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Think Twice Weekly Report
November 16 - November 22

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Brookings Institution Private Education, Social Class and Social Mobility Commentary 11/22/2013
ConnCAN CT Achievement Gap: Black Vs. White (Infographic) Commentary 11/22/2013
Ed Next Right-Sizing the Classroom Commentary 11/22/2013
Ed Next School Improvement Grants and the Lessons of History Commentary 11/22/2013
Heartland Institute Expanding Private School Access, DC Vouchers Report, and More: Friday's Ed News Weekly digest 11/22/2013
ConnCAN CT Achievement Gap: Hispanic Vs. White (Infographic) Commentary 11/21/2013
Ed Next New Evidence Raises Doubts on Obama’s Preschool for All Commentary 11/21/2013
Fordham Institute America’s rural schools and communities Commentary 11/21/2013
Fordham Institute Testimony to the D.C. Board of Education Commentary 11/21/2013
Fordham Institute Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 11/21/2013
Friedman Foundation The Future of the Louisiana School Voucher Case Simplified Commentary 11/21/2013
New America Foundation To Pave the Way for Education Innovation, Schools and Libraries Need a “High-Fiber Diet” Commentary 11/21/2013
Show-Me Institute Should School Choice Programs Require State Testing? Commentary 11/21/2013
TNTP Greetings from the Shoe Leather Department Commentary 11/21/2013
Cato Institute The Contempt’s the Thing Commentary 11/20/2013
ConnCAN CT Achievement Gap: Low-Income Vs. Middle/High-Income (Infographic) Commentary 11/20/2013
CRPE The SEA of the Future: Prioritizing Productivity 11/20/2013
Ed Next Petrilli Testimony on Common Core in Ohio Commentary 11/20/2013
Ed Next Evers Testimony on Common Core in Ohio Commentary 11/20/2013
Ed Next Stop Requiring Choice Programs to Take State Test Commentary 11/20/2013
Fordham Institute Times have changed, so must we: Seize the day, adapt, and thrive Commentary 11/20/2013
Fordham Institute Great teachers can teach more students, even without raising class sizes Commentary 11/20/2013
New America Foundation GAO Report Scorches D.C. Vouchers Program—Can Backers Douse the Flames? Commentary 11/20/2013
StudentsFirst The Importance of High Standards for Students and Teachers Commentary 11/20/2013
AEI Common Core meets education reform: What it all means for politics, policy, and the future of schooling Announcement 11/19/2013
Cato Institute DOJ Still Fighting School Choice in Louisiana Commentary 11/19/2013
ConnCAN ConnCan Introduces Infographic Series on CT's Achievement Gap Video 11/19/2013
Ed Next Using Blended Learning to Pay Teachers More Commentary 11/19/2013
Ed Next In The Best Interest Of Students: Blended Learning In Newark Charter Schools Commentary 11/19/2013
Ed Trust Groups Tell Texas State Board of Education: Hold Firm on Rigorous Math for All Students Commentary 11/19/2013
Fordham Institute If you like your federal education policy, you can keep it! Commentary 11/19/2013
Friedman Foundation The Decline of “Voting with Your Feet” in American Public School Districts Commentary 11/19/2013
New America Foundation Survey Finds States Can Collect Data – But Can They Use It? Commentary 11/19/2013
Public Impact Great Teachers Can Teach More Students, Even Without Raising Class Sizes Commentary 11/19/2013
TNTP The Earlier, the Better Commentary 11/19/2013
Center for American Progress How Approaches to Stuck-in-the-Mud School Funding Hinder Improvement Report 11/18/2013
Center for American Progress Categorical Funds: The Intersection of School Finance and Governance Report 11/18/2013
Ed Next The Mayors’ Charter Schools Commentary 11/18/2013
Ed Next Behind the Headline: ‘White Moms’ Remark Fuels Common Core Clash Commentary 11/18/2013
Fordham Institute Right-sizing the Classroom: Making the Most of Great Teachers Report 11/18/2013
Friedman Foundation Testing Educational Justice Commentary 11/18/2013
Pioneer Institute Video: Going Beyond in Lawrence, Mass. Video 11/18/2013
Pioneer Institute Common Core education criticized as well intended but insufficiently rigorous Commentary 11/16/2013
Friedman Foundation What’s on First: School Choice vs. Common Core Commentary 11/15/2013
Show-Me Institute Let’s Have The Common Core Debate We Should Have Had In 2010 Commentary 11/15/2013
Cato Institute Cato Files Brief in New Hampshire School Choice Case Commentary 11/14/2013
Education Trust Message to The U.S. Department of Education: Stop Walking Away From Your Responsibilities to Our Nation's Neediest Students Commentary 11/14/2013
Illinois Policy Institute Illinois legislators introduce bills to kill the state charter school commission Commentary 11/14/2013
New America Foundation New Pre-K Bill Contains Revolutionary Data Requirements Commentary 11/14/2013
Fordham Institute Traversing the Teacher-Evaluation Terrain Video 11/8/2013

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