Fordham Institute Ohio Education Gadfly Biweekly Biweekly digest 9/10/2018
Mackinac Center Choice Satisfies Most Parents, Appeals to Most Voters Commentary 9/10/2018
Mackinac Center Choices & Voices: A Survey of Michigan Charter School Parents Report 9/6/2018

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