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Think Twice Weekly Report
January 24 - January 30, 2015

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
CRPE Special Education in New Orleans: Juggling Flexibility, Reinvention, and Accountability in the Nation's Most Decentralized School System Report 1/30/2015
Ed Next Portfolio Districts: One Ring to Rule Them All Commentary 1/30/2015
Heartland Institute Pearson’s History Of Testing Problems Commentary 1/30/2015
Heartland Institute Step One: Make Educational Resources, Step Two: Create Tests, Step Three: Profit Commentary 1/30/2015
AEI America’s broken program for low-income children with disabilities — and what to do about it Commentary 1/29/2015
Brookings Institution High Achievers, Tracking, and the Common Core Commentary 1/29/2015
Cato Institute Conflicted on 529s Commentary 1/29/2015
Cato Institute Live Free and Learn: Scholarship Tax Credits in New Hampshire Commentary 1/29/2015
CRPE What We Mean When We Talk About School Choice Commentary 1/29/2015
Ed Next ESEA Reauthorization: Some Fixes to the Alexander Draft Commentary 1/29/2015
Ed Next Improving Educational Options for Georgia Children Commentary 1/29/2015
Fordham Institute Nine questions: What does it even mean to oppose the Common Core? Commentary 1/29/2015
Friedman Foundation America’s School Choice Programs Ranked By Purchasing Power Commentary 1/29/2015
Heritage Foundation How to Put Parents Back in Control of Their Child’s Education Commentary 1/29/2015
Hoover Institution Climate Change within New York's Democratic Leadership: Will There Be More Parental Choice in Education? Commentary 1/29/2015
New America Foundation Keys for Supporting Hispanic Dual Language Learners in Early Education Commentary 1/29/2015
Public Impact How 2 High-Poverty Schools Planned an Opportunity Culture Overhaul Commentary 1/29/2015
TNTP The Bus to Rikers Island Commentary 1/29/2015
ALEC States Embracing School Choice See Better Outcomes Commentary 1/28/2015
Center for American Progress ESEA Reauthorization: 5 Reasons Why Sen. Alexander’s Education Bill Fails Teachers Commentary 1/28/2015
Center of the American Experiment Minnesota Governors and School Choice Commentary 1/28/2015
CRPE “That’s Not How We Do Things”: Cui Bono Redux Commentary 1/28/2015
Ed Next To Empower State and Local Leaders, ESEA Reauthorization Should Include Competitive Grants Commentary 1/28/2015
Education Trust Too Much Testing? Or Not Enough Quality Testing? Commentary 1/28/2015
Fordham Institute Public funding, parent choice, and the values of the majority Commentary 1/28/2015
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 1/28/2015
Friedman Foundation The ABCs of School Choice Report 1/28/2015
Friedman Foundation America’s School Choice Programs Ranked By Eligibility Commentary 1/28/2015
George W. Bush Institute Productivity for Results Series Commentary 1/28/2015
Heartland Institute Behind the Sloganeering of School Choice Week Commentary 1/28/2015
New America Foundation New Data on Hispanic Dual Language Learners in U.S. Early Education Commentary 1/28/2015
TNTP Doubling Down On New York’s Education Commentary 1/28/2015
AEI Growth of school choice programs could be stunted without funding portability Commentary 1/27/2015
AEI Improving education requires hard choices and sustained leadership Commentary 1/27/2015
AEI The school choice journey: A conversation featuring US Senator Tim Scott Announcement 1/27/2015
CRPE Let’s Not Poke Our Own Eyes Out Commentary 1/27/2015
Ed Next How New Funding Models Can Unlock Innovations in Pedagogy Commentary 1/27/2015
Ed Next How Charters Are Innovating on Pensions Commentary 1/27/2015
Fordham Institute Advice to Republican leaders: Don't back down on high education standards Commentary 1/27/2015
Friedman Foundation America’s School Choice Programs Ranked by Participation Commentary 1/27/2015
NCTQ Doing the Math on Teacher Pensions: How to Protect Teachers and Taxpayers Report 1/27/2015
New America Foundation Experts Weigh in on Reforms to No Child Left Behind’s Title III Commentary 1/27/2015
TNTP The Changing Role of the SEA Commentary 1/27/2015
AEI The school choice journey: Parents experiencing more than improved test scores Commentary 1/26/2015
ALEC Data Show School Choice Works Commentary 1/26/2015
Cato Institute Learning in the Live Free or Die State Commentary 1/26/2015
Center for America Progress How ESEA Title I, Part A, Funding Can Better Serve the Most Disadvantaged Students Report 1/26/2015
Ed Next On Designing K-12 Education Savings Accounts Commentary 1/26/2015
Ed Next Good Reads for National School Choice Week Commentary 1/26/2015
Fordham Institute Stump speech challenge: A New Deal on testing Commentary 1/26/2015
Fordham Institute The case against federal accountability mandates in education Commentary 1/26/2015
Fordham Institute Ohio Education Gadfly Biweekly Biweekly digest 1/26/2015
Hoover Institution To expand opportunity, expand school choice Commentary 1/26/2015
Mackinac Center Spalding Discusses School Choice Commentary 1/26/2015
New America Foundation A Changing Role for Head Start? Commentary 1/26/2015
New America Foundation President Obama’s Map for Meeting Families’ Child Care Needs Commentary 1/26/2015
New America Foundation All in the Family: Obama’s State of the Union Vision Commentary 1/26/2015
AEI Education Reform in the 114th Congress: A Conversation with House Committee on Education and the Workforce Chairman John Kline Commentary 1/23/2015
Fordham Institute And the climate changes (at least in Albany) Commentary 1/23/2015
Friedman Foundation Friday Freakout: What It’s Like to Engage Opponents of School Choice Commentary 1/23/2015
Show-Me Institute For Education, It’s More of the Same Commentary 1/23/2015
WPRI There's no polarization on special needs vouchers Commentary 1/22/2015
AEI School choice: Bringing MLK’s dream closer to reality Commentary 1/20/2015
Third Way 3 Reasons Democrats Shouldn’t Support Rolling Back NCLB Testing Commentary 1/14/2015
Ed Next Single-Parent Families and Student Achievement: An International Perspective Report 1/9/2015
AEI AEI kicks off school choice week Commentary/Announcement 1/2/2015

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