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Think Twice Weekly Report
February 7 - February 13, 2015

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Bellwether Create a Clear Value Proposition for the Central Team Commentary 2/13/2015
Ed Next Snow Days Show Why Schools, Blended Learning Matter Commentary 2/13/2015
Empire Center More retired teachers are pocketing six-figure pensions Commentary 2/13/2015
Fordham Institute Who needs data? Carmen Farina knows best Commentary 2/13/2015
New America Foundation Strengthening Early Learning in a New ESEA Part 2 Commentary 2/13/2015
Show-Me Institute School Visit Series: A Charter With a Community Impact Commentary 2/13/2015
AEI Bobby Jindal’s education plan Commentary 2/12/2015
Bellwether After Two Years in Teach For America, What’s Next? (Part 2 of 2) Commentary 2/12/2015
ConnCAN Addressing Connecticut's Education: Improving Turnaround Measures for Our Lowest Performing Schools Report 2/12/2015
Ed Next A Wonky But Important Argument for Annual Statewide Testing Commentary 2/12/2015
Ed Next New Hampshire’s Journey Toward Competency-Based Education Commentary 2/12/2015
Ed Trust What Do Teachers Really Think About Assessment? Commentary 2/12/2015
Friedman Foundation Mississippi’s Senate ESA Bill Breakdown Commentary 2/12/2015
Heartland Institute Ohio District Makes Little Effort to Inform Parents of Parent Trigger Option Commentary 2/12/2015
Show-Me Institute For Charter Schools, SLPS Is Marie Antoinette Commentary 2/12/2015
TNTP Wanted: Transformational Leaders Commentary 2/12/2015
AEI The crazy campus crusade against Teach For America Commentary 2/11/2015
AEI The future of Teach For America: A conversation with Co-CEO Elisa Villanueva Beard Video/announcement 2/11/2015
ALEC Guest post: Crafting strong educational policies while protecting student data Commentary 2/11/2015
Bellwether A Wonky But Important Argument for Annual Statewide Testing Commentary 2/11/2015
Brookings Institution Top 10 leaders and laggards in school choice and competition Commentary 2/11/2015
CRPE Walking in Memphis: A Reality Check on Civil Rights and Education Commentary 2/11/2015
Fordham Institute Doug Lemov reveals his secrets Commentary 2/11/2015
Fordham Institute Is Common Core too hard for kindergarten? Commentary 2/11/2015
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly Digest 2/11/2015
Heartland Institute For-Profit Charters Under Unfair Attack, Defenders Say Commentary 2/11/2015
Heritage Foundation School Choice Could Erode Inequality. So Why Doesn’t Obama’s Budget Include D.C. School Choice Funding? Commentary 2/11/2015
Heritage Foundation No Program Left Behind Commentary 2/11/2015
New America Foundation Strengthening Early Learning in a New ESEA Commentary 2/11/2015
TNTP A Helpful Nudge on Teacher Evaluation Commentary 2/11/2015
AEI A caution to early educators Commentary 2/10/2015
Bellwether Structuring Local and Central Teams: What Scaling Organizations Can Learn From Teach For America Commentary 2/10/2015
Cato Institute School Choice Survives Repeal Attempt in New Hampshire … Again Commentary 2/10/2015
Center on Education Policy A Compendium of Research on the Common Core State Standards Report 2/10/2015
Fordham Institute Teacher evaluations: Uncle Sam, exit stage left Commentary 2/10/2015
Fordham Institute Teacher evaluation gone wrong Commentary 2/10/2015
Fordham Institute What "Humans of New York" should teach education reformers Commentary 2/10/2015
Fordham Institute Can Gifted Education Survive the Common Core? Announcement 2/10/2015
Friedman Foundation BRIEF: School Choice in the States January 2015 Commentary 2/10/2015
Heartland Institute Battling Hurricane Gray through Education Choice Commentary 2/10/2015
Heartland Institute Rewriting NCLB —Again Commentary 2/10/2015
AEI What you need to know about the ‘new’ education philanthropy Commentary 2/9/2015
Brookings Institution With Common Core testing, you get what you pay for Commentary 2/9/2015
Ed Trust Counting All Students … Because They’re Counting on Us Commentary 2/9/2015
Fordham Institute The future of school accountability Commentary 2/9/2015
Fordham Institute Ohio Education Gadfly Biweekly Biweekly digest 2/9/2015
Heartland Institute Oklahoma Bill Champions K-12 ESAs Commentary 2/9/2015
Heritage Foundation Bobby Jindal on Anti-Common Core Moms: ‘I Wouldn’t Bet Against Them’ Commentary 2/9/2015
New America Foundation Lessons from Texas on the Relationship Between School Funding and the Academic Achievement of English Language Learners Commentary 2/9/2015
New America Foundation The Top Three Early Ed Requests in President Obama’s HHS Budget Commentary 2/9/2015
AEI School testing is unpopular, so it must be conservative Commentary 2/6/2015
CRPE A Grand Bargain on Title I: Fulfilling the Promise Commentary 2/6/2015
New America Foundation If Congress Wants Better Educators, It Can’t Let States Off the Hook Commentary 2/6/2015
AEI Buckets Into Another Sea Report 2/5/2015
Empire Center What’s driving K-12 school costs? Report 2/3/2015

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