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Think Twice Weekly Report
May 4- May 10, 2013

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Education Next To Close the ‘Opportunity Gap,’ We Need to Close the Vocabulary Gap Commentary 5/10/2013
Brookings Institution For Some, College May Not Be a Smart Investment Commentary 5/9/2013
CRPE Hopes, Fears, & Reality: A Balanced Look at American Charter Schools in 2012 Report 5/9/2013
CRPE Ch. 2 - Incubate for America? (HFR '12) Report 5/9/2013
CRPE Ch. 3 - Innovating at Last? The Rise of Blended Learning in Charter Schools (HFR '12) Report 5/9/2013
Cato Institute This Mother’s Day, Give Moms School Choice Commentary 5/9/2013
CRPE Ch. 4 - Innovating Toward Sustainability: How Computer Labs Can Enable New Staffing Structures and Savings (HFR '12) Report 5/9/2013
CRPE Ch. 1 - Charter Inroads in Affluent Communities: Hype or Turning Point? (HFR '12) Report 5/9/2013
Cato Institute TED Comes to Television and Goes to School Commentary 5/9/2013
Education Next For Pete’s Sake, Let’s Try It Commentary 5/9/2013
Thomas B. Fordham Institute By the company it keeps Commentary 5/9/2013
Thomas B. Fordham Institute Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly Digest 5/9/2013
School Choice Wisconsin After Two Long Years, DOJ Finds No Discrimination Commentary 5/9/2013
Brookings Institution Obama’s Early Education Proposals Leave Federal Efforts Fragmented and Incoherent Commentary 5/8/2013
Thomas B. Fordham Institute Limitless: Education, The Reynoldsburg Way Report 5/8/2013
Thomas B. Fordham Institute Ohio Education Gadfly Bi-weekly Digest 5/8/2013
Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice Schooling in America Survey: What Do Mothers Say About K-12 Education? Survey 5/8/2013
Mackinac Center for Public Policy Education Denied to 15K Walled Lake Students Commentary 5/8/2013
Cato Institute School Funding System Not Broken… It Just Doesn’t Work Commentary 5/7/2013
EdTrust Appreciate and Support Our Teachers Commentary 5/7/2013
Mackinac Center for Public Policy Michigan Education Digest Weekly Digest 5/7/2013
Cato Institute Pushed into Common Core? Thanks For Volunteering! Commentary 5/6/2013
Illinois Policy Institute Illinois lawmakers push to keep kids and education from 21st century learning Commentary 5/6/2013
Education Next The Transformational Potential of Flipped Classrooms Commentary 5/5/2013
Education Next Pulling the Parent Trigger Commentary 5/5/2013

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