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Think Twice Weekly Report
March 28 - April 3, 2015

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Bellwether Campbell’s Law, Cheating, and Atlanta’s NAEP Score Gains Commentary 4/3/2015
ConnCAN What's the ECS And Why Should You Care Commentary 4/3/2015
EdNext Boot Camps for Charter Boards Commentary 4/3/2015
AEI How to help policymakers help you Commentary 4/2/2015
Center for American Progress How We Can Build Upon No Child Left Behind’s Progress for Students With Disabilities in a Reauthorized ESEA Report 4/2/2015
CRPE What Africa Can Teach Us About Educating Low-Income Kids at Scale Commentary 4/2/2015
Fordham Institute The rough balance serves students well Commentary 4/2/2015
Heartland Institute Good Prospects for School Choice Laws Commentary 4/2/2015
Lexington Institute We Must Better Prepare Children for Colleges of the Future Commentary 4/2/2015
New America Foundation Bridging Gaps For Immigrant-Origin Children Commentary 4/2/2015
Bellwether Debating D.C. Charter Market Share: Quality Schools for All Kids Should Be Primary Goal Commentary 4/1/2015
Bellwether Taking Pearson and McKoy at Their Words Commentary 4/1/2015
CRPE Accountability and the Federal Role: A Third Way on ESEA Report 4/1/2015
CRPE Can We Agree on School Accountability? Commentary 4/1/2015
Fordham Institute Choice, accountability, and charter performance Commentary 4/1/2015
Fordham Institute Real-world governance change Commentary 4/1/2015
Friedman Foundation BRIEF: School Choice in the States March 2015 Commentary 4/1/2015
New America Foundation Why We Don’t Need to Get Rid of Common Core to Have Play in Kindergarten Commentary 4/1/2015
Show-Me Institute Should School Districts Be Too Small to Fail? Commentary 4/1/2015
Third Way Should a New No Child Left Behind Include Vouchers? Commentary 4/1/2015
AEI The myth of universal pre-K Commentary 3/31/2015
ALEC Homeschooling Continues to Grow Commentary 3/31/2015
Bellwether Forget Everything You Think You Know About Rural Teachers Commentary 3/31/2015
Brookings Institute Increasing education: What it will and will not do for earnings and earnings inequality Commentary 3/31/2015
Brookings Institute The Data Revolution and education post-2015: Considering the promise and the risks Commentary 3/31/2015
Center for American Progress Dramatic Action, Dramatic Improvement: The Research on School Turnaround Report 3/31/2015
Center of the American Experiment Governor Dayton’s New Plans for Early Childhood Education or How the Blob is Annexing Freedom Commentary 3/31/2015
Friedman Foundation Breaking Down Arkansas’s School Voucher Bill Commentary 3/31/2015
George W. Bush Foundation “Research Says…” - Why quality research matters for education Commentary 3/31/2015
Heartland Institute Arkansas Legislators Pass Bill to Create Choice Program Commentary 3/31/2015
New America Foundation State Momentum Building in Support of Dual Immersion Programs Commentary 3/31/2015
Pioneer Institute Closing the Achievement Gap Through METCO Report 3/31/2015
Public Impact What Makes an Opportunity Culture Different? Commentary 3/31/2015
TNTP Leading a School Beyond Turnaround Commentary 3/31/2015
AEI Civic Education Professional Development: The Lay of the Land Report 3/30/2015
AEI Interview—Rick Hess: ‘teacher leadership’ can and should be more than an empty phrase Commentary 3/30/2015
AEI Why can’t politicians get out of schooling? Commentary 3/30/2015
AEI Is the Student Success Act conservative enough? Commentary 3/30/2015
Bellwether Talent 2.0 in Baton Rouge Commentary 3/30/2015
Cato Institute Disagreement over Chile’s National School Choice Program Commentary 3/30/2015
CRPE Special Education Governance in New Orleans Commentary 3/30/2015
EdNext The Death of the Think Tank, R.I.P. Commentary 3/30/2015
EdNext The Gender Gap in Reading Commentary 3/30/2015
Education Trust Traditional Autonomy Isn’t Necessarily Supportive Commentary 3/30/2015
Fordham Institute How to fix teacher evaluations Commentary 3/30/2015
Fordham Institute Time for a new non-district charter authorizer in D.C. Commentary 3/30/2015
Heartland Institute Arizona Senate Kills Bill to Repeal Common Core Commentary 3/30/2015
Heritage Foundation This Top Teacher Is Right: Common Core Is Wrong Solution Commentary 3/30/2015
NCTQ TQ News Extra Weekly newsletter 3/30/2015
New America Foundation New Database Tracks Dual Language Learners Policies in the States Commentary 3/30/2015
Bellwether The Complications of Educational Returns in Rural America Commentary 3/29/2015
Show-Me Institute Audit the Kansas City Public Schools Commentary 3/31/2014

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