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Think Twice Weekly Report
May 23 - May 29, 2015

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Heritage Foundation These 4 Graphics Tell the Story of School Choice Commentary 5/29/2015
New America Foundation The Art of Implementation: California’s LCAPs Fall Short for ELs Commentary 5/29/2015
Show-Me Institute Nobody Benefits from School Buildings Sitting Vacant Video 5/29/2015
AEI The tenure lawsuit still matters Commentary 5/28/2015
AEI Shifting ground below paradoxical NAEP scores Commentary 5/28/2015
AEI AEI Education: Experts, highlights, and headlines Commentary 5/28/2015
Cato Institute How School Choice Improves Public Schools Commentary 5/28/2015
CRPE Avoiding the Comprehensive Schools Trap for Charter High Schools Commentary 5/28/2015
Education Next Fixing Teacher Education Commentary 5/28/2015
Education Next Boosting Educational Attainment and Adult Earnings Commentary 5/28/2015
Fordham Institute George Pataki quotes about education Commentary 5/28/2015
Fordham Institute Understanding incentives in charter authorizing Commentary 5/28/2015
Friedman Foundation ‘We Exist’: One Public School Teacher and Board Member’s Journey Advocating for School Choice Commentary 5/28/2015
Heartland Institute Nevada Senate Approves ESA Program Commentary 5/28/2015
Heartland Institute Leo Catholic High School Students Provide Evidence Favoring School Choice Commentary 5/28/2015
Heritage Foundation Chris Christie Vows to Scrap Common Core in New Jersey Announcement 5/28/2015
University of Arkansas Comparisons of Student Perceptions of Teacher’s Performance in the Classroom: Using Parametric Anchoring Vignette Methods for Improving Comparability Report 5/28/2015
Bellwether Great News: Fewer Students Attending High School Dropout Factories Commentary 5/27/2015
CRPE The SEA of the Future: Uncovering the Productivity Promise of Rural Education Report 5/27/2015
Education Next The Summer 2015 Issue of EdNext Is Here Commentary 5/27/2015
Education Trust ‘The Only Route for Poor Children Out of Poverty Is Us’ Commentary 5/27/2015
Education Trust When Tests Get Real Commentary 5/27/2015
Fordham Institute Closing the Expectations Gap 2014 Commentary 5/27/2015
Fordham Institute Rick Santorum quotes about education Commentary 5/27/2015
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 5/27/2015
Heartland Institute Louisiana House Reaches Common Core Compromise Commentary 5/27/2015
Heartland Institute Blended Learning Could Be an Answer for America's Education Woes Commentary 5/27/2015
New America Foundation Language, Identity, and Community in Hawaiian Immersion Schools Commentary 5/27/2015
ConnCAN How Are Connecticut Students Performing? Commentary 5/26/2015
Education Next Eight Ways Teachers Can Maximize Their Pensions Commentary 5/26/2015
Education Sector It’s Time for States to Stop Overstating Student Proficiency Commentary 5/26/2015
Fordham Institute Governor Markell's school choice column gets lost in the mail Commentary 5/26/2015
Fordham Institute Truth and consequences Commentary 5/26/2015
George W. Bush Institute Getting Buy-in Across a District Can Help Middle Schools Commentary 5/26/2015
Heartland Institute Vouchers in Waukegan? It's a Real Possibility Commentary 5/26/2015
Heritage Foundation Here’s the Data to Prove School Choice Is Working Commentary 5/26/2015
New America Foundation Dual Language Learners Reader Post #3: Identifying DLLs Commentary 5/26/2015
Show-Me Institute Charter Schools Are Not the Enemy Commentary 5/26/2015
TNTP Making Great Teaching Sustainable Commentary 5/26/2015
Heritage Foundation Why Do Politicians Want to End a Program That Actually Works? Commentary 5/24/2015
AEI Charter school authorizing: So what is your limiting principle? Commentary 5/22/2015
Fordham Institute Education Longitudinal Study of 2002 Transcript 5/18/2015

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