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Think Twice Weekly Report
November 2 - November 8
, 2013

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
AEI Common Core meets education reform: What it all means for politics, policy, and the future of schooling Announcement 11/8/2013
Heartland Institute inBloom to Depart CO, National Test Results, and More: Friday's Ed News Roundup Weekly digest 11/8/2013
Hoover Institution Spinning America's Report Card Commentary 11/8/2013
Lexington Institute Wiring Schools for the 21st Century - What it Will Take Commentary 11/8/2013
Cato Institute Why Malala Didn’t Go to Public School Commentary 11/7/2013
ConnCAN Statement: ConnCAN on NAEP Results Commentary 11/7/2013
Ed Next Historian Ravitch Trades Fact for Fiction Commentary 11/7/2013
Ed Next Scalable Way for Middle and High Schools to Increase Teacher Pay, Planning Time Commentary 11/7/2013
Education Trust Statement and Analysis From The Education Trust on the 2013 NAEP Reading and Mathematics Results Commentary 11/7/2013
Heritage Foundation Letter to Catholic Bishops: Catholic Schools Should Reject the Common Core Commentary 11/7/2013
Hoover Institution U.S. students show incremental progress on national test Commentary 11/7/2013
Show-Me Institute Is Common Core A ‘Victory For Everyone’? Announcement 11/7/2013
StudentsFirst What We Should Learn from the 2013 NAEP Results Commentary 11/7/2013
TNTP Ending the Teacher Hostage Crisis Commentary 11/7/2013
AEI A mixed election for school reform Commentary 11/6/2013
Ed Next Why I Wrote a Parent-Trigger Law Commentary 11/6/2013
Ed Next The Evolving Geography of Reform Commentary 11/6/2013
Ed Next Colorado School Funding Hike Goes Down in Flames Commentary 11/6/2013
Ed Next Diverse Charter Schools Commentary 11/6/2013
Fordham Institute Alternative charters and alternative accountability systems Commentary 11/6/2013
Friedman Foundation Douglas County Colorado Voters Choose School Choice Commentary 11/6/2013
Center of the American Experiment R.T. Rybak on the Role of Values in Addressing Achievement Gaps Commentary 11/5/2013
CRPE Washington Education Innovation Forum Presents: Bringing blended learning models to Washington State Announcement 11/5/2013
Education Trust An Issue Both Sides Can Agree On? Fair Access to Quality Teaching Commentary 11/5/2013
Fordham Institute Traversing the Teacher-Evaluation Terrain Announcement 11/5/2013
New America Foundation Success for All with i3 Program Commentary 11/5/2013
ConnCAN WTNH Interviews Jen Alexander About Importance of Early Childhood Education Video 11/4/2013
Education Trust California Legislation Curtails Public’s Ability to Get Data on Student Performance Commentary 11/4/2013
Fordham Institute Big education-spending decisions for Colorado voters on election day Commentary 11/4/2013
Fordham Institute How to fight poverty—and win Commentary 11/4/2013
Lexington Institute Course Choice Proving a Promising Ed Reform Approach Commentary 11/4/2013
New America Foundation Troubling & Promising Findings in NCTQ Scan of State Teacher Eval Policies Commentary 11/4/2013
Pioneer Institute On Marc Tucker’s Credibility (by Sandra Stotsky) Commentary 11/4/2013
Show-Me Institute Public Schools Do Not Serve All Students Commentary 11/4/2013
StudentsFirst My school's path to personalized learning Commentary 11/4/2013
Hoover Institution De Blasio's education agenda is full of hot air Commentary 11/3/2013
ConnCAN Video Series: Where #NewHaven Mayoral Candidates Stand on Key Education Reforms Video 11/2/2013
Ed Next Will Mayor de Blasio Turn Back the School Reform Clock? Commentary 11/1/2013
Education Sector Why Local Educators Haven't Heeded the Warnings in 'A Nation At Risk' Commentary 11/1/2013
Education Sector Perspectives on 'A Nation At Risk' Commentary 11/1/2013
Education Trust Michigan Lawmakers Move State Forward on Common Core Commentary 11/1/2013
Fordham Institute Remember whom open enrollment serves Commentary 11/1/2013
Friedman Foundation BRIEF: School Choice in the States October 2013 Commentary 11/1/2013
TNTP The First Quarter of Reform Commentary 11/1/2013
Ed Next Gains in Teacher Quality Commentary 10/30/2013
Pioneer Institute Massachusetts failing its history lessons Commentary 10/29/2013

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