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Think Twice Weekly Report
July 4 - July 10, 2015

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Ed Next Wisconsin High Schools Learn from New PISA Test Commentary 7/10/2015
New America Foundation An Amendment to ECAA to Investigate the Identification of DLLs in Early Childhood Commentary 7/10/2015
AEI A checklist for fixing ESEA Commentary 7/9/2015
AEI Discussing changes to No Child Left Behind: Hess on PBS’s ‘NewsHour’ Video 7/9/2015
Bellwether 5 Winners and 5 Losers Under the Every Child Achieves Act Commentary 7/9/2015
Bellwether House Republicans and the NEA: Unlikely Allies Commentary 7/9/2015
Brookings Institute Implementing Common Core: The problem of instructional time Commentary 7/9/2015
Cato Institute Sen. Murray and the “No Evidence for School Choice” Canard Commentary 7/9/2015
CRPE Changing the Narrative in New Orleans: Sarah Newell Usdin Talks with Adam Hawf Commentary 7/9/2015
Ed Next A Checklist for Fixing ESEA Commentary 7/9/2015
Heritage Foundation Conservatives, White House Upset With Education Law Rewrite for Different Reasons Commentary 7/9/2015
Heritage Foundation Senate Democrats Move to Fund Universal Pre-Kindergarten Commentary 7/9/2015
New America Foundation Addressing Bilingual Teacher Shortages in Connecticut Commentary 7/9/2015
Reason Foundation Ohio Governor's Controversial Funding Vetoes Benefit Low-Capacity School Districts Commentary 7/9/2015
Ed Next Disparate Impact Indeed Commentary 7/8/2015
Ed Next Don’t End Accountability for Federal Education Dollars Commentary 7/8/2015
Education Trust Senate proposal to rewrite No Child Left Behind falls miserably short Commentary 7/8/2015
Fordham Institute Don't ditch accountability Commentary 7/8/2015
Fordham Institute Charter School Accountability Act Misses the Mark Commentary 7/8/2015
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 7/8/2015
Heartland Institute NCLB Rewrites to Hit Congress Again Commentary 7/8/2015
Heritage Foundation How We Can Stop the Expansion of the Federal Government Into Our Classrooms Commentary 7/8/2015
Lexington Institute Reforming Education Funding To Reward Performance (from Forbes) Commentary 7/8/2015
Mackinac Center Albion Superintendent Wrongly Tries to Stop Students From Leaving Commentary 7/8/2015
ALEC STEM – Will it replace liberal arts? Commentary 7/7/2015
Bellwether To My Friend Mike Petrilli: Please Stop Confusing the ESEA Debate Commentary 7/7/2015
Center for American Progress ESEA Reauthorization: 5 Key Principles to Guide Consideration of any ESEA Title I Formula Change Report 7/7/2015
Ed Next Beware of Superintendents Who Push for Too Much Reform Commentary 7/7/2015
Fordham Institute To my friends on the Left and Right: Please stop polarizing the ESEA debate Commentary 7/7/2015
Fordham Institute Theory without experience is intellectual play Commentary 7/7/2015
Friedman Foundation BRIEF: School Choice in the States June 2015 Commentary 7/7/2015
George W. Bush Institute The Road Forward for Accountability and Student Achievement Commentary 7/7/2015
Heartland Institute Why Your State Should Copy Nevada’s School Choice Plan Commentary 7/7/2015
Heritage Foundation Unions Love This New Version of No Child Left Behind. That Should Worry Conservatives. Commentary 7/7/2015
Pioneer Institute Education Commissioner Mitchell Chester Should Recuse Himself from Upcoming Decision on PARCC & MCAS Commentary 7/7/2015
Reason Foundation Los Angeles Unified: Case in Point for Why Weighted Student Formula at the District Level is Not Enough Commentary 7/7/2015
Third Way Talking About Changes to ESEA Commentary 7/7/2015
AEI ‘Path dependency’ in early childhood policy: What it is and why it matters Commentary 7/6/2015
AEI Ignore the distractions in this week’s Senate ECAA debate Commentary 7/6/2015
AEI The Schooling in America Survey: What do Americans think of school choice? Video/commentary 7/6/2015
Bellwether Schooling Isn’t Learning, the Rewards to Better Schools Are Enormous, and Other Observations from Eric Hanushek Commentary 7/6/2015
ConnCAN Making Progress For Kids: The Ins And Outs Of Public Act 15-108 Commentary 7/6/2015
CRPE A Renewed Sense of Hope in New Orleans: Jamar McKneely Talks with Adam Hawf Commentary 7/6/2015
Education Trust Statement from The Education Trust: The Every Child Achieves Act Must Address Any Underachievement Problems Revealed by Achievement Data Commentary 7/6/2015
Fordham Institute Faith, hope, and hard work: Reflections on Year One of Partnership Schools Commentary 7/6/2015
Heartland Institute No Child Left Behind Rewrite Progresses Slowly Commentary 7/6/2015
Heartland Institute Testing Glitches Concern Florida Parents, Teachers Commentary 7/6/2015
Heritage Foundation A Big Week in Education: Congress Considers No Child Left Behind Rewrites Commentary 7/6/2015
New America Foundation A Challenge to Popular Wisdom: The Underrepresentation of Minorities in Special Education Commentary 7/6/2015
New America Foundation ESEA: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going Commentary 7/6/2015
Show-Me Institute No Child Left Behind The Times Commentary 7/6/2015
Third Way Why Congress Must Act to Reauthorize No Child Left Behind Commentary 7/6/2015
Heartland Institute Legislators, Activists Try to Make It Easier to Opt Out of Testing Commentary 7/5/2015
University of Arkansas Just Filling in the Bubbles: Using Careless Answer Patterns on Surveys as a Proxy Measure of Noncognitive Skills Report 6/30/2015

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