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Think Twice Weekly Report
June 6 - June 12, 2015

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Bellwether Updated: The Pessimist’s Take on Rising High School Graduation Rates? Commentary 6/12/2015
Cato Institute American Mathematical Society: Hurdles to U.S. Tech. Improvement Commentary 6/12/2015
Ed Next Not All Pensions Are Equal Commentary 6/12/2015
Fordham Institute Announcing the Fordham Institute’s second annual Wonkathon. This year's topic: Education savings accounts Announcement 6/12/2015
New America Foundation State Advisory Councils Encourage Collaboration in ECE Commentary 6/12/2015
New America Foundation Lessons from Houston on the Benefits of Dual Immersion Programs for DLLs Commentary 6/12/2015
Public Impact Expanding District Capacity to Turn Around Failing Schools Report 6/12/2015
Brookings Institution Using video to make classroom observations more fair, more helpful, and less burdensome Commentary 6/11/2015
Cato Institute Misinformed on Common Core? This Won’t Set You Straight Commentary 6/11/2015
CRPE How Choice Strengthens Schools and Families Commentary 6/11/2015
Ed Next Turnaround School Districts Commentary 6/11/2015
Education Trust Improvement — At Scale Weekly digest 6/11/2015
New America Foundation Dual Language Learners and the Scourge of Limited Data Commentary 6/11/2015
Show-Me Institute Is There Accountability for Virtual Schools in the Transfer Bill? Commentary 6/11/2015
TNTP Shifting the Lens from Teacher to Student Commentary 6/11/2015
AEI Too little, too late Commentary 6/10/2015
Brookings Institution Getting education bills to the finish line Webcast 6/10/2015
Ed Next Common Core’s First Breakout Hit? Commentary 6/10/2015
Education Trust Teachers: Accountability Buttresses Education for All Students Biweekly digest 6/10/2015
Fordham Institute Getting Out of the Way: Education Flexibility to Boost Innovation and Improvement in Ohio Report 6/10/2015
Fordham Institute Redefining the School District in America Report 6/10/2015
Fordham Institute Building Literacy Skills: The state of reading instruction in grades K–3 Commentary 6/10/2015
Fordham Institute A peek inside the classroom black box Commentary 6/10/2015
Fordham Institute Want more college graduates? Improve our K–12 system Commentary 6/10/2015
Heartland Institute Louisiana Governor to Sign Common Core Compromise Commentary 6/10/2015
Heartland Institute Scholars Blast U.S. History Rewrite Commentary 6/10/2015
Heritage Foundation AP US History Framework Won’t Give Students Grounding in Civic Virtues Commentary 6/10/2015
Manhattan Institute Curriculum Counts: NYC Public Schools and the Common Core Report 6/10/2015
Pioneer Institute Support & Defend: The K-12 Education of Military-Connected Children Report 6/10/2015
AEI Good news on school safety and discipline Commentary 6/9/2015
ConnCAN Timeline: Legislative Session 2015 Commentary 6/9/2015
Ed Next What Twitter Says about the Education Policy Debate Commentary 6/9/2015
Education Trust Video: Title I School Leaders Want Accountability Commentary 6/9/2015
Heartland Institute Kansas Judge Dismisses Teachers Union Lawsuit Commentary 6/9/2015
Heritage Foundation Nevada Education Accounts … Not Your Father’s School Choice Program Commentary 6/9/2015
TNTP Building Culturally Inclusive Classrooms Commentary 6/9/2015
AEI Times op-ed goes all in on student debt silliness Commentary 6/8/2015
Cato Institute Truancy Laws: What Libertarians Knew Commentary 6/8/2015
Cato Institute Sorry Taxpayers, Paying You Back Is Bad for My Bliss Commentary 6/8/2015
Ed Next An Open Letter to Robert Putnam Announcement 6/8/2015
Ed Next Charter Schools Innovate To Tackle Teacher Preparation Commentary 6/8/2015
Education Sector Lighting the Fuse on Teacher Preparation 2.0 Commentary 6/8/2015
New America Foundation Dual Language Learners Reader Post #5: Models of Language Instruction Commentary 6/8/2015
Reason Foundation School Choice, Funding Portability, and Trends In Educational Privatization Report 6/8/2015
Heartland Institute Indiana Legislators Write Low-Interest Loans for Charters into State Budget Commentary 6/7/2015
School Choice Wisconsin Let's keep the focus on the kids Commentary 6/7/2015

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