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Think Twice Weekly Report
April 4 - April 10, 2015

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Cato Institute Rule by ‘Dear Colleague’ Letter: The Department of Education’s Stealth Regulation Commentary 4/10/2015
Ed Next Creativity, Cartels, and the Supply Side of Choice-Based Reform Commentary 4/10/2015
Fordham Institute The Game Believes in You: A conversation with Greg Toppo Announcement 4/10/2015
Friedman Foundation Friday Freakout: Are Schools That Use Marketing Tactics Bad? Commentary 4/10/2015
New America Foundation A New ESEA: Bipartisanship Doesn’t Add Up to Much for DLLs Commentary 4/10/2015
Third Way How the Every Child Achieves Act Changes No Child Left Behind Commentary 4/10/2015
ALEC Teacher Evaluations Back in the News Commentary 4/9/2015
Bellwether Wonky Texas School Finance Proposal has Merit, but is it Worth the Political Bloodletting? Commentary 4/9/2015
Brookings Institute Opt-out movement likely inconsequential for teacher evaluations Commentary 4/9/2015
Ed Next More Middle-Class Families Choose Charters Commentary 4/9/2015
Ed Next How NYC Expanded Its Charter Sector Commentary 4/9/2015
Heartland Institute West Virginia Senate Guts Common Core Repeal Bill Commentary 4/9/2015
Heartland Institute Do High-Stakes Exit Exams Improve Student Achievement? Commentary 4/9/2015
Heartland Institute Albuquerque Public Schools to Offer Virtual Program Commentary 4/9/2015
New America Foundation Interview: Improving Training for Teachers of Dual Language Learners Commentary 4/9/2015
New America Foundation Bipartisan ESEA Bill Misses Key Lever for Improving Teaching Quality Commentary 4/9/2015
Pioneer Institute Great Teachers are Not Born, They are Made: Case Study Evidence from Massachusetts Charters Report 4/9/2015
AEI Measuring mastery: Best practices for assessment in competency-based education Report 4/8/2015
AEI Employer perspectives on competency-based education Report 4/8/2015
AEI The ‘University of Everywhere’ isn’t for everyone: The future of learning will be a big tent Commentary 4/8/2015
AEI Let’s dig a little deeper before calling for an average performing school to be shut down Commentary 4/8/2015
AEI How teachers can use levers other than the principal to effect change Video 4/8/2015
Bellwether 8 Thoughts on Lamar Alexander & Patty Murray’s “Every Child Achieves Act of 2015″ Commentary 4/8/2015
Bellwether D.C. Charter Debate: Roundup of Recent Conversations Commentary 4/8/2015
Cato Institute Fed Ed, by Every Other Name, Still Smells Rank Commentary 4/8/2015
Cato Institution Victories for Educational Choice in the Southwest Commentary 4/8/2015
CRPE Charter High Schools and the “Backfill” Debate Commentary 4/8/2015
Ed Next President Obama and the Politics of Pensions Commentary 4/8/2015
Fordham Institute The rough balance serves students well Commentary 4/8/2015
Fordham Institute How Well Are American Students Learning? Part III: Student Engagement Commentary 4/8/2015
Fordham Institute How Well Are American Students Learning? Part II: Measuring Effects of the Common Core Commentary 4/8/2015
Fordham Institute How Well Are American Students Learning? Part I: Girls, Boys, and Reading Commentary 4/8/2015
Fordham Institute Why school choice is the highest form of fairness Commentary 4/8/2015
Fordham Institute College preparedness over the years, according to NAEP Commentary 4/8/2015
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 4/8/2015
Heartland Institute Welcome to Your New Factory School Commentary 4/8/2015
Heritage Foundation Allowing States to Opt Out of NCLB Through APLUS: Empowering Parents and State and Local Leaders—Not Teachers Unions Commentary 4/8/2015
Mackinac Center Detroit Coalition Plan Would Lead to More Schools Outside of Detroit Commentary 4/8/2015
AEI The ‘A-Plus’ Act gets an F Commentary 4/7/2015
Cato Institution Do Housing Vouchers Help Poor Children? Commentary 4/7/2015
ConnCAN A Win In The Fight For Great Schools Commentary/Video 4/7/2015
CRPE Is There a Third Way for ESEA? Commentary 4/7/2015
Friedman Foundation Are School Voucher Studies Biased from Front to Back? Commentary 4/7/2015
Friedman Foundation Breaking Down Nevada’s Tax-Credit Scholarship Bill Commentary 4/7/2015
Heartland Institute Nevada Senate Passes School Choice Program Weekly newsletter 4/7/2015
Heartland Institute Idaho Choice Advocates Want Override of Veto Commentary 4/7/2015
New America Foundation Could Micro-credentials Drive Transparency — and Quality — in Teacher Learning? Commentary 4/7/2015
Third Way Bipartisan Compromise on No Child Left Behind Commentary 4/7/2015
TNTP Diverse Teaching Teams for Diverse Schools Commentary 4/7/2015
Education Sector Is Funding in Your State Equitable? A Tour of Our New Data Tool Commentary 4/6/2015
Fordham Institute Ohio Education Speakers Series event: school closures and student achievement Announcement 4/6/2015
Fordham Institute Ohio Education Gadfly Biweekly Biweekly digest 4/6/2015
NCTQ TQ News Extra Weekly digest 4/6/2015

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