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Think Twice Weekly Report
December 20 - January 9, 2015

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
CRPE An Evaluation of Denver's SchoolChoice Process, 2012–2014: Is the School Enrollment System Working for Families? Report 1/9/2015
Fordham Institute Is it quality or quantity that counts? Commentary 1/9/2015
Show-Me Institute Should Missouri Use an A Through F System to Grade Public Schools? Commentary 1/9/2015
Bellwether Will the Common Core Lead to More Schools Labeled Failing? Not Really. Commentary 1/8/2015
Fordham Institute If Congress raises the "Obamacare workweek" to forty hours, many teachers won't qualify Commentary 1/8/2015
Friedman Foundation BRIEF: School Choice in the States December 2014 Commentary 1/8/2015
TNTP The Future of Teacher Pensions Commentary 1/8/2015
Buckeye Institute Is it Time to Get Rid of the Minimum Teacher Salary Schedule? Commentary 1/7/2015
Ed Next Teachers Are Mobile and Need Portable Retirement Benefits Commentary 1/7/2015
Ed Next School Vouchers Help Low-Income Minority Students Earn a College Degree Commentary 1/7/2015
Ed Next School Vouchers Help Low-Income Minority Students Earn a College Degree Commentary 1/7/2015
Fordham Institute 2015: The year of curriculum-based reform? Commentary 1/7/2015
Fordham Institute THE EDUCATION GADFLY WEEKLY Weekly digest 1/7/2015
Heartland Institute Yes, the Obama Administration Really Does Want to Redistribute Teachers Commentary 1/7/2015
Mackinac Center Charter School Student Enjoying Success at Stanford Commentary 1/7/2015
New America Foundation New Federal Guidance on Dual Language Learners Commentary 1/7/2015
New America Foundation How Language and Immigrant Background Influence Pre-K Participation and Kindergarten Readiness Commentary 1/7/2015
Bellwether In Defense of Standardized Testing Commentary 1/6/2015
CRPE A Blueprint for Effective and Adaptable School District Procurement Report 1/6/2015
CRPE The Procurement Tightrope Shouldn’t Tie Districts in Knots Commentary 1/6/2015
Ed Next Common Core Standards Aren’t So Easy To Replace Commentary 1/6/2015
Ed Next Common Core Standards Aren’t So Easy To Replace Commentary 1/6/2015
Ed Next Match Corps Goes National Commentary 1/6/2015
Friedman Foundation Top and Bottom Five School Choice Moments in 2014 Commentary 1/6/2015
Heritage Foundation Mississippi Lawmakers to Tackle Education, Taxes Commentary 1/6/2015
New America Foundation A New Wave of Federal Flexibility on Dual Language Learners Policy? Commentary 1/6/2015
TNTP In 2015, a Bolder Conversation On Inequality Commentary 1/6/2015
Cato Institute How to Design an Education Savings Account Commentary 1/5/2015
Ed Next Behind the Headline: Six Education Stories to Watch in 2015 Commentary 1/5/2015
Education Trust Why I Teach Where I Teach: Because I’m Needed Commentary 1/5/2015
Fordham Institute ESEA reauthorization explained in a single table Commentary 1/5/2015
Harvard PEPG "Competitive Impacts of Means-Tested Vouchers on Public School Performance: Evidence from Louisiana and Indiana" Report 1/5/2015
Harvard PEPG The Value of Smarter Teachers: International Evidence on Teacher Cognitive Skills and Student Performance Report 1/5/2015
Harvard PEPG Experimentally Estimated Impacts of School Vouchers on College Enrollment and Degree Attainment Report 1/5/2015
Heritage Foundation Union Lawsuit Against Florida School Choice Programs Dismissed, But the Battle Continues Commentary 1/5/2015
New America Foundation New America’s Dual Language Learners National Work Group Sets Up Shop Commentary 1/5/2015
Show-Me Institute Missouri’s Teacher Equity Plan Draft Misses the Mark Commentary 1/5/2015
Empire Center Are superintendents worth their weight? Commentary 1/4/2015
Heritage Foundation Jeb Bush Continues to Face Questions on Support for Common Core Commentary 1/4/2015
Heritage Foundation Nation’s Eighth Largest School District Faces Big Questions Commentary 1/4/2015
Heritage Foundation Indiana Joins Growing Number of States Pushing Civics Exam to Graduate High School Commentary 1/3/2015
AEI A bit of (Un)Common Core condescension Commentary 12/31/2014
Bellwether Federal Education Policy in Rural America Report 12/31/2014
Friedman Foundation Top 10 Friedman Foundation Blog Posts of 2014 Commentary 12/31/2014
Heartland Institute State May Take Over 30 Colorado Schools Commentary 12/31/2014
Heartland Institute Mississippi Officials, Grassroots Fight Common Core Commentary 12/31/2014
CRPE Education 2015: The City’s the Thing Commentary 12/30/2014
Fordham Institute Why didn't I think of that? Commentary 12/30/2014
Heartland Institute The School Choice Year Ahead Commentary 12/30/2014
Heartland Institute Charter School Growth Continues Commentary 12/30/2014
AEI Resolutions 2015: Politics and Public Opinion and Education Commentary 12/29/2014
AEI A resolution for 2015: Let’s turn higher education into an engine of upward mobility Commentary 12/29/2014
Ed Next Obvious Flaws Obviate New Education Efficiency Index Commentary 12/29/2014
Fordham Institute The missing link between standards and instruction Commentary 12/29/2014
Ed Next Why Aren’t All Teachers Covered By Social Security? Commentary 12/26/2014
Heritage Foundation ‘I Wouldn’t Eat It Either’: These Wyoming Schools Abandoned Federal School Lunch Guidelines Commentary 12/24/2014
Fordham Institute Your favorite (Fordham) things (in 2014) Commentary 12/23/2014
Fordham Institute Do policymakers cherry-pick research? Commentary 12/23/2014
New America Foundation Why Tennessee Should Stay the Course on Common Core Commentary 12/23/2014
AEI Free-market populism opportunity: Resist overregulation of child care Commentary 12/22/2014
AEI “High quality” preschools: Read the fine print Commentary 12/22/2014
Center For The American Experiment "Congratulations. Too Bad You’re Going to Fail" Commentary 12/22/2014
Ed Next Conundrums in Competency Commentary 12/22/2014
Fordham Institute Ohio problems, Ohio solutions Commentary 12/22/2014
Fordham Institute OHIO EDUCATION GADFLY BIWEEKLY Biweekly digest 12/22/2014
George W. Bush Institute The Year in Education at the Bush Institute Commentary 12/22/2014
Heritage Foundation ‘Public Education’ Should Fund Any Education, Not Just Government-Run Schools Commentary 12/22/2014
Heritage Foundation ‘Public Education’ Should Fund Any Education, Not Just Government-Run Schools Commentary 12/22/2014
New America Foundation After Winning, Then What? An Inside Look at Four Winners of Federal Early Education Grant Competitions Report 12/22/2014
New America Foundation Children Continue to Race to the Top, Even After Funding Ends Commentary 12/22/2014
New America Foundation Who Knows What’s Happening? Creating Pre-k through 3rd Alignment Commentary 12/22/2014
New America Foundation Dance, Act, Sing: Using Play-Based Learning to Unlock “Tools of the Mind” Commentary 12/22/2014
New America Foundation Reflections on 2014 from New America’s PreK-12 Ed Policy Team Commentary 12/22/2014
Pioneer Institute Innovation Interrupted: How the Achievement Gap Act of 2010 Has Redefined Charter Schooling in Massachusetts Report 12/22/2014
AEI Here come the child care cops Commentary 12/21/2014
Heritage Foundation How to Reform No Child Left Behind Commentary 12/21/2014
Heritage Foundation Why Even Common Core Supporters Are Changing Their Minds Commentary 12/20/2014
Bellwether Uncovered: Social Security, Retirement Uncertainty, and 1 Million Teachers Report 12/18/2014
Show-Me Institute TQB: Teacher Quality Bulletin Newsletter Monthly bulletin 12/18/2014
Hoover Institution The Jury Remains Out on Teacher Tenure and the Courts: A TC conference weighs the implications of Vergara and two New York cases Commentary 12/16/2014

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