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Think Twice Weekly Report
December 6 - December 13

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Cato Institute Michelle Rhee’s Common Core Crud Commentary 12/13/2013
Heartland Institute Charter School Group Revitalizes Michigan District Commentary 12/13/2013
Cato Institute New Lawsuit against School Choice Program Commentary 12/12/2013
ConnCAN Common Core Offering Kids A Level Playing Field Commentary 12/12/2013
Ed Next Attention OECD-PISA: Your Silence on China is Wrong Commentary 12/12/2013
Education Trust A Few Reflections on PISA 2012 Commentary 12/12/2013
Fordham Foundation Little learners need better curriculum Commentary 12/12/2013
Friedman Foundation Reasons the Public Education System Has Become Increasingly Centralized Commentary 12/12/2013
Hoover Institute Do L.A.’s Teachers Deserve a Raise? Commentary 12/12/2013
Mackinac Center MCLF Featured in National Review Online Commentary 12/12/2013
New America Foundation Pay No Attention to Supposedly Low MOOC Completion Rates Commentary 12/12/2013
Center of the American Experiment Don’t Just Cry Commentary 12/11/2013
CRPE Communicating Change in Education: Ideas from a PR Expert Report 12/11/2013
Ed Next The Promising Future of Virtual spEd Commentary 12/11/2013
Friedman Foundation Private School Leaders Respond to Critics: Steve Hicks of Center Academy Commentary 12/11/2013
Fordham Institute The accountability moratorium is here (Transitioning to the Common Core, part 1) Commentary 12/10/2013
Fordham Institute Common Core and Reading: Which one of these things is not like the other? Commentary 12/10/2013
Heritage Foundation AFT’s Weingarten: Common Core Implementation Will Be Worse Than Obamacare Commentary 12/10/2013
Heritage Foundation Stuck in the Middle: American Student Performance Stagnates on New PISA Exam Commentary 12/10/2013
StudentsFirst What do teacher preparation programs actually teach? Commentary 12/10/2013
TNTP Risk and Rigor: A Guide to Discussing How Common Core Will Change Teaching Commentary 12/10/2013
Ed Next Paul Tough’s Grit Hypothesis Doesn’t Help Poor Kids Commentary 12/9/2013
Ed Next Quick Hits for a Snow Day Commentary 12/9/2013
Education Sector President Obama’s Speech on Inequality Commentary 12/9/2013
Heartland Institute GAO Report: DC Voucher Program Poorly Run Commentary 12/9/2013
New America Foundation A Case Study in Misalignment: Dual Language Learners and Teacher Evaluations in Chicago Commentary 12/9/2013
New America Foundation i3 Grant Tests the Potential & Reach of One of the Country’s Oldest PreK-3rd Programs Commentary 12/9/2013
TNTP Building the School Leadership Ladder Commentary 12/9/2013
Ed Next America’s Schools Earn a ‘C’ on Their Report Card Commentary 12/8/2013
Friedman Foundation How to Become a Teacher: Public vs. Private Commentary 12/6/2013
Friedman Foundation Friday Freakout: Private Schools Have “Cut Rate Teachers” Commentary 12/6/2013
New America Foundation Building Bridges Between Pre-K and Kindergarten Commentary 12/6/2013
Pioneer Institute Support for Common Core’s Fuzzy Math Doesn’t Add Up (by Sandra Stotsky) Commentary 12/6/2013
StudentsFirst Michelle Rhee: More Mediocrity for Amerian Education Commentary 12/6/2013
Lexington Institute “Lento Pero Seguro,” English Learners Maintain Consistent Gains Commentary 12/5/2013
Brookings Institute Presumed Averageness: The Mis-Application of Classical Hypothesis Testing in Education Commentary 12/4/2013
Lexington Institute Virginia Needs More Charter Schools Commentary 12/4/2013
Ed Next Grit v. Knowledge: Round 2 Commentary 12/3/2013

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