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Think Twice Weekly Report
October 19 - October 25
, 2013

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Ed Next America And Its High-Potential Kids Commentary 10/25/2013
Heartland Institute Obama Administration Targets LA Parents, Banning Entrepreneurial Teachers, and More: Friday's Ed News Roundup Weekly digest 10/25/2013
Illinois Policy Institute Chicago school closings: a natural school choice experiment Commentary 10/25/2013
Center for American Progress The Nation’s Largest Teachers Union Calls for Revamp of Teacher-Pay System Commentary 10/24/2013
Ed Next Climate Change and Value-Added: New Evidence Requires New Thinking Commentary 10/24/2013
Ed Next The Softer Side of ‘No Excuses’ Commentary 10/24/2013
Fordham Institute Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 10/24/2013
Foundation for Child Development (per New America Foundation) Investing in Our Future: The Evidence Base on Preschool Education Report 10/24/2013
Friedman Foundation School Choice Assumptions: Things Heard on a Suburban Saturday Night Commentary 10/24/2013
Illinois Policy Institute Trapped in Chicago's worst schools: Education outcomes in Chicago's lowest-performing public schools Report 10/24/2013
Public Impact Scalable Secondary-Level School Models Increase Teacher Pay, Planning Time Commentary 10/24/2013
TNTP Talking IMPACT With DCPS Commentary 10/24/2013
Brookings Institution Climate Change and Value-Added: New Evidence Requires New Thinking Commentary 10/23/2013
Ed Next More Research Showing Small Schools Work, Gates Remains Silent Commentary 10/23/2013
National Alliance for Public Charter Schools (per Public Impact) Quality School Ratings: Trends in Evaluating School Academic Quality Report 10/23/2013
Public Impact An Opportunity Culture for All: Making Teaching a Highly Paid, High-Impact Profession Report 10/23/2013
American Enterprise Institute E-Rate, education technology, and school reform Commentary 10/22/2013
Cato Institute Why Such a Harsh Review for a Book I Liked? Commentary 10/22/2013
CRPE Paul Hill: Bloomberg's Education Plan Is Working: Don't Ditch It Commentary 10/22/2013
Fordham Institute Common Core in the Schools: A First Look at Reading Assignments Report 10/22/2013
Cato Institute Book Review: Amanda Ripley’s The Smartest Kids in the World, and How They Got that Way Commentary 10/21/2013
CRPE New National Center for Special Education in Charter Schools Announcement 10/21/2013
Ed Next See You in the Center Commentary 10/21/2013
Ed Next Uncle Sam Shouldn’t Try to Manage School Staffing Commentary 10/21/2013
Education Trust Conference Feature: Getting to Graduation and Beyond Announcement 10/21/2013
Fordham Institute Hold me accountable on SIG Commentary 10/21/2013
Friedman Foundation Fiscal Undercurrents Pulling Us Toward Universal School Choice? Commentary 10/21/2013
Heartland Institute Three Common Core Executive Orders Change Little Commentary 10/21/2013
Heritage Foundation GUEST POST: Common Core Math Standards Do Not Prepare U.S. Students for STEM Careers. How Come? Commentary 10/21/2013
Hoover Institution Is Opportunity Declining? Becker Commentary 10/20/2013
Pioneer Institute 6 Takeaways on New Orleans’ charter initiative Commentary 10/19/2013
TNTP The Tea Party Comes to New York Commentary 10/17/2013
ConnCAN A Progress Report on Education Reform in Connecticut Commentary 10/16/2013
National Bureau of Economic Research Incentives, Selection and Teacher Performance: Evidence from Impact Report 10/1/2013

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