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Think Twice Weekly Report
November 30 - December 6

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Ed Next Schools Improve When Leaders Stop Rationalizing Mediocrity Commentary 12/6/2013
Heartland Institute Nontraditional Schools Chart the Waters of Common Core Commentary 12/6/2013
Mackinac Center Education: U.S. Spends More, Gets Less Commentary 12/6/2013
Cato Institute The Core of Big Brother Commentary 12/5/2013
Center for American Progress The Right to Read: Suing a State for Better Teaching Commentary 12/5/2013
Center on Education Policy A Research Agenda For the Common Core State Standards Report 12/5/2013
Ed Next Nashville’s Schools, What It’s Like to be Poor, John White, Waivers, and More Commentary 12/5/2013
Ed Next Presumed Averageness: The Mis- Application of Classical Hypothesis Testing in Education Commentary 12/5/2013
Fordham Institute Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 12/5/2013
Friedman Foundation Friedman Foundation on the PISA Results Commentary 12/5/2013
Reason Foundation Weighted Student Formula Yearbook 2013 Commentary 12/5/2013
Reason Foundation Texas Families Show Strong Demand for More School Choice Commentary 12/5/2013
TNTP The Oak Park Dilemma Commentary 12/5/2013
Cato Institute PISA School Test Results Commentary 12/4/2013
Center for American Progress A Guide to the Common Core State Standards Commentary 12/4/2013
Ed Next Harnessing the Power of Competition to Improve Math Performance Commentary 12/4/2013
Education Trust U.S. Performance on International Tests Stalls; Large Achievement Gaps Remain Report 12/4/2013
Education Trust Duncan Backlash: A Sign That We Aren’t Communicating Effectively Commentary 12/4/2013
Fordham Institute Ohio Education Gadfly BiWeekly Biweekly digest 12/4/2013
George W. Bush Institute To Keep Students on Track, Middle School Matters Commentary 12/4/2013
Heartland Institute U.S. Students Slide on International Measure Commentary 12/4/2013
New America Foundation Two Approaches to Closing the Skills Gap – One of Which Actually Works Commentary 12/4/2013
AEI Don’t let fears stop necessary technology reform in L.A. schools Commentary 12/3/2013
Brookings Institution Tom Loveless: Shanghai PISA Test Scores Almost Meaningless; Hukou a Factor Commentary 12/3/2013
Cato Institute Highlights of the New PISA International Test Results Commentary 12/3/2013
Cato Institute Leaning Too Hard on PISA Commentary 12/3/2013
ConnCAN Statement From ConnCAN on PISA Results Commentary 12/3/2013
Ed Next Let the Best Practices Rorschach Test Begin Commentary 12/3/2013
Ed Next On PISA, U.S. Shows Few High Performers Commentary 12/3/2013
Ed Next PISA and Occam’s Razor Commentary 12/3/2013
Fordham Institute SIG’s Downfall: Judge, and be judged, by proficiency rates Commentary 12/3/2013
Fordham Institute What I’ve been reading Commentary 12/3/2013
George W. Bush Institute 21.1 Miles: A Distance that Dictates Student Achievement Commentary 12/3/2013
Hoover Institute So, the U.S. Is Terrible at International Tests: Who Cares? Commentary 12/3/2013
Hoover Institute American 15-Year-Olds Lag, Mainly in Math, on International Standardized Tests Commentary 12/3/2013
TNTP What if Questioning Were the Answer? Commentary 12/3/2013
Ed Next Technology Tools Lag Our Competency- Based Aspirations Commentary 12/2/2013
Education Trust So What Is PISA, and What’s All of the Fuss About? Commentary 12/2/2013
Friedman Foundation BRIEF: School Choice in the States November 2013 Commentary 12/2/2013
Heartland Institute Common Core Even Affects Letter Grades Commentary 12/2/2013
Show-Me Institute Missouri School Leaders Wrong On School Choice Commentary 12/2/2013
Pioneer Institute Common Core, the Gettysburg Address & human intent Commentary 12/1/2013
Fordham Institute Financing the Education of High-Need Students Report 11/25/2013

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