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Think Twice Weekly Report
September 22 - September 28, 2018

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Brookings Strong principals retain effetive teachers - and don't retain ineffective ones Commentary 9/28/2018
Ed Next Straight Up Conversation: Chiefs for Change COO Julia Rafal-Baer Interview 9/28/2018
New America New Study Examines Costs of Dual Language Immersion Programs Commentary 9/28/2018
Brookings A counterintuitive proposal for improving education and healing America: Debate-centered instruction Commentary 9/27/2018
Ed Next How School Suspensions Affect Student Achievement Commentary 9/27/2018
ExcelinEd #AskExcelinEd: Sessions on School Turnaround & Social Emotional Learning at #EIE18 Commentary 9/27/2018
Fordham Institute Education 20/20: "Double Standards on Discipline Will Widen the Racial Divide" Video 9/27/2018
Urban Institute How Schools Can Help Prevent Adolescent Opioid Use Disorder Commentary 9/27/2018
Urban Institute New Orleans Students’ Commute Times by Car, Public Transit, and School Bus Report 9/27/2018
AEI A state-by-state look at high school credit recovery Commentary 9/26/2018
AEI A breakthrough federal initiative in early care and education Commentary 9/26/2018
Beacon School choice for military families could pave the way for a stronger America Commentary 9/26/2018
Center of the American Experiment Education Minnesota endorses political candidates & “recommends” them to members Commentary 9/26/2018
Fordham Institute Let's be careful how we use unified enrollment systems Commentary 9/26/2018
Fordham Institute Diversify gifted education, but don't stop there Commentary 9/26/2018
Fordham Institute The case for adding a second 2nd grade to high-poverty elementary schools Commentary 9/26/2018
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 9/26/2018
Pioneer Institute Common Core, School Choice and Rethinking Standards-Based Reform Report 9/26/2018
Reason Foundation Georgia’s Teacher Pension Plan Is Facing Significant Financial Risk Commentary 9/26/2018
Reason Foundation Center for Student-Based Budgeting Newsletter, September 2018 Commentary 9/26/2018
WILL WILL Blog | Flanders, Sobic: WILL Response To SOS Wauwatosa Push Poll Commentary 9/26/2018
AEI DC is only the latest ‘model’ school system to disappoint Commentary 9/25/2018
AEI Make-up courses can lead to made-up graduation rates Commentary 9/25/2018
AEI Lessons learned from Bush-Obama school reform | Viewpoint Video 9/25/2018
Brookings Getting beyond 'did it work?'" Proposing a new approach to integrate research and policy Commentary 9/25/2018
CRPE Entrepreneurs Can Breathe New Life into the Charter School Movement Commentary 9/25/2018
Ed Next Reflections on the Legacy of Bush-Obama School Reform Commentary 9/25/2018
ExcelinEd Goodbye, “FloriDuh.” Hello “FloriDoes.” Florida Graduates are Winning at Life Commentary 9/25/2018
ExcelinEd In defense of the Alabama Accountability Act Commentary 9/25/2018
ExcelinEd Transitioning to Student-Centered Learning: Maximizing Assessment Flexibility Part 2 Commentary 9/25/2018
Heartland Institute Research & Commentary: Voucher Programs Are Saving Taxpayers Billions Of Dollars Commentary 9/25/2018
TNTP THE OPPORTUNITY MYTH: What Students Can Show Us About How School Is Letting Them Down—and How to Fix It Report 9/25/2018
Urban Institute What areas could benefit most from Jeff Bezos’s preschool initiative? Commentary 9/25/2018
Show-Me Institute How Can Missouri Get More Out Of Its CTE Programs? Commentary 9/25/2018
AEI When education research training is like giving a power saw to a 5th-grader Commentary 9/24/2018
Bellwether Hamilton Education Program Gives D.C. Students a Shot at Performing While Honoring Kennedy’s Dream Commentary 9/24/2018
Brookings Arming teachers won't improve school safety Podcast 9/24/2018
Brookings A progress report on Betsy DeVos' education agenda Podcast 9/24/2018
Center of the American Experiment Union Executive and Staff Pay Far Exceeds Teachers; State Union Dues Increase Again Commentary 9/24/2018
Ed Choice Cool Schools: This Catholic School Network Exclusively Serves Students with Special Needs Commentary 9/24/2018
Ed Next How Does Charter Expansion Affect School District Finances and Student Achievement? New Evidence from Massachusetts Commentary 9/24/2018
Ed Trust Educational Justice: Which Are You — an Advocate, Ally, or Activist? Commentary 9/24/2018
Fordham Institute What can we learn from teenagers' approaches and attitudes toward school? Commentary 9/24/2018
Fordham Institute Kids don't have to love reading to read great books Commentary 9/24/2018
Fordham Institute Ohio Education Gadfly Biweekly Biweekly digest 9/24/2018
Heartland Institute Poll: Most Americans Support Expansion Of School Choice Commentary 9/24/2018
Heartland Institute Ohio Schoolteacher Sues For Freedom From Union Dues Commentary 9/22/2018

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