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Think Twice Weekly Report
January 31 - February 6, 2015

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Ed Next Teacher Retention Is Currently Rising. What Are the Effects on Pensions? Commentary 2/6/2015
New America Foundation Better Policies for Dual Language Learners: Bridging Research, Policy, Implementation, and Classroom Practice Report 2/6/2015
New America Foundation What the Student Success Act Could Mean for DLLs Commentary 2/6/2015
AEI Inside foundations: Eight lessons from funders and grantees on education giving Commentary 2/5/2015
AEI A thoughtful critique of contemporary edu-giving Commentary 2/5/2015
AEI The backlash against ‘reform’ philanthropy Commentary 2/5/2015
AEI How old and new education foundation granting differ Commentary 2/5/2015
AEI ‘Singing from the same hymnbook': Education policy advocacy at Gates and Broad Commentary 2/5/2015
AEI The Gates Foundation MET Project: Paying attention to pedagogy while ‘privileging’ test scores Commentary 2/5/2015
Bellwether 3 Observations On Senator Lamar Alexander and School Choice Commentary 2/5/2015
Bellwether What Can Scaling Organizations Learn From Teach For America? It All Starts With Your Theory of Change Commentary 2/5/2015
Brookings Institute Improving Accountability in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act Commentary 2/5/2015
Ed Next Ohio’s Chain of Charter Accountability Commentary 2/5/2015
Ed Next Coursera, K12, Inc. Make Bold Moves to Drive Learning Commentary 2/5/2015
Ed Next The Meaning of Community at Democracy Prep Commentary 2/5/2015
Fordham Institute Understanding the federal accountability spectra Commentary 2/5/2015
Fordham Institute NCLB accountability is dead; long live ESEA testing Commentary 2/5/2015
George W. Bush Institute The Big Idea of School Accountability Commentary 2/5/2015
Heartland Institute Kansas Schools Sue State Over Education Funding Commentary 2/5/2015
Heritage Foundation School Suspends 9-Year-Old Boy for Pretending to Be Bilbo Baggins Commentary 2/5/2015
Third Way Did No Child Left Behind Work? Commentary 2/5/2015
Bellwether Does Teach For America Have an Impact on Student Learning? What the Research Says (Part 1 of 2) Commentary 2/4/2015
Brookings Institute The 2014 Education Choice and Competition Index Report 2/4/2015
Brookings Institute The Future of School Choice Video 2/4/2015
Brookings Institute Sen. Lamar Alexander: Trust parents to choose best school for their children Video 2/4/2015
Center for American Progress ESEA Reauthorization: Robin Hood in Reverse How ESEA Title I, Part A, ‘Portability’ Takes from the Poor and Gives to the Rest Report 2/4/2015
Ed Next How the Aging of the U.S. Population Will Affect K-12 Education Commentary 2/4/2015
Education Trust Students Want More, Not Less Commentary 2/4/2015
Fordham Institute The Test: Why Our Schools are Obsessed with Standardized Testing–But You Don’t Have to Be Commentary 2/4/2015
Fordham Institute Differentiated to death Commentary 2/4/2015
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 2/4/2015
Friedman Foundation Turn and Face the Strain: Age Demographic Change and the Near Future of American Education Report 2/4/2015
Heartland Institute Test Refusal Season Commentary 2/4/2015
Lexington Institute Transforming Education Through Digital And Blended Learning Report 2/4/2015
Mackinac Center Difference Between Bridge and Center Report Cards Commentary 2/4/2015
New America Foundation More Expert Thoughts on Updating No Child Left Behind’s Title III Commentary 2/4/2015
School Choice Wisconsin Governor Walker Eliminates Cap on School Choice Program Commentary 2/4/2015
Bellwether What Teach For America Learned Over the Past 15 Years Commentary 2/3/2015
Bellwether Let’s Make a Deal: The ESEA Compromise Congress Should Make Commentary 2/3/2015
Education Trust Why I Teach Where I Teach: I Practice What I Preach Commentary 2/3/2015
Fordham Institute Doug Lemov on Teach Like a Champion 2.0 Announcement 2/3/2015
Fordham Institute Obama's Year-Seven budget Biweekly digest 2/3/2015
Fordham Institute Backfilling charter seats: A backhanded way to kill school autonomy Commentary 2/3/2015
Heartland Institute Teacher-Prep Programs Under Fire Commentary 2/3/2015
Heartland Institute California School Uses Parent Trigger, District Spreads Rumors Commentary 2/3/2015
Heartland Institute Texas Savings Grant Program Could Save Billions Commentary 2/3/2015
IL Policy Institute State Of The State: 10 Facts You Need To Know About Public Education In IL Commentary 2/3/2015
Show-Me Institute When Will Missouri Lawmakers Hear a School Choice Bill? Commentary 2/3/2015
Bellwether Education Partners Exponential Growth, Unexpected Challenges: How Teach for America Grew in Scale and Impact Report 2/2/2015
Brookings Institution Testing Costs a Drop in the Bucket Commentary 2/2/2015
Brookings Institution Early Childhood Development: Three Things Experts Agree on about Outcomes, Quality, and Costs Commentary 2/2/2015
Center for American Progress ESEA Reauthorization: 5 Reasons Why Sen. Alexander’s Education Bill Fails Communities of Color Commentary 2/2/2015
Center for American Progress ESEA Reauthorization: 5 Reasons Why Sen. Alexander’s Education Bill Fails Students with Disabilities Commentary 2/2/2015
Center for American Progress ESEA Reauthorization: 5 Reasons Why Sen. Alexander’s Draft Education Bill Fails Parents Commentary 2/2/2015
Ed Next Three False Dichotomies in Blended Learning Commentary 2/2/2015
Ed Next The Problem With NCLB-Style ‘Political Cover’ Commentary 2/2/2015
Education Trust “Congress, Keep the Backbone of ESEA Strong!” Press release 2/2/2015
Education Trust Closing Long-Standing Opportunity and Achievement Gaps: Testing and Transparency Are Critical, But Schools Must Be Accountable for Doing Their Part Commentary 2/2/2015
Education Trust It Takes a Teacher Commentary 2/2/2015
Fordham Institute In defense of New York City's selective high schools Commentary 2/2/2015
Heartland Institute Students Hurt by Lack of Competition in Digital Education Commentary 2/2/2015
New America Foundation The Common Core Just Might be the Greatest (or Worst) Thing to Happen to DLLs Commentary 2/2/2015
New America Foundation A Survey to Map Early Literacy Initiatives Assisted by New Technologies Commentary 2/2/2015
New America Foundation Key Questions on President’s 2016 Education Budget – PreK-12 Commentary 2/2/2015
Heartland Institute North Carolina Vouchers Challenged Commentary 2/1/2015
Heartland Institute Jeb Bush's Common Core Hedging Undermines Reform Efforts Commentary 1/31/2015
Heritage Foundation The Next Frontier in School Choice Commentary 1/31/2015
Friedman Foundation America’s School Choice Yearbook Superlatives Commentary 1/30/2015
Heritage Foundation Another Successful and Inspiring National School Choice Week Commentary 1/30/2015
Heritage Foundation The Future of School Choice: An Education Savings Account for Every Child Commentary 1/30/2015

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